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Last month I[ url=]reviewed[/url] the ‘The Delta Pack’ from the Belgium band ControlState. The album is filled with a rather unique form of metalcore and because of that I thought it would be worthwhile to have a conversation with this band. Bass player Lucas Aerbeydt and singer Bram Vervisch were the two representatives and a good talk about passion, influences, hardcore, finding new motivation, the importance of nu metal and how difficult it is to find gigs when you are a band that possesses an indefinable sound followed.

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Approximately half a year ago ´The Delta Pack´ was released and has been exposed to different Media and of course an audience. How was the reception and which reactions stand out the most?
Bram: Generally we received positive reactions but mostly at the live shows. Because we play a style that is still limited to a certain crowd it keeps remaining difficult.

What did the record bring to you until now and what plans do you have to expand that?
Bram: The record showed the audience that we are worth a lot more. The hardcore elements are less prominently present than at our first and previous record and we have managed to create somewhat of a new genre.

In the biography I read that the band has been going through some difficult times and somewhere along the road found new motivation. Where did you manage to find that motivation?
Bram: Lucas has been an important factor in that. He already was involved with the band because he made our website and has been around us a lot of times. For those reasons he knew us very well and right at the moment the fire in the band was starting to extinguish, Lucas was there to light up the fire again.

Lucas: For example our first bassist became a tourist guide and therefore he needed to work during weekends, which was impossible to combine with the band.

Bram: It’s also difficult to find five people who are willing to give 200% and have the exact same mentality.

What are things you would handle differently with a next album?
Bram: We would especially take more time. In the last moment a few things happened quickly because we had to finish the album in time. And for me personally I would spend more time on the vocals the next time, because I could have done it better. I would also like to work with an external person who knows exactly what we stand for and who has an overview on the process, because sometimes you work so long on a certain part you can’t really tell anymore if it's still good or bad.

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You guys described ControlState as an American style metalcore band, but after a first listen of ‘The Delta Pack’ I came to the conclusion that description doesn’t cover it. What are things that influence you outside metalcore?
Bram: We all listen to a wide range of genres but mainly it is all metal. Actually we all grew up in the nu metal era and that is something which is interwoven in our music. For example together with our writer and guitarist Servaas we are Korn fans since the beginning of that band. If I need to mention non-metal bands I would say Foo Fighters because their use of pushing verses and catchy choruses, they especially have been an important source of inspiration for Servaas.

With that kind of undefinable music it is quite difficult to get gigs. How do you experience that?
Lucas: It is quite hard to get to those because the crowd prefers to go for the more well-known names.

Bram: At the small gigs there are still people to be found but it is hard to bear the costs of those gigs. It is quite remarkable that the people in the Netherlands seem to be more open-minded, so they are quite open for our genre of music, and we notice we have a lot more success there than in Belgium. Unfortunately that is something we don’t find in Belgium. And that is something we are not going to adjust to. We stand behind our music and it is the music we want to make. We actually try to get more shows in the Netherlands than in Belgium now.

Lucas: It is just very difficult to define us. There used to be more bands like us in Belgium but they are inactive or they just quit.

If it comes to lyrics: How important are they for you and what message do you want to send across?
Bram: Actually they are not important at all. First of all the important parts of the music are written and then I search for some fitting lyrics. Mostly I go for quite a positive approach but there is no real message there. Sometimes when I listen back I find out that the lyrics totally make no sense but in the end it is important that it just fits the music.

What can we expect from ControlState in the future and what is an important goal you would like to achieve?
Lucas: We are actually working on new songs currently, which with our way of working we would finish in about a year.

Bram: That’s right, and after that it is time to record them. In the meanwhile we hope to achieve that we can perform every weekend.

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