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Satan's Host, the American band that plays in its fourth decade as if they were young dogs, with the experience of a monumental band. And that is exactly what you can expect from Satan's Host. A hundred percent metal, a hundred percent evil and with respect for the past, yet with an eye for present developments. It has shown before, that they are serious, about their music as well as the message that, as you might have guessed, is far from evangelic in its nature. The band has a new album out, the fourth review on Lords of Metal, all of which went through my hands. So I now feel I sort of have a clue about the band. I found singer Eli Elixir willing again to fill in the gaps and enlighten us about the uncertainties. Although any reference to light is as far off as can be. By the way, let me make clear that he in fact is not really my brother by birth or law.

By: Ramon | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Welcome back guys. I trust you remember the last time. What's been up meanwhile?
Thank you metal brother, we are very honoured to be part of your e-zine once again. This is truly great news, as with perfect timing with our newest release of “Power~Purity~Perfection…999” World Wide 9. Well presently, we are working on some new material for our next recording sessions scheduled for the fall of 2010. Since touring doesn't seem to be a promising reality for us this year, and very scarce, to non existing for next year as well. So we are just going to focus our energies into writing new songs, a new CD. I do have most of all the lyrics written, as with its concept for the new material, new songs. Presently in preproduction, we are working on getting the drums structured, as with the guitar riffs put together, composed and transcribed. It's a slow process this time around, so there shall be a new inventiveness with the songs compositions, as with the modes and keys which will be used this time around. It should be some of the greatest material ever written by this group, filled with primal emotions and a wide array of colour and dynamics. Hail Satan…666

I can't promise to extract the oddity of different keys, but I'll try to notice it, next time around. This is your eighth endeavour now, our fourth encounter. I notice a firm line of consistency. Is it important for you to maintain your musical identity, or do you just do whatever comes naturally and it just happens to reflect your sound?
Yes, correct. It is our eighth studio project since the conception of this group. True, consistency is what this group strives to maintain since the manifestation of the new generation of Satan's Host. It is very important for Satan's Host, in maintaining its musical identity within the underground metal community on a world wide scale. We believe that the only way to make this happen is to create quality albums every year, or two years that will be distributed on a worldly level. So that the legions / fans are able to hear that we are truly a productive professional Satanic metal group, who can deliver the metal on a consistent basis. It is very imperative to us, that the metal / music is available for our legions / fans on a world wide scale. We do try and tour each and every new project, though with little to no support, it makes this very hard and near impossible for us to bring the metal / music out to the legions on any type of level. Though we do try our very best in making this a reality, not only for us, but more importantly for the fans. Musically in the creation process, we do have a focus and a regime on what we are after, in our methodology and in our organic ways of creating and writing new material. Ave. Lucifer…999

The album once again has a thrashing death sound, with heavy influences from nineties black and at times it leans on very melodic passages. It stays catchy at almost any time. If this one stands out on one point, compared to the others, it would be on rudeness. It is a bit more crude, a bit more in your face, so to speak. That's my opinion, would you agree?
Hhmm… It is more raw and straight forward with some of the greatest production in the metal world on a low budget. There are more hooks and pockets in the compositions this time around. Due to the fact that we worked with a new drummer, Evil Little Hobbit, on this newest album. With his archive of metal beats and a more intellectual understanding of composing to our style of metal. He was able to apply more of a catchiness, unto the vocal melodies and passages, as with the guitar and fret structuring. Giving and letting the melodies sing more, as with reverberating and breathing, while adding a true evil beauty and brutality within the songs. There is a hell of a lot of melody and progression work within each of the individual tracks on this album. Each song has its own identity and sound, its own primal emotion and feeling within the human soul. The songs are very much, each of their own individual sound, style and aggression as with identity. You can actually play the whole album, and every song is totally different from the next song unto the next. No other satanic metal group in the world is doing this, we are the true pioneers in this art form of creativity and originality. Stimulating a wide array of the human primal emotion, with a very melodic sustenance in the colors of each track. Hail Leviathan…333.

