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We all have our favourites that are lesser known to other music fans who often don’t pick a band up because the sound is not different enough, yet that we personally like a lot. One of those bands to me is Austrian Stormnatt. Recently the now three piece band again released their third album ‘Omega Therion’: once more good ole black metal without concessions to modern times, be it some more aggressive yet also melodic than before. We asked our questions to vocalist Mord about the new album, the band these days and their city of origin: Vienna.

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First of all, the new album: in my opinion a rawer and more agressive album than its predecessor ‘The Crimson Sacrament’ but still very much continuing to be, as you stated in our ]2009 interview, relics of a cult long buried in Austria… pure raw black metal. Is that correct?
The new album is definitely rawer and more aggressive, but in my opinion also much more melodic and advanced than its predecessors. When I come up with the term "advanced", I mean the more complex arrangements and the guitar solos which were not that present in the albums before. Also the melodies on the whole album are much more desolate and haunting, they just perfectly deliver the cold atmosphere of emptiness and death. Although there are slight changes, we always stayed honest to ourselves and the art we are creating. Our music is still pure raw black metal and we are the relics of this cult long buried here in Austria.

What are, apart from death as the key concept, the main features ‘Omega Therion’ brings for the international black metal scene AD 2014?
Death is the uttermost and highest concept of Stormnatt and ‘Omega Therion’. One can say it´s the core of the whole band, the essence of worship for every single member. ‘Omega Therion’ is the synonym for the great coming of death, the grand lord and master of the eternal cycle, the holy scythe that has ascended to harvest souls. ‘Omega Therion’ is the sonic descent into the deep, dark labyrinth of death obsession and worship.

You split with the guitarist of the second album and eventually ended up using just a live session guitarist (Bernth, Bled Dry, ex-live-session-Belphegor). Nevertheless the album is once more, like the old black metal, orientated on the guitar melodies. Was that amiss of a steady guitarist a reason to have a different approach towards creating this album compared to the previous one?
We decided to split up with our former guitarist for personal reasons. As Stormnatt was formed almost fifteen years ago, we started as a trinity. This was the most reliable constellation, so we went back to our roots. Our bass player was responsible for almost the whole ‘Resurrection ov the Kult’ album and also for a couple of songs on ‘The Crimson Sacrament’, while ‘Omega Therion’ was almost completely written by our drummer. We all are able to handle guitars, so it´s often the case every single one of us comes up with new songs or at least fragments. Bernth is a dear brother to us and totally shares our views on worship and the concept of the band. He is truly one of the most talented and inspiring artists for me, so the cooperation between us is working out perfectly.

When looking critical at the songs it is no surprise that Stormnatt will not be nominated for the innovation award, but no one can deny that the feeling and atmosphere the band conveys are sincere (once again, the relics of a cult long buried in not only Austria as it seems). The key theme is once more death. Is death inspiring you to bring this kind of black metal, or is playing genuine black metal inspiring you to put death as the central subject?
It may not be the reinvention of the wheel, but this also wasn´t our intention. We deliver straight black metal which honestly comes from the very inner of our souls. Death, be it in physical or in the spiritual way, is our highest inspiration to write music or for myself to create lyrics. We surely do not just simply play black metal and use death as symbol. As I´ve already mentioned, Death is the band’s core and essence.

Speaking of the subject death. Last summer I spend some days in your domestic city Wien/Vienna. When looking at the grandeur and all, it is not the place where you would expect a raw melodic black metal band like Stormnatt to come from, apart from one spot: is a place like the Kaisergruft (the graves of the emperors, a must see for the early tombs) a local source of inspiration for the band, and are there maybe other inspiring spots for you?
Their aren´t really places that inspire us here in our hometown, but there are definitely places where you can feel death in a very strong presence. For example St. Michaels church and especially what lies beneath. Ancient catacombs with hundreds of well preserved mummified corpses in funeral finery, some of them on display in open coffins. This a very special place to me. You can smell, inhale and feel death in every corner there. Beside this place there are couples of abandoned, ruined chapels in the woods that deliver a certain feeling.

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I can imagine that, when you are so much into the creative outburst of black metal and using the known chords writing new songs, it might happen that a new song reminds you to much of an old classic. Does this happen a lot to the band when trying to write new hymns?
Indeed it happens sometimes that some chords remind us of already existing songs or at least parts. I guess that a band with a certain style can´t avoid this. Our efforts are of course not to sound like on any album before, but we still want to keep this typical Stormnatt feeling like a red line, with some differences like you might hear on ‘Omega Therion’.

Just wondering as a non-artist but just as a fan of the music. How much work goes into an album of 50 minutes, and what are things that take a lot of time yet which you would not normally take into account regarding the times it takes to do it properly?
As you see it took us almost five years to release our latest album. We always take the time we need, when it comes to write new songs. There is no need to agitate for us and also no need to release an album every year or so. The ripening of an album needs time and we aren´t under pressure. We are satisfied for a hundred percent with ‘Omega Therion’, it reflects everything we wanted, so for us it was worth the time.

What are the live plans for the months to come, any shows apart from the Austrian Black Metal Force IV fest december 7th in Vienna?
Apart from the Austrian Black Metal Force IV, there will be some shows in Germany to which we are really looking forward. There are a lot more shows planned for the year 2015 and beside that we are starting to write new material as well.

When looking back at the live shows since the last album I see mainly shows in Austria, and some in Germany. Any ambitions to spread the pest in other regions of Europe, or is that a matter of “we’ll see what may happen”?
We played shows in Austria, Germany and in the Czech Republic. There are definite plans to spread our word all over Europe, therefore we are currently planning/ setting up a tour for next year. We are also negotiating with indoor and open air festivals, so expect us next year in areas all over Europe.

Any plans or ambitions the band has, apart from currently promoting current ‘Omega Therion’?
For the moment we just want to promote our album ‘Omega Therion’ in every possible and as good as we can. Live shows, festivals, touring and then we´ll continue creating new music in honor to the name of great death!

The famous last words of the interview for those who took the trouble of reading the interview?
Thanks for the interview! Check out the Stormnatt shop to listen to our releases or to buy merchandise. All the money goes directly to the band and you would support us to compensate the costs we put into our albums! That’s important for us, because many people download our releases on an illegal way! We also recommend you to check out our music video “Evangelist of the Fall – Death’ s Seed” below. Be also sure to check out the links below.

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