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We recently received an e-mail from Russian journalist Aleks Evdokimov in which he asks if we could publish a couple of interviews. Usually his interviews are published onDoommantia. The guy running this website has some problems at the moment and is dealing with more important matters. Of course we are easy to work with and gave Aleks the green light. The next interview is with singer/bassist Marco of the fantastic Spanish doom band Orthodox of which our own Erik reviewed their 2011 album 'Baal'.

By: Aleks Evdokimov | Archive under doom metal

Good day Marco, how are you? What's new has happened in your life?
The new thing in my life is the same thing as with the rest of the Spanish people. Everyone is losing their jobs and we're suffering from the decisions of a stupid government.

Man, what's the Orthodox line-up today? Has anything changed in the band?
The same three piece as always. Borja on drums, Ricardo on guitars and me on bass and vocals. Sometimes we have Gustavo Domínguez playing bass clarinet.

What's about demo-album 2005? I saw that Feretro Records re-released it in a tape-format, was it necessary?
Necessary? Which edition of any band is necessary?... He just offered us to do it because he likes the band and he thought that other people could dig it. So we said ok. This demo was never published ´cause we only used it to send it to a few labels. We thought maybe some people want to have it.

Can you tell us in a few words about the songs that were recorded for this demo – how do they compare to your last works?
We recorded 'Geryon's Throne' and 'El Lamento Del Carbon'. They're just primitive versions of the songs on 'Gran Poder'. There are mistakes and they're not slow enough, but we like it.

Marco, I need to confess that I haven't followed Orthodox after the 2007 releases ('Amancer En Puerts Oscura' and the split-album 'Four Burials'), man, what have I missed? I see that you recorded full-length 'Sentencia' and the EP 'Matse Avatar'. What can you tell about these two albums?
'Sentencia' was our most pretentious work. Our biggest effort in terms of creativity… and technically too. It's not perfect, but that's also its beauty, it's a little band dealing with a big creative juggernaut. We're really proud of it. 'Matse Avatar' is almost the opposite, a classic single mentality. A singable song and a strange b-side.

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'Baal' was a kind of your return to doom roots of Orthodox yet it looks as bizarre combination of old doom stuff, Bathory's 'Hammerheart' and Om, how did you do that? I wonder how you were able to combine so many different elements and melt them together in one album!
I don't see them as very different elements. The three references you mention have in some minimalism in common and the ability of sounding very heavy using the right ideas properly and passing carefully from one to other. In fact I see 'Baal' our most homogenic album since 'Gran Poder'.

Marco, what is your diet? I'm asking because vibes of your voice worry me a little bit. :-) Yet, your vocals suit these songs very well. Did you use some special equipment to distort your voice in a studio?
I use some effects… In fact, for my voice, I use the shittiest bass tone-work you've ever seen…

I remember that you told me about the song 'Heritage' from split-album 'Four Burials'; you've said it was a kind of lullaby for Ricardo's child, something like 'Father to Son' of Bathory. And I see that you've composed a song with similar message for 'Baal' album, it's name 'Hanin Ba'al'. What did drive you to record that song? Is it because you're father now too?
Yes, my son Aníbal is three years old now and he is an Iron Maiden freak. The song talks about the ritual in which the “historic” Aníbal, being a child, made the promise of being a mortal enemy of Rome and hate them eternally. It is Amilcar, the father who tells the story, or sings the song… obviously, my own feelings as father are mixed in there. But it's just an epic tale in the old metal tradition.

The new lyrics are full of metaphors and symbolism. I would like to ask you to explain the meanings of the songs on 'Baal' if you do not mind…
'Taurus' is about the bull, Toro, as a symbol across the Mediterranean cultures… 'Latromantis' is about that, about the Iatromantis, a kind of Mediterranean druids, just search in the web…

What kind of emotions do you put in your songs? I'm asking because right now the last track of 'Baal' – 'Ábrase La Tierra' – is agonizing in my loudspeakers and I see these cosmic tunes as calming and bright, yet they sound distorted and pretty harsh.
'Ábrase La Tierra' is a prayer for a gone artist, partner and inspiration we played with; Fernando Terremoto.

What is the most unpleasant yet reasoned comment about your music you heard?
Can´t remember, to be honest. There have been some, of course. But nothing I can't forget.

Did you take a part in next Semanta Santa? I bet that you still keep your monk's robe? ;-)
Mmmm, we´ll see…

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