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The wait was no less than five years before last month finally the new Pig Destroyer album arrived. 'Book Burner' turned out to be a conceptual record with an anti-religious edge to it. In order to find out more about the new masterpiece by these American gods of grind, Lords of Metal contacted sampler Blake Harrison, who provided us with some short, but sweet background information for the new album.

By: Richard G. | Archive under death metal / grindcore

It was a long time coming before your new album 'Book Burner' hit the shelves, but the wait was totally worth it. Why was now the right time for coming up with a new album after 2007's 'Phantom Limb'?
Well, it wasn't a matter of that it was more that we were focused on other things, we built a studio and a practice space, we did a little promotion for Phantom Limb, we lost our drummer and had to incorporate a new one.

Your last album was received with pretty high critical acclaim. Did this put any pressure on the creation of the new album?
I wouldn't say that, we tried to put out a lean and mean grindcore record, we tried a more stripped down approach, tried to make this record nasty.

The booklet of 'Book Burner' contains a short story with quite a scary vision of the future. Where did the inspiration come from for writing this story?
Attacks on personal freedom really.

Should we see the story as an allegory for society today, or more as an apocalyptic vision of the future?
More like a potential vision of the future.

band imageWere you raised religiously? Do you remember how you got 'enlightened'?
I was, how did I get enlightened? I'm going to take that question as to how I got enlightened to not believe in religion and it's basically religions fault. The hypocrisy and the hate that most religions get away with is reprehensible.

The new album sees Adam Jarvis debuting in the band on drums. How did you select Adam?
We've known Adam for some time and he was a natural choice, he's a great talent and great guy and we're stoked to have him on board.

What does Adam bring extra to the PxDx sound?
He's a fast drummer, I think he makes us more fierce, it feels like a new band to us, it's a great change.

Adam has quite a lot of other activities in other bands as well. Does this cause any problems with respect to his availability for playing live with Pig Destroyer?
Not yet, I doubt it'll be too much of a problem, we're not a full time band as far as touring goes.

Pig Destroyer has a very unique sound and approach to extreme music. Do you feel actually any connection with other artists in the genre, or in other genres for that matter?
We just kind of do what we do, I mean Nasum, Rotten Sound, Napalm Death, they are like brothers to us, but we just write how we write.

When you are writing for PxDx, how do you ensure that a song 'fits' with the sound frame that you have created for the band?
We know, there have been songs that have been presented that we didn't use, it's a vibe.

Do you need to be in a certain mindset in order to write music for Pig Destroyer?
Yes, but it's kind of indescribable.

Are we going to have to wait another five years for the successor to 'Book Burner'?
Hopefully not, that's not the plan anyway, we plan on starting to write newer stuff soon.

What are the short term plans for promoting the album?
We plan on playing more shows getting out there to some places that we haven't been, I mean we're not going to tour fully, just little stabs here and there.

Recently you played your first UK show in 8 years, how did it go? Best memory?
The UK shows were great, the crowd there is always good, it was a lot of fun. My best memory was watching Blacklisters every night, they are such a good band.

Any chance we'll be able to enjoy the hate live over here in Europe some time soon?
We're working on our plans for next year now, but yes, I think so.

These were my questions for now. Thanks a lot for your time. All the best for the new album and hope to see you play live some time soon. If you have anything to add, please go ahead/
Just thanks for the outpouring of support, it's very flattering.

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