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Phlebotomized was a special Dutch band from the Netherlands in the early 90s. Their style couldn't be compared to any other band and was often described as avant-garde death/doom metal. Lately there's a lot of interest in the releases of older bands. Bands that often aren't active anymore. Dutch bands get a lot of attention as well and recently there was a reissue of Phlebotomized's 'Devoted To God/Preach Eternal Gospels'. The band also does some shows again. It's about time to get to know all the ins and outs through both guitarists Jordy and Tom.

By: Pim B. | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Hey guys. Good to have you back. The burning question of course is as follows. Is this a permanent return of Phlebotomized or is it temporary?
Tom:Hi Pim, the return of Phlebotomized started with the rehearsal of one song and is now becoming a show on Stonehenge on the 27th of July and one show at the Dutch Doom Days in Rotterdam on the 19th of October. We have plans to do more and we are even writing new stuff but we will see what happens. We've got a new singer, Carl Assault (from Massive Assault), a new drummer, Gerben Mol (Burning Hatred, Inuria) and a new keyboard player, Bastiaan Boekesteijn (guitar player of Emerged, in which I play lead guitar). We're all very enthusiastic and that is what it is for now.

I assume this return was triggered by the reissue of the 'Devoted To God/Preach Eternal Gospels' album which was recently released by Vic Records?
Tom:Yes indeed. We had a release party in Gouda and we rehearsed with Gerben to do 'Subtle Disbalanced Liquidity'. It was fun to play together after 16 years! Gerben told us there was a spot at Stonehenge for us if we wanted and we grabbed it with both hands. We got in touch with Carl and Bastiaan and started rehearsing and now we are back!

In 2011 the US-based label The Crypt also mentioned a vinyl reissue of 'Devoted To God/Preach Eternal Gospels'. Is that still going to happen?
Tom:It is out now and already sold out in pre-order. Ted did a great job together with Arco Wolf, who did the lay-out for us.

I think there will be reissues of 'Immense Intense Suspense' and 'Skycontact' as well. Can you give us some details about those too? Will the 1992 EP 'In Search For Tranquillity' be part of that as a bonus too? And what about the first demo?
Jordy: There is a misunderstanding on the net that we made two demos. We recorded one demo and that is 'Devoted to God'. The other one is a live recording, we only taped it to get gigs and to spread among friends. Not knowing that it's a hot item nowadays. The EP were just remastered songs from the demo, nothing more nothing less, but MMI Records wanted to release a teaser for our upcoming Mini-CD at that time so the EP was a fact. Our 2 CD's 'Immense…' and 'Skycontact' will be released together as a vinyl special edition on Cryonic records this year and on double CD on Hammerheart (hopefully).

band imageSo can you tell us a bit more about the differences between the newly reissued version of 'Devoted To God/Preach Eternal Gospels' opposed to the original recordings? While we're talking about that can you also tell something about the live tracks that are included and about the artwork?
Jordy: Tom has remastered the old mixes to a better nowadays standard. The sound is a bit clearer and volume is better. Of course a brand new lay out and a few rare obscure live recordings we found in our archives, mainly the sound bites are from taped video's. We did our best to get a good sound out of 'em, but hey, this early nineties!

I won't go into the past that much because I think a lot of it can be found on the internet. What I do want to know is how you got the line-up back together again. I think it's four members from the heydays, right. So, what about the other former members? They weren't interested in a reunion?
Jordy: Well to be honest they weren't. It's also difficult to tell this right, because they're still our brothers. But Ben, our former keyboard player, lives in Switzerland nowadays and it's difficult for him to come to the rehearsals etc. Dennis our former singer closed his booked as a performing artist. He was honest to us to tell us that he didn't want to play live no more. He had a hard time telling us, because he knows we wanted to reunite. And Lawrence, our former drummer, well, let's keep it nice. He follows his own path in life and we can't be a part of that. He chooses not to be involved with his past as a death metal artist and we totally respect that.

Can you introduce the new members in the line-up? How are things working out so far?
Jordy: Hell yeah!!!! We got Gerben on drums. He also plays in a kickass od school death metal band Burning Hatred and has been a fan of Phlebotomized since he got our demo. Carl we got on vocals. He also sings for his great old school death band Massive Assault and side project Sledgehammer Nosejob. He truly is the frontman I ever dreamed of having for Phlebotomized. He is a good performer; really gets the crowd going. He's more a hardcore frontman in his performance. But got a great death grunt!!!! We got Bastiaan on keys! Yeah man. He's kick ass. He's a better guitar player that I am, but we asked him to do the keyboards for us. He never played keys before, but he's got the music in him and he feels our music. He's a music teacher, so it's a natural flow for him. We got the same feeling back as we just released our first CD immense. We are ready to rock and we're ready to get those heads banging!

You performed on the last edition of Stonehenge. I think you did a couple of songs at a release party in Gouda as well right? Can you tell us something about that and will there be more gigs in the future?
Jordy: Other confirmed gigs are 19th of October, Dutch Doom Days in Baroeg Rotterdam. We will play a 50 minute set. The 30th of November we will play at Het Podium in Hoogeveen. We are open for bookings, just drop a mail @

How do you actually feel about this interest that still exists in Phlebotomized? I mean we also saw a return of the original line-up of The Gathering last year as well as Celestial Season. Both bands that are more or less similar to you guys. It looks like the Dutch bands from the 90s are not buried and forgotten. Do you actually still follow what's going on in metal in Holland or in general?
Jordy: Well to be honest. I'm deeply into hardcore punk and of course I still listen to my all-time favourites like Slayer and Megadeth etc. But I really don't follow the new wave of Dutch death metal bands. I know names but that's it. Good for us is that our new members are deeply rooted in Dutch death metal scene so we're learning from them.

All right, I think that's it. Good luck with the upcoming show(s) and if you have any last words? Be my guest!
Jordy: Thanx for supporting Phlebotomized. Check out our Facebook for info on merchandise, shows etc. Hell!!! We might even hit the studio next year, who knows?

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