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Grabnebelfürsten released ‘Pro Depressiva’ earlier this year, a successor to the eight year old album ‘Schwarz Gegen Weiss’ and combined that with the statement that the band will stop to exist after fifteen years. Beside that they already announced the forming of a new band. It was about time to ask vocalist SeelenSchlachten a few questions about all this.

By: Johan Z. | Archive under black metal

Your final album ‘Pro Depressiva’ recently has been released after eight years of silence. That is a very long time, has it been a work in progress for that long or where there other reasons for the silence around Grabnebelfürsten?
We had massive problems to organize regular rehearsals throughout the last years. We´re all involved in regular jobs, have families and always a lot of things to do. So it´s not easy as it´s been several years ago. So that long period of time of course has been frustrating to us. We really hope that our latest and final record sounds as good as our former releases. It´s been a heavy birth, hopefully the wait was worth it.

In a timespan that long people grow older and their lives evolve, how has that influenced ‘Pro-Depressiva’?
That´s a difficult question, because you don´t have a real distance to your music. In most of the reviews it is said that we didn´t change our musical way of expression. We do sound like we always did, very unique, strange and still strongly focused on melodies. That´s a great compliment to us, because it proves that we did not change that much. We really wanted to release a “real” Grabnebelfürsten-album, nothing that sounds like other bands. We were always different, compared to other bands. And now we surely can claim that we´ve always been true to ourselves. It´s a great finish. But to come back to your question, I would say that the lyrics are a bit different than before. I think that´s really a consequence of being older, being more focused on the real life.

band imageThe decision to make this the final album for Grabnebelfürsten, that must have been a hard one? Would you like to tell us something about coming to that decision?
No, it wasn´t a hard decision at all. We personally had the impression that Grabnebelfürsten had done everything this band could do. There was this kind of feeling which you really can´t describe. Everything is said, there were no attractive visions left to us. We are now looking for new musical territories to explore. Grabnebelfürsten always was a band with a strong German character. That’s what we want to leave behind in the future. Nowadays we are very open-minded to different ways of making music.

There seems to be life after death, I heard a rumour about a new band being formed, care to share something about the future?
Yes, that’s correct. The new project is called “3001”. That’s just a good example of our new universal way of thinking. You can pronounce the name “3001” as “three-thousand-and-one”; German people would say “dreitausendeins”. In each language there is a different way of pronouncing that name. To me it´s a fascinating aspect using numbers as a bands name. Everything is correct. Beside that aspect we all have grown into hardcore-fans of cinema. Science Fiction-Fans surely know Kubricks “2001”. So, our new name is also a little tribute. Not only to this movie, but to cinema in general.

Before thanking you for your time, would you like to address something else to your fans?
We would like to thank you all for your support throughout our bands existence. Hopefully you will enjoy ‘Pro Depressiva’ as you enjoyed the past albums. We are trying to come back with fresh and interesting music, so please watch out!

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