Leviathan, funny you should mention, I'm digging into his background a lot lately. But it's not about me. It is about you and your new album, right? It also has some acoustic passages. Why is that? Not that I mind much, but I see you guys as a 100% metal band, so it surprises me slightly.
Well, the acoustical passages were designed to add separation unto this three part conceptual album. While adding unto the eerie side of the aloneness within our human soul and emotion. Not to mention it was very different for us, and we are always about pushing the boundaries of our abilities and metal. You know, exploring new and different ways of conveying the primal through our music. Not to mention the element of surprise that it was destined to bring unto our legions / fans. Hell yes!!! Hail Belial…333.

Yes, Belial is inevitable when you dig into the etymological and mythological past of Leviathan, too. So, the same goes here. The tile of this release has an alliteration of three P's and ends with the suffix “999”. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but wouldn't it have been more obvious to have made an alliteration with the letter “I”, referring to the triple 9? Like Morbid Angel had its sixth album entitled 'Formulas Fatal to the Flesh', which spelled '666'.
No, but I like the way your thinking. The whole concept was designed around my personal dedication unto the Luciferian movement. A decade long of studies and practices, in the Luciferian movement, throughout ten years since 1999. A birth of the new cycle aeon, the millennium. What was behind the stacking of this numerology, the number 9. Since the Satanic Bible, the number nine has represented the perfect number. Defined by a word to represent it, which is “Perfect”. So what was done is a stacking of this number into “999”. Where there needed to be separate words to reflect the identity unto each of these numbers. Which were “Power, Purity, Perfection”: hence “999”. It is a way of life inside this grotto, a way we strive to live and be within ourselves and within this group. I do give thanks unto Anton Lavey and the Satanic Bible, Michael Ford, Luciferian Witchcraft and Robert C. Tucker, An Age for Lucifer. These books, men and organizations were my main influences in the Ideology and concept of this newest Satan's Host album. SITRA - AHRA.

I did an interview with Vincent Crowley (Acheron) a few months ago. He used to be a member of the Satanic Church, but at some point he decided to leave. This came as a shock to many people I spoke, as they always “assumed” that there was no way back, once you joined. What's your view on the black church and the way Peter Gilmore is running the joint, nowadays?
Doesn't surprise me at all. Seems that in the years past, it has evolved into a very conservative organization. You know, one for the elite and educated idiots. There seems to be a loss, of the whole unity towards the individuals who are members. Even the celebrations and ceremonies have been nihilistic in the past years. Other than the Black Mass: Walpurgisnacht. Feels like the magnetism and energy that the Black Church once represented in the past (1966-1990), seems to have been diluted, lacking evolution and creative theorems towards the future of this primal animal, known as humans. Hail Satan…666

I asked that, because it is a topic many of our readers can relate to, to some extent. If anyone should be able to answer this one, it is you guys, since you have been around for so long and the topic means a lot to you. What do you think is the main factor of appeal for so many heavy metal fans, if you see a connection at all?
Nice question. Perhaps the whole feeling, that there is a universal unification once in the Church of Satan? You know a gathering / organization of like minds for those of us who live the Left Hand Path Philosophies. The feeling of empowerment by mass unification, where there is more energy in numbers with this type of ideology. a betterment of understanding and connection towards black metal, as with what it is pontificating and conveying through the vibrations of sound… Liberation.

Great, thanks for letting us into you obscurest of shrines. The album is divided in three parts, as you mentioned. 'Power 9', 'Purity 9' and 'Perfection 9'. Why did you choose to do it like that?
These are the three degrees of which it takes to attain within your life, work, profession and or existence. First you need the personal 'Power' to do in life, to take action. The out of that, second is what one needs to attain which is 'Purity' in whatever they decide to do in life with their actions and will. Then third is the manifestation of what comes next through purity, which is 'Perfection'. The perfection of what the individual is, and or doing with his or her own will. This is the natural order of how the systematic attainment works, and manifests towards achievement and execution in this life.

