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AntropomorphiA back in the 90s was one of those exponents of Dutch death metal that gathered quite some exposure due to their 'Bowel Mutilation' demo and the 'Necromantic Love Songs' MCD. Both recordings were re-released in 2011 on vinyl through The Crypt from the USA. I didn't have a clue that the band was actually re-activated and therefore was kind of surprised to see they got signed to Metal Blade for a new album. So reason enough to catch up with singer/guitarist Ferry about the entity that is AntropomorphiA.

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Hey guys, let's kick of this interview with a question about the reunion. In 2009 you decided to re-activate the band. I assume that you officially never broke up but you put the band on ice for a while? What exactly triggered you getting back together again?
Well we, the trinity that is AntropomorphiA, kept on writing material even after we've put the band on ice, for years we composed tracks and from time to time we recorded a few of them and released on our MySpace page, one of those tracks we released in 2006 on our MySpace site was called 'For Every Sin'. To that track we made small changes and re-recorded it for 'Evangelivm Nekromantia'. It's on there as 'Nekrosophia'. But due to our other projects and work we never could commit to writing a full new album. When those activities somewhat simultaneously came to an end we rose from our shallow grave and started to concentrate on AntropomorphiA again.

I think 2011 was an important year with you guys getting back to the stage at Neurotic Deathfest as well as the vinyl re-issue of the 1993 'Necromantic Love Songs' MCD that also included the 1992 'Bowel Mutilation' demo. I assume these happenings gave the band quite a boost?
Yes in some way, it was definitely something that made us realize that, for one, the EP had become something of a cult thing and that there were still people out there wanting to hear and see us play.

Now you're back with a new album and signed to Metal Blade. Did you record the album first and then got signed or was it more or less the other way around by getting signed because of the renewed interest in the band?
After the Neurotic Deathfest we concentrated on writing some new stuff but we also wanted to test the waters so to speak so we recorded a two track demo and send that to several labels. We got great responses to those tracks and some of the labels had serious interest in the new material and asked to hear more, one of those labels being Metal Blade. So we went back into writing and recording mode and for almost another year and finished the album. We introduced the album and it's concept to the labels that we're interested and we received several offers but the feeling we've got from Metal Blade stood out from the get go so the decision to sign with them was easy.

Where did you actually record the album. It sounds really good. I know you had the album mastered in Sweden by Tore Stjerna at the Necromorbus Studio but mastering an album is only a tiny detail. So could you tell a bit more about the recordings and mix?
We recorded the album at our drummers, M (Marco Stubbe), home studio over a period of several months. We recorded mostly on the weekends or whenever we had spare time. It's a very great environment to work in and this way we could do it on our own terms. He is also the one responsible for the mixing of the album.

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I was also wondering about the promotional aspects and especially the biography. You do mention the 1995 'I Have My Way' demo but there's no mention of the 1998 album 'Pure'. How come?
The 'Pure' album should never been released under the AntropomorphiA moniker, at least that was our opinion at the time and still is since it was to experimental and far removed from all musical intentions we had with AntropomorphiA so why promote something that has in our opinion nothing to do with music and the entity that is AntropomorphiA.

You guys have always been active in other bands while Antropomorphia was on hiatus. It looks like Flesh Made Sin is taking it slow these days, which comes handy for Antropomorphia. What else is happening? Any involvement in other bands at the moment. I think only Stip has The New Dominion going on right?
Flesh Made Sin was put on ice when Twan van Geel joined Legion of the Damned and S (Stip) is no longer part of The New Dominion. At the moment I am the only one doing a side project which is called Death Temple together with Manuel Tinnemans (vocals/bass), Twan van Geel (drums) and me on guitar.

You recorded a cool video for the track 'Psuchagogia'. You went to Leipzig to record that right. Tell us some more about this video
When we talked about recording a video we approached Maurice Swinkels of Younique film to do the shoot and he came up with the location, we looked here in Holland but every time there were these rules and regulations that kept of from using a location, due to building regulations or for working with animal blood. So we ended up recording in Leipzig because we could do whatever we wanted and Maurice already was familiar with the place. We took the drive of six+ hours, we shot the video in like four and then drove back another six+ hours so it was a fucking long day, but at the end it was all worth it. We wanted to tell a little about the story of behind the song, you see the necromancer from the story performing a rite for her death loved one, she embodies one of the main characters of 'Evangelivm Nekromantia' (the woman on the left on our album cover). We are very pleased with the result.

Why is the vinyl edition only coming out in Europe? Any particular reason for that? Anything special going on with the LP edition?
As far as I know Metal Blade US imports them through Metal Blade Europe. The vinyl version has a darker/grimmer feel to it because it has a different layout then the CD and it contains a poster of the female necromancer from the 'Psuchagogia' video.

Can you tell some more about the lyrical aspect of 'Evangelivm Nekromantia'?
The album consists out of three chapters of each three songs, combined the become the tale that is 'Evangelivm Nekromantia' a 'grimoire about evocation and nekrophilae'. In short it tells the story of the two woman featured on the cover of the album. The love and perverse sexual relation between these two females in life and beyond death. How one get's brutally murdered and the communication with her spirit evolves in having her corpse around for everlasting love. The lyrics have some serious ingredients of my personal interest in occultism, more then we had in the past but the main focus still lies with the gore and necrophilia aspect.

So, any plans promoting the album on stage? Any tours coming up?
Definitely, we have a couple of festivals confirmed we are working on doing more at the moment. We haven't planned a tour but not excluding that this might happen. The festivals/dates will be revealed through our official portals on the web.

Okay, that's all from my side. Anything else you might want to add?
Thanks for the support. For all matters AntropomorphiA our official portal is or visit our facebook

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