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Chimaira has been around for quite a while now and during that period they have had multiple member changes. Despite that you can say that every album that the band released has had some added value, and that also goes for their latest effort ’Crown Of Phantoms’. Main man and undisputed band leader is vocalist Mark Hunter and this means that he has to do about every interview. As a consequence the answers are a little bit short, standard and given on automatic pilot. Guess not everybody is a real blabbermouth.

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First of all the question that must have been asked a million times before, but to help our younger readers who just became aware of the band, how did you come up with the band name and what does it mean?
The Chimera is an ancient mythological beast comprised of several animals forming into one unique monster. We felt that described what we were aiming to do as a band. Hybrid metal. We chose the alternate spelling for aesthetic purposes.

Can you tell us a little bit about the start of the band and what are your main influences? What bands did you listen to when you first started the listen to metal?
I grew up on a steady diet of Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, and a ton of rap.

What do you think makes your band different for the other bands that play a style similar to your own? The metalcore scene is rather overcrowded so there must be something to separate you from the rest?
I think what makes Chimaira unique is our song writing ability, our diversity, and our atmospheric elements.

Your latest album is yet another great album. How do you keep the same level of quality during all those years, even when you have to deal with so many line up changes for every album?
I think the drive comes from within. I try to surround myself with people that are as dedicated as I am.

band imageWhat is your main influence when writing the lyrics and what does the album title mean?
Main influence was consciousness expansion and ego death. The title refers to the belief that we are all extensions of the past. There is no true self.

How do you see internet, just as a tool to spread the name of Chimaira or also as a means to enhance sales?
We’ve always been avid supporters of using the internet to further the status of the band. It’s the best way to spread our message.

The artwork for the album gives a certain impression about the music and should fit the title. Is there an idea behind the cover?
It represents the rebirth of the band into a higher status.

A lot of things are happening in America, with recently the Edward Snowden affair and all the controversy surrounding the gun laws. How do you as an American citizen react to these kind of issues and do you automatically process it through your music?
I don’t care nor do I pay attention. It’s all a distraction.

Finally, can you describe Chimaira in just a few words and in a way that would convince even the pope to listen to your music?
If you want to hear the sound of a twelve testicle bulldozer destroying a village, listen to Chimaira.

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