What are the lyrics mostly about, incantation, praise or admiration?
Luciferian ideology, demonology, theories and practice. The will to power from a Left Hand Path perspective, and practitioner. The anthropological evolution of this new aeon, the shattering of the third cycle. Dark metaphysical prophecies and filled with some of the greatest Satanic poetry ever written in this era of Satanic metal. A true representation of what this metal warrior reflects, in and out of this group. As with his representation, of what the western civilization is, threw these eyes and mind of a Luciferian…999.

I noticed a song called 'END ALL – BE ALL... 2012'. That's a Mayan theory, isn't it? Do you embrace the theory of total destruction, or do think it is the turning point towards some new kind of awareness?
Yes, I do embrace the whole theorem of total destruction, and the creation of new ways towards the human consciousness and awareness. These present ways of how government, money, corporations and humanity, here in the States, all needs to be destroyed and recreated. America has lost the way of what our ancestors first pontificated. See the only way to create or get change is through destruction. So in order to attain harmony and peace, is through war. Here in the States, I do foresee more and more of Americans turning the check of aggression and destruction upon the system and money hungry mongrels. This particular song is my dark metaphysical prophecy, of this all going down within the next few years, here in the states as with a universal level of existence. Hail Satan…666

I am not letting you say that you are glad with Barack Obama for president, but is there some sort of relief that you no longer have a man for president that hardly understands the necessity of a secular administration?
Yes, that is very true. Yet there will be many more years, 'till this country actually feels any type of change for the betterment of society and humanity towards the American system. As with a complete movement of the secular administration, and the development of what this country needs to manifest into. Though it is nice to see some sense of change, in the direction for the people once again. Only time will tell if the new commander and chief has what it takes to achieve these balances between the people and the administrations. This country needs the Clinton administration era ways of thinking once again. As a country, we are headed into complete financial destruction and loss. So it has begun. Complete chaos!!!

Have you ever considered leaving the States, in order to settle elsewhere? Where would that be and what are pros and cons to do it?
Yes, I personally have, and I am the only one willing to do so. I have brought this to the attention of the others in Satan's Host. Yet no one else could see this vision of growth and appreciation, let alone have the courage in what it takes to leave their town of birth. Perhaps even leaving Colorado, for a more musical town, with more of an appreciation for metal music and closer to the industry. Let alone heading over to Europe, where metal music is part of the culture and appreciated all the more by tenfold. As with being geographically closer, so as to move around and perform into other metal scenes who are about this type of metal from hell. If this was to ever happen, there would be a whole new line-up change in the Satan's Host Grotto once again. Which wouldn't be all that bad, due to the fact that only one or two of us would get the whole picture of this vision. So here in Colorado we continue to write new material, rot and get older! As with losing any and all types of touring exposure towards the live metal festivals, let alone with other metal groups of a professional and dedicated caliber.

band image

Are you seriously saying that you would not mind firing your whole band, if you would find two or three guys in, say Germany, that you relate to enough?
No. What I'm seriously saying, is unto the question that was asked. Yes, there are a few of us in Satan's Host, currently who would like to eventually relocate in the future. Out of Colorado and closer to what and where the touring companies schedule most of their concerts, a with being closer to a main metal hub here in the States. You know, the major cities / metal hubs in this country of America. As far as members in the band, I wouldn't say fire, though there is a history that has shown us, that a revolving door with our rhythm section is a continuum. Perhaps, with this new line-up…2009, there may be some solid consistency unto the end.? Only time and the will power, of these new members shall eventually let us know. Hail Satan…666.

Thanks for clearing the sky on that one. And about the European situation: don't overestimate the role of metal in our everyday life. European metalheads have a lot of struggles finding appreciation or acknowledgement too. I just used Germany as an example, but what would be an ideal place for you to move to? Would that be a big city, or a more desolate place?
Not over estimating anything Bro. We all have struggles, in finding acknowledgement and appreciation when in the trenches of Satanic metal…666. Though like I said, the European countries, and metal communities are much more closer, as far as distance / mileage from each different scene, and each different town. Here out on the western civilization, the towns are much more distant from each other. Farther apart, more spread out, