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Slowly but surely the start of the French outfit Klone is rising. With each new album they not only manage to expand their compositional horizons, but they also garner more and more positive reactions from press and metal heads alike. Their latest opus 'The Dreamer's Hideaway' was a late 2012 addition for year lists of anybody who appreciates the mix of emotionally laden grungy rock and dreamy post metallic sounds. Yann Ligner, the man who defines the band's sound with his unique vocal timbre was kind enough to share with LoM a short update from the Klone camp.

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Recently you released 'The Dreamer's Hideaway', the fourth full-length in Klone's career. Congratulations are in place of course! How has the record been received so far?
Thank you Richard! The feedback are very good and the reviews too, in France and abroad. We gave the best of ourselves in this album and we feel that people are more attentive to what we've done. It encourages us to continue and to offer different things at different times.

What are your expectations of this record?
We want to be more exposed, we want to communicate our music and defend ours songs in live. It seems logical. I do not know about many artists who could make all these efforts and yet not share their art.

band imageYour last record 'Black Days' received positive critical acclaim. What was the biggest door that the last record opened for Klone?
We did a two months tour (about 40 dates) in France and Europe from October to November 2012 : the 'Klonosphere Tour' with our friends of Trepalium and Hacride and a tour support with Gojira through Europe. It was a very good experience, musically and humanly. We could not hope better promotion for 'The Dreamer's Hideaway'. This tour brings us more recognition and increased credibility.

Where did you want to go creatively after 'Black Days'? What were the goals that you set yourself when you started preparing for the next album?
We wanted to do something different and give the feeling to reach another surface, to go out of the shadows and the weighing atmosphere of 'Black Days'. 'The Eye of Needle' is a kind of final point to this chapter. Technically, there are different tunings for guitars, we play with tempos a little faster, and I think the songs are quite different from each other. The general mood was also different from the recording of 'Black Days'.

Were there any specific new influences that the band made use of in creating the new album?
The main specificity is the arrival of our new guitarist, Aldrick Guadagnino. He brings a lot of energy to the set. This is someone who has a vision of music very sharp and it's a very good technician. It's probably the biggest specificity on this album! Then we work like we used to do. We had a few key words to guide the angle of creation and cling to something less dark.

Why is the album called 'The Dreamer's Hideaway'?
Because it's the term that best represents the album, the cover, and the state of mind in which we were composing this eleven songs. I also like the sound of these words, it's important too. And I think each person can relate to and give it a meaning, it's a reason too. The cover and the title are also a call to travel. Who would not be tempted to hang on to this bird ?

How come we have never seen the band on any extensive European tours until now? Is it difficult to combine it with other responsibilities in life?
As I've said, in another question, we've toured for two months this year through Europe. And two years ago, we did tour with King's X in Europe too and Germany. It was our first European gig, it was amazing! We met a lot of people. By the way, some of them went to see us again on the Gojira's tour
And to answer your other question, sometimes it's difficult to combine our other responsibilities or activities outside Klone's music, but we put all our energy into it, and we've also made sacrifices in order to carry out our project. We don't earn our livings with Klone.

What would the ideal tour package be for Klone?
A space tour with Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Miles Davis!

These were my questions for now, thanks a lot for your time and hope to see you soon. If you have anything to add, please go ahead.
Thank you Lords of Metal to support Klone ! And if you don't know us, go listen to our last album 'The Dreamer's Hideaway'!

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