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Recently ‘The Reflecting Void’ was released, the latest album by the German black metal band Infestus. Just like predecessor ‘Ex | Ist’ it is a atmospheric and progressive album full of personal anguish and emotions. And more importantly: it is very good. Of course Lords Of Metal contacted Infestus’ sole member Andras to tell us something about the new album.

By: Roel de Haan | Archive under black metal

Greetings! First of all: How are you doing?
Hello. Well, I live...

Congratulations with your new album ‘The Reflecting Void’! I thought it was very impressive. How are the general reactions to the album? What are your expectations for the album?
Thanks. Reactions are very good. I am satisfied with the result of this album. It clearly is a statement of the power of my creations both musically as technically. I had one expectation for this album, and this was to get it finished before I lose my mind. Writing process, recording and mixing were interfered by such a great amount of problems, you cannot imagine. I often see these problems as a proof of my will. But this time it was just insane. The devil knows how close I have been...

When comparing ‘The Reflecting Void’ to ‘Ex | Ist’ I noticed that ‘The Reflecting Void’ is at times even darker, but sometimes also more progressive than ‘Ex | Ist’. How would you compare the two albums?
As a whole, I consider ‘Ex|Ist’ as the darker album. It is more homogenous in its darkness. ‘The Reflecting Void’ however is also very dark but –as you already said- more progressive and sometimes even something else. I tend to say that on this album darkness is presented in much more shapes than on 'Ex|Ist'. And I think that’s the difference in the end.

When listening to the album it is quite apparent that the music is of a highly personal nature. I can imagine it isn’t always easy when composing music, for instance it might get too confrontational. How hard is it to compose music of such a personal nature?
That’s right. Most of the time it is not easy. And it demands a lot from the mind. But this is just what I need. I want to confront myself. I want to see and I need to feel the things that are lurking inside of me. I want to drag them into this world and give them a physical existence so that I am capable of confronting them within this earthly realm. Best music is the music that transports deepest emotions, undisguised, tainted and authentic. And that’s what I do and what I need in order to steer towards a psychic balance which is something I rarely have.

Looking at that the artwork of the album, it is once again very intriguing and atmospheric. Just like your music. Could you explain how the artwork is connected to the music?
In the centre you see the reflecting void. A white singularity that bears nothing within. The seemingly innermost of the mind, the sensation of not feeling anything, having emerged as a necessary evil to burry an even more unbearable condition. The inner void that reflects to the outer world. The brain illustrates the introspective aspect of my creations. And as the antithesis of the white singularity, a black circle which is located outside the cerebrum. The reflecting void is just a curtain that cloaks the real cancer of the mind...with this album, the concept and the artwork I dared to look behind this so easily drawn curtain.

band image

Although your music is obviously rather personal in nature, your musical influences might come from other sources. Could you tell us something about what inspires you musically? Other bands perhaps?
Well, from a musical point of view there is – beneath my personal characteristic kind of playing - of course also an influence coming from the music I listen to, although this influence is definitely subconscious. The moment I recognise an alien feeling in a riff which occurs when I hear obvious similarities to other bands, I instantly trash the idea. I listen to different styles of music, ranging from aggressive to dark to very tranquil music. The core of my taste is defined by a certain darkness that I demand from the music. In this definition genres become insignificant.

The production of ‘The Reflecting Void’ is excellent in my view. Distinct, clear and powerful, but not sterile. Was this the sound you aimed for when you began recording? Are you satisfied with the result?
I actually wanted to mix the sound a bit dirtier but then I ended up with the actual mix. That’s most likely the result of my ever-changing preferences. Sometimes I want it mixed very well and clear, another time I want it just the opposite. But I think that the album works pretty well with the actual sound. So one could say that I am quite satisfied with the result, yes.

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of being the sole member of a band?
On the one hand, I can put everything of myself into the music without reserve, making it a very intense album. Furthermore, there is no need for compromise, no need for discussions, no annoying difference in taste. On the other hand, it is very much work, especially when you do it like me (composing, performing on every single instrument and mixing everything myself...). For the artwork I worked together with my actual live guitarist Ain. You can imagine the amount of work that has to be put in such a project... I think that only a few are capable of performing on this level under these circumstances. But to sum all this up, it just adds to the personal and authentic aura that Infestus nowadays calls its own.

I wonder what the future will have in store for Infestus. What are your plans and ambitions for the future?
No concrete plans. I will just do what I always did when I feel the need: I write music to be able to look into this mirror made of acoustic waves and to drown in its reflecting void.

Thank you very much for your time, I wish you well and as tradition demands it I hereby offer you the final words to our readers?
Thank you for your interest in my darkness. I utterly hope you drown in it as willingly as I do. There is no catharsis.

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