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Tad Morose

Recently, the Swedish metal act Tad Morose released there new album, ‘Revenant’, a real gem in my humble opinion. Laugher Christer ‘Krunt’ Andersson eloquently explains why it took ten years to produce this album and why this cannot be regarded as a come-back. You can also read about their plans to tour Europe.

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Please allow me to welcome you back, because it had been ten years since your most recent album!
Thank you very much! Yes, it sure has been a while and it feels so damned great to finally get this album out.

Could you tell our readers why it took this long to issue another album?
Well, a lot of things really. We originally planned to start to record this album in 2004 or 2005, I can’t remember exactly. However, just before we were set to enter the studio the issues with our former singer Urban Breed had come to the point where it was not possible to continue with him. This led to that we had to cancel the recording just a week or two before we where supposed to start. This really put us in an awkward situation with the studio and the record company. I don’t really know what happened with Urban but he distanced himself from the rest of us more and more during the last year or two in the band until the point where it no longer was possible to work together. So things where put on hold until we could find a new singer. We had Joe Comeau (ex: Liege Lord, Annihilator, Overkill. Now in Dusk Machine) on vocals for a while but that didn’t work in the long run since he lives in the US. We did some demo recordings and a few shows with him. A truly professional musician and a very nice guy though. About the same time Anders (bass) and Daniel (guitars) decided to leave the band, so for a while there was just me and Peter in the band. During this time we talked about laying down the band. We had fought hard for a long time but it only seemed to get harder the more we tried. But we decided to keep at it and soon after that we got Ronny on vocals and Tommi on bass, so the work with the album continued. We also got Markus on guitar for a while and we did a bunch of shows with this line-up. However, Markus decided to leave the band (he is now in Gormathon) but the rest of us kept at it and soon we had Kenneth on guitars (ex: The Citadell, Torch). By the time Kenneth joined, Revenant was pretty much recorded already so he contributed with a bunch of guitar solos. So all in all, I guess you could say that it was pretty much life in general that made it take ten years for us to get this album done. Some of us built houses, got kids and so on. But how strange it may sound, we have been here all the time. So for us, Revenant isn’t a “come-back” album because we never went away really. But I guess in a way you can say that it is just that.

What made you decide to go on after all these years?
We had put so much work into this band so to just quit wasn’t really an option after all when we really talked about it. We felt that we had more to give and that this is what we really wanted to do.

Ten years is a long time. Can you say in what way it influenced your music? Because I cannot hear much difference between the new album and ‘Modus Vivendi’.
Ha ha ha, thanks! Nah, I don’t know. To me it sounds just like Tad Morose but of course since all members always has contributed to the songwriting the sound might change a bit when the line-up changes. We just do what ever we feel like and this is how this record has turned out. Perhaps there was some strange reason that it took ten years. I don’t know, perhaps it was just not supposed to be done earlier.

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The difference I do hear is the atmosphere. It seems to me that your music is even more dark and gloomy than it used to be. Am I right?
I don’t know. Maybe. But we´ve gone through some dark and tough times with the band so that might has influenced us a bit perhaps.

How did other media and/or acts react on your new album until now?
It is really a bit early to say, the album is released world wide on November 20th but so far we have gotten a few reviews and they are very good. Metal Hammer (Germany) was 6/7 and Rock Hard (Germany) was 8,5/10 if I remember correctly. The people that have heard the album seem to like it a lot. We have played some of the new stuff live on festivals this summer and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. So, so far everything feels just fine. We are all pretty exited to see what happens when the album is finally out.

I rated the album very high because it is very entertaining with a different approach and still catchy melodies, just like your music used to be. How is this act inspired to make that kind of music?
Oh, thank you! I don’t know, hard to explain. We just write music the way we do and it sounds the way it does. I don’t know why. We never set out in advance to write in any specific direction or try to capture a certain sound or what ever, we just do it.

In consequence of the previous question; how can you explain the limited success of Tad Morose? Because other metal fans hardly even know you here in The Netherlands, whereas acts like Hammerfall are very well known.
I don’t know. There are many very good bands that never really make it. I guess our music isn´t really that ‘catchy’ so it will probably not be picked up by the masses. Then you always have the financial thing to it too. If you are backed up by strong companies that really believe in you and who put in the needed amount of both hard work and money to promote the band it is a lot easier to reach out to the public and make more people aware of the band.

How long did it take to write ‘Revenant’? To me it sounds like a spontaneous, but still, very inspired album.
Ha ha ha, well, it took 10 years! No, honestly, in a way, yes. Some songs, or part of songs, go way back to the time just after the Modus Vivendi album. Some songs are very fresh. I have forgotten how many songs we have written, re-written, recorded, trashed and so on over the years until we ended up with the tracks on the album. But I think you could say that the actual ‘recording’ of Revenant started out about two and a half years ago. That is the down side of having your own studios! Ha ha ha. You can always re-do a part next weekend if you are not happy with it. We learned a lot during this process! The most vital thing being that this is NOT the way we will do it next time! Ha ha ha. You kind of need a deadline to get things done in time! At least we do. Obviously.

I have always been very puzzled by your lyrics. Can you tell what they are about?
Ah, always hard to explain. Life, death and other morbid tales. He he he. I guess you could say that religion and spiritual things are often brought up in the lyrics. By that I mean in the way that it is healthy to make up your own mind about things and not just listen to what somebody else tells you.

Has the lyrical content changed much since ‘Modus Vivendi’?
In a way yes. Since it is mostly the singer who writes the lyrics in Tad Morose. I guess you could say that Ronny´s personality differs quite a bit from Urban´s in certain ways so of course that gets reflected within the lyrics.

On your website the tour dates are so void it scares me. Can we expect you somewhere in Europe this winter or next year? Or do you have jobs that make that hard to accomplish?
Ha ha ha, yes you are right! Well, first, our website is much like an old Viking Rune stone as far as updating goes. I don´t know if all our shows have been posted there. Yeah, I know, I really should know that. That is our own fault. Hrmm hrmmm, next question? Ha ha ha. I really hope that we get out on the road soon. Yes, we all got regular day jobs so of course that doesn´t make it easy to just leave for a couple of months on the road. But with some good old planning we can work around that. The reason for us for playing in a band is not to sit in a studio and fart. We do this because we love to play live! We got nothing booked as of today but things are kind of starting to take shape for next year. So to answer your question, YES! You can expect to see us in Europe next year!

You were out of the metal frame for ten years now. Is there a certain strategy to make Tad Morose known the metal world again?
Nah, not really. We do what we do as good as we can do it. If that isn´t enough, well, so be it.
No secrets, just plain good old hard work.

Any last remarks to the Dutch people?
I really hope that at least some of you will like our album and that some of you will show up if we play live nearby. And, when you turn on the new album “Revenant”, play it LOUD! I know, a god damned cliché, but at least try it. You will not get disappointed! Perhaps your neighbours will…he he he. But it just sounds way better played LOUD!

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