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Nasty Savage

With “Psycho Pyscho” Nasty Savage returns to the metal frontlines. A CD packed with great thrash riffs and manic vocals by the colossal Nasty Ronnie. The singer who smashes five television sets during each live shows is a TV producer as well. He and both guitarists - Dave Austin and Ben Meyer - gave us the lowdown on the new album and the band; no quintet of psychopaths, but honest and hard working citizens.

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Nasty Savage broke up some time after “Penetration Point”. What caused the split and what has changed so you can work again with the same five people?

Ben: It was like a marriage that didn't work out after 'Penetration Point'. We seemed to work on our problems and move forward since then.

Nasty Ronnie: We were sick and tired of being sick and tired. It's like relationships, sometimes they don't work or last. Sometimes relationships come back after years apart and that's where we are now, five guys together again with one common goal. Something we never had before.

Dave: That was a long time ago and there are different opinions about it so I don't even want to go there, We are older wiser and we love metal and it is great to be back working with my favourite line up.

“Psycho Pyscho” is more a follow-up to “Indulgence” than to “Penetration Point”. The songs rock very hard, but are not as complex as for example “Powerslam”. Was did a deliberate move or did the songs just come out this way?

Nasty Ronnie: When is was time to create each guy did his thing and added to the songs or to the mix of things. I think we came up with a fictional biography on twelve songs called PSYCHO PSYCHO!! It was the next step for Nasty Savage. Nothing more.

Dave: My personal opinion (mine only) 'Penetration Point' was a little over the top as far as complexity and 'Indulgence' being my favourite album I wanted to write along that vain not to basic not to technical I wrote what was in my heart and here it is.

Ben: On my part this was deliberate. It was a very difficult challenge to write songs with Dave since he
lived 600 miles away. I thought it would be best to make the songs not as complex but still well done with a strong Nasty Savage feel.

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Besides Nasty Savage, Exodus, Death Angel and Dark Angel all release new albums after a long period of inactivity? What caused this sudden resurrection?

Dave: Crooked records should get the majority of the credit for bringing us back together, he gave us a great deal and fired us all up to record again, if not for him this probably would have never happened.

Ben: I would have to give the credit to Crook'd Dave. He worked a great record deal which we could not
turn down. It seemed like a lot of labels were interested before, but Crook'd is the only one who made it happen. We worked a re-release for the 'Penetration Point' and began a trust in him which later lead on to 'Wage Of Mayhem' with two new songs and a small merchandise deal.

Nasty Ronnie: Nasty Savage wasn't waiting for this band or that band to do a comeback so we could go out and do the same. We didn't plan this comeback it just kind of happened. Thanks to Dave Harmon from Crooked Records, without him Nasty Savage wouldn't be here now!

Can you give us some info on the song writing process? Do you guys jam, trade tapes with riffs etc.?

Nasty Ronnie: We trade tapes/discs by mail with Dave because he now lives in Tennessee. I wait till they have their songs complete before I get them. It helps me to hear the leads too, but if not I may be singing where a lead would have gone .The guys talk about the songs with each other practice and work out parts, riffs & tempos. Its a thrilling to hear the new riffs for the first time.

Dave: Since I live in the state of Tennessee (600 miles away) I would write and record riffs on my home studio send the tablature to Ben and he would learn them and he would do the same and I would drive down when I could to rehearse on the weekend and drive back, I was surprised how well it worked out. Because we thought that might be a major problem, then I drove down and recorded for ten days and every thing was finished except the mix and master.

Ben: On 'Psycho Psycho' we used a few different techniques. Dave, Richard, and I would each write the
music to our own song. On 'Return Of The Savage' Curtis would hum some rhythms and I would play them on guitar. Dave would mail the song he wrote and write down the tablature to it. I would learn it and show it to Curtis and Richard. Once we had the songs down we record them for Ron on a 4-track and say sing on the spots he would come in.

What are your expectations for “Psycho Pyscho”?

Nasty Ronnie: Well, I hope it does well because we put a lot of passion into it and feel this is a very strong offer to the 2004 metal world.

Ben: I think that it will do well. All of the write ups so far have been great.

Dave: After it is released touring Europe should be a number one priority, since the majority of our fan base comes from there, then The States after that. And maybe we will record another disc, we will just have to see.

For previous album covers you used the artwork of Van Dercar. How did you get in touch with him and why did you not use his work for “Psycho Psycho”?

