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The Greeks from WILD ROSE surprised friend and foe recently with the release of 'Dangerous', a cool AOR album completely soaked in the atmosphere of the eighties. No modern shit, only classic sounds, though recorded with the finest the 21st century has to offer. LoM had an interesting conversation with keyboardist 'Dirty' Haris Patsos about being an AOR band in Greece.

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First of all I want to congratulate you with your new album. Can you tell our dear readers a bit more of your musical history and the beginning of Wild Rose.
Thanx a lot. The bands' history begins in 2003 with Andy Rock searching for the musicians that would form the band he was dreaming of. Of course that wasn't too easy and he completed the first line-up after a couple of years, which was constantly changing until 2011 when we actually managed to get our debut album out.

How did your current label get interested in the release of your first album in the first place and how successful was the debut?
The debut was very successful, many reviewers 'entitled' us with 'newcomers of the year' in 2011. 'Half Past Midnight' was Retrospect Record's 'gem' for that year. As for our current label (AOR Heaven), after Andy released his solo album with them, it wasn't so hard to attract their interest.

Let me ask you, which bands/musicians in the past and present influenced you in the past? The bands' style has an authentic AOR sound to it we know for the eighties, so I guess you listened a lot AOR in your childhood?
Andy has always been an AOR lover. The rest of us were introduced to this genre after our 20's but still love it the way it was (back in the 80's). Our influences... the whole list of 80's bands I suppose. I'll just mention our strong influences, such as FM, Europe, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Chicago, Michael Bolton, Journey... (God I can go on all night).

When did you start with the actual preparation for the second album and how did the song writing process look like this time?
We've been working on 'Dangerous' for about a year. The song writing process was the same, original Wild Rose process. Usually it goes like 'Haris, listen to this idea man' (laughs). Andy has done most of the song&lyrics writing on the second album as well. Mostly it was recorded on Evosmos, our home town. The keyboards and backing vocals from me were recorded in Chios (eastern island of Greece) and the main vocals by David in England. So it was an exciting process!

Continuing about the process. Can you tell me a bit more how about the contents of the songs lyrically?
As you might have understood so far, 'Dangerous' is all about women. They're dangerous!! This is the main theme of the lyrics, start to end. It's all about women, love and some disastrous
break-ups that can keep you up all night for weeks (or months). Just to add some spice, most of the lyrics are experience-based.

One of my personal favorites on the album is opening track 'Alone'. Is that tune also special for you?
Yes, as a matter of fact, it is! This track came up when the album was complete and ready to be sent for auditions. One day Andy sent me the rough recording of 'Alone', and it was the same day we agreed that it would be the album opener and we'd wait a month or so till we finish recording it!
Even though an opener, 'Alone' was the track to finish our album!

Your label is AOR Heaven for a while now. Can you tell me some more about how you landed on with them and if you are satisfied in the promotional job until now?
AOR Heaven is a very large and known label. We have even tried to get our debut album with them but things didn't work out as we wanted. So far everything seems to be working out very well, it's a highly professional label and the promotional job is excellent. We're very satisfied.

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The AOR scene in Greece is poor nowadays. There are not many bands I know from the country. Or did I miss something?
A couple of AOR bands seem to be getting together and starting out their journey the same way we did years before. Generally we could say we've been alone on the Greek AOR scene for years, and of course we'd be glad to have some company.

Back to the discography of the band Wild Rose. Until now you made two albums. What are your expectations of the new album and when will it considered to be a success for you?
Our expectation and our consideration of 'Dangerous' as successful would be when the crowd is up and down singing along with us on live shows. That's success!

Besides Wild Rose, are there other projects that you are involved in and is there a possibility that we can expect solo albums in the near future? Have you made appearances on other albums than Wild Rose in the past or maybe soon?
Andy has already released his solo album. Other than that, no other member has participated in a project, but you should probably expect more from Andy! He's up to something...

A question about the artwork of the new album. Funny enough it looks like the art comes straight from the eighties. Really special and awesome, I mean it. Who was the creator of this fantastic album sleeve?
Andy came up with the idea, and I took the responsibility of making the idea an album cover.
I can't say much more on the process but yes, that was our target, to look and fell 80's! And we're so glad to hear it from you.

I guess you get some ideas of how your album will sell in all the regions of the world. I would like to know which part on earth (name a country) is the biggest market for Wild Rose and AOR music in general?
We're already aware of that. Spain has the most fans for Wild Rose. It's been years we've had some contacts from Spain, and I'm talking about a period that our songs were still on demo version, but they had some fans! In Spain !!! A lot of e-mails arrive from there and we also get a lot of airplay for our tracks. It's definitely our target destination if ever make it to get a gig there!

I talked with lot of AOR bands about touring. Lack of money and interested club owners mostly seems the biggest cause that we do not see much AOR acts on stage here (Holland and Belgium). How is the situation for a band like Wild Rose?
It's the same one as you describe, only a bit worse for Greece. Lack of money, you already know it from the news about our country. Lack of interest, of course, there is no AOR in Greece. There are some club owners here who have asked us 'What -IS- AOR?'. So yes, times are tough for us too.

What ambitions do you have on a long-term perspective? What's the dream that you want to accomplish within your career?
We're staying true to the reason we made the band. We play because we like it, because we love it, and because if we didn't we would be miserable. Sometimes we (day)dream and talk about big rock tours, being rock stars and having thousands of people as crowd. But we know what year it is, so I guess what would make us happy would be getting on a big festival stage,

Okay, thanks for your time and willingness to answer my questions. Is there still anything that you want to share with our readers than go ahead now?
Thank you too Guus. I'd like to say keep on rockin' no matter what! Love to all of you!

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