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The newest death metal sensation from America is called Abiotic. The potential of their healthy mix of new and old school, technique and groove was rightfully picked up by Metal Blade and resulted in last month's release of the debut record 'Symbiosis'. Vocalist Ray Jimenez took the time to give a short introduction to his band and its goals.

By: Richard G. | Archive under death metal / grindcore

band imageFirst off, congrats on the recent release of your full-length debut 'Symbiosis'! How does it feel to have it out there?
Thanks, Man. We're all quite excited to finally have it available for everyone.

And how has the album been doing these first couple of weeks? According to expectations?
The record has been doing much better than we expected. We've received a lot of positive reviews and feedback.

You guys got the chance to release the album via the mighty Metal Blade. What was your first reaction when you heard they were interested? How did the deal finally come about?
We were in complete shock. Metal Blade is a dream come true. They became interested in the band after the release of our EP and the music video for 'Vermosapien.

In Abiotic's music all kinds of different death metal styles are combined. Could you tell us how you guys arrived at your sound?
Every member draws influence from a variety of different artists. We all bring elements to the table that are pivotal to our sound.

How important is the technical aspect for the band?
The technical aspect of our band enables us to play music that challenges us and allows us to grow as musicians. However, I don't think we intentionally try to compose the most intricate music we can possibly come up with. We are more concerned about writing music we enjoy and flows well.

What are the five death metal bands that every member in Abiotic worships?
The Black Dahlia Murder, Death, Decapitated, Decrepit Birth and The Faceless.

How did the band actually get together?
We knew each other from playing shows together. Our bands didn't work out, so we formed Abiotic.

Hats off for the epic opening lyric of the record, by the way! Would you say AbioticĀ“s lyrics are based in misanthropy? What kind of topics are generally addressed in the lyrics?
Thank you for the kind words. There are several notions conveyed in our lyrics that seem to suggest a sense of vexation directed at humanity, but I don't think it's because we absolutely loathe human beings. We simply want to express our discontentment with the execrable actions we frequently embrace. We want to understand why we, being capable of doing such wonderful things, are often driven to act in an unpleasant manner. The themes enclosed in our lyrics are gathered from the experiences that impact our daily lives, among other things. We seek to better our and others' understanding of the forces that shape our society.

Does the band have any long term goals?
Our long term goals include: extensive touring, writing and playing overseas.

Are there any plans in the making for playing live in Europe some time soon?
We don't have anything planned for the moment, but we would love to have the opportunity to do so.

These were my questions for now. Thanks a lot for your time and hopefully see you some time soon on this side of the world! If you have anything to add, please go ahead.
Thank you for taking an interest in our band. We look forward to playing in a city near you in the future.

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