Dave: Speaking for myself only, I wanted something fresh and new and more detailed work, since I was never a huge Van Decar fan. Anyway I am very pleased with the cover art we have right now.

Nasty Ronnie: Van Dercar is dead. I do know a friend who has hundreds of his paintings, but we chose to go a different path this time. Kind of change everything for something really fresh and new. Actually Dave found the new artist on the world wide web, we worked out this concept and were happy with it.

Will Nasty Savage tour in Europe in 2004?

Dave: You can never say for sure, but we have full intentions on doing so. It just depends on who sets it up, and if it is promoted right, we will also have to look at new merchandise but hopefully it will all come together.

Nasty Ronnie: We must!!!!!! I am looking forward to see the real metal fans of Europe!!!!!!! Time to go back to the old school. Get on the bus and take a ride with us were going to the old school.

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What do the band members do outside their lives as musicians (i.e. jobs, hobbies etc.)

Ron: TV Producer. I produce a TV show here in Florida called BORN TO RIDE for more info click

Dave is a stay at home Dad

Ben works for an express delivery service driving around a lot getting paid for his miles

Curtis drives a Taxi Cab

Richard is a stay at home dad and does construction work too.

Is original bass player Fred Dreshigan still involved with the band?

Nasty Ronnie: No, not really. He is a big fan but now he lives in California with his new wife.

Dave: He was in the studio hanging out one day and tossing around some ideas, but that is about it.

If it was 1985 again, knowing what you know, what would you do different?

Nasty Ronnie: Be more business and not let people dick us around, have a real management company, merchandise deals, and treat everyone in the band more like a real friend or brother but still be all business. But you can't go back and do it again. The past is dead the future is light go towards the light. The future is in our hands now and I would like to make the most of it.

Dave: No sign a long term deal with Metal Blade, that was our biggest mistake in my opinion (I have to be careful not to speak for anyone else). We expected them to support a band that would only sign one year deals with them, huge mistake.

Ben: I agree with Dave, I think that we should have signed a five year deal which we were offered in the early days, instead of a one year deal. But I also think our price tag was too high back then. If we would have just took what clubs were willing to offer we would have played every night instead of two-three nights a week. Which would lead to more album sales.

Which books and films have inspired you in the last few years?

Nasty Ronnie: Research books, documentary films on directors, producers, movie making, horror films from the 60's & 70's, older bands DVD's and some history about the Civil War, classic older movies, Alfred Hitchcock movies, drama, NFL Football, toy collectibles, reality films and more.

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If you could record the soundtrack for an existing movie. Which movie would that be and why?

Nasty Ronnie: No no no no. A NEW kick ass movie, horror, gore, action, drama, romance, PSYCHO PSYCHO !!!! OOOHHHHH we already did it with this new CD! Check out our song titles and you may have a vision.

Ben: Jackass! I think 'Psycho Psycho' would sound good over it.

You're all living in Florida. Outsiders see the sunshine state either as a collection of ]amusement parks, a place where old timers retire and play golf, a place for Cuban refugees or people who can't count votes. What's your view?

Ben: There is nobody worth voting for anyway, Lets go to Busch Gardens and drink a beer.

Nasty Ronnie: I love it here in the sunshine state!! The great beaches, babes and fun fun fun !!!! I can ride my Harley all year long, business is good for BORN TO RIDE!!!! More people move here every day, play golf and have some Cuban friends as well. I was born in NYC!!!! Bike Week is cool in Daytona and St. Petersburg is now home of the Sun & Steel Metal Festival.

Dave: Although I haven't lived there in ten years I would have to say the beaches, groundbreaking metal bands and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Can you reveal something about the band that would surprise us all?

Ben: We fart at band practice at least 25 times.

Dave: There are some people out there that will think we will have a hard time with a live set because we are older, but trust me: when the people over there see Nasty Ronnie at full throttle they will think otherwise, and as far as the rest of us we are musically on top of our game more than ever.

Nasty Ronnie: Well, we are really down to earth nice guys who care about life, love and others .We would help a old lady cross the street or move a turtle out of the middle of the road so it doesn't get run over. One thing for sure its the comeback year for NASTY SAVAGE !!!!!!!!!! Check out, sign our guest book and let us know what you think of PSYCHO PSYCHO!! Thank you very much! It's great to be here in LORDS OF METAL. A real honor ! XXX

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