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Bode Preto

Last month I reviewed the debut EP, according to überLord Horst a demo (this is a long running discussion here at LoM HQ), of Brazil's Bode Preto. The music was quite intriguing so I contacted singer/guitarist Josh to introduce this band to you, readers of this humble webzine.

By: Pim B. | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Hey Josh, we reviewed your EP 'Dark Night' in last month's issue and I thought it would be cool to introduce you guys a bit more to our readers. So let's start with this question: if I understand correctly you guys started out as Soturnus Skullcrusher in 2009 but you renamed yourself as Bode Preto. Tell us a bit how the band was formed and why you decided to change the bandname? What can you tell about the DVD release of Soturnus Skullcrusher?
Hoi Pim, first I have to say that's an honor to have our band mentioned and to answer some questions to Lords of Metal. As you said we started the band in 2009 and we changed the name because in Brazil there's a band called Soturnus and people started to make confusion with the two bands plus we like the name in Portuguese more. I've been playing in bands since 1993 in the previous bands there was always a quitter so I decided to invite two maniacs to make a new one, that's Bode Preto. The DVD we recorded at our second presentation, it was easy to do as we have friends that can make video and edit and were interested in doing that, so we took the chance to register the birth of the band.

Your EP 'Dark Night' is quite short; 4 songs in 8 minutes, yet your style is quite impressive. I described it as a mixture of old school death metal with some old school black metal and even some speedrock bands like Zeke play. Quite an extraordinary combination I think. What is your thought on your style of music?
Thanks brother, well to be sincere we never listened to them, I think it comes more from bands like Dead Kennedys, Rattus, The Ramones, Terveet Kädet, D.R.I. and Misfits. We work with the intention to find the perfect cadency to each song, to make them more grounded and organic. We want our music to be always heavy and intense, mainly to play it live and bang our heads like dead bodies possessed by a stronger entity.

Being from Brazil you have quite a history in extreme metal. Has the metal history of your country had any influence on your music or do you draw inspiration from foreign bands mostly? What bands do you consider as your main influences?
For sure Brazilian bands like Necrobutcher, Atack Epiléptico, Olho Seco, Headhunter D.C., No Sense, Mystifier, Sex Trash, Krisiun and the mighty Sarcófago are great influences, but as you know there are great bands almost everywhere, I can mention Autopsy, Pestilence, S.O.B., very early Ulver, Bathory, Impiety, Amebix, the 'False' album from Gorefest, Samael's album 'Worship Him', old Pungent Stench, Blasphemy, old Mayhem, first recordings of Anathema, Morbid Angel, early Kreator, but also primordial stuff like Roy Orbison and Gene Vincent. Plus I'm addicted to Black Sabbath and the 'Ride The Lighting' album of Metallica.

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What can you tell about the lyrical aspects of 'Dark Night'?
We are very much interested in what is occult and mysterious in life and human relations, we leave space in our lives to things that we cannot rationally understand. The same we try to do with our music and lyrics. 'Sweet Fever' is our anthem in homage to the power and tranquility of total melting during the orgasm and the genital hug, and how the lack of it can be the very core of destruction. 'Verminoso' is more like a tale about a fucked up individual that feels so strongly the dissociation that's happening around and inside of himself that he starts to feel it like an external force that's possessing his moribund carcass, when he cut his own belly with a knife to get rid of the vermin that's dividing his soul he feels a little better. 'Golden Darkness' and 'The Realm of Satan' were written by an old partner Alex 'No Pollution' and are about the emotional plague that devastates the human in our daily life, even more than in catastrophes. We will die and rot so we try to keep the blood running in our veins as much as we can.

So, how have the reactions been so far on your release? Any offers from labels or anything like that?
'Dark Night' has brought to us more than we could expect from it. People are spreading it on blogs, webzines and magazines all around the world. We appeared in the 'Fear Candy' CD of Terrorizer Mag, and people come to say how they appreciate it, what makes us very glad. We call it EP instead of Demo just because for us the arrangements and recordings of the songs are done, we don't have the intention to re-record it. We have it licensed in New Zealand to Satanica Prod. We have it on our small hand made label called Bode Preto Recs. (the label came before the band). For sure we want to work with a label that have good distribution but it has to be one that is deeply involved with the underground and grim music.

What can you tell about the future plans of Bode Preto? Already working on new material or anything like that?
We are working on fourteen songs for a full length in 2011, maybe we record two songs before as a try out but the intention is to make a full album. As I said in the beginning there was always quitters in the previous bands but Bode Preto is a band that will only quit when I cannot play anymore and I believe that 's the same for Júnior and Pablo.

Right Josh, that's it from my side, anything les you'd like to add?
Thanks a lot for the space, great to talk to some Dutch maniacs, as I've been living in Nederland also for a while. Cheers to your mates of Officium Triste, we used to trade tapes in the 90's getting then some stuff from you depressive bastards. To the readers please feel free to download 'Dark Night' and to contact us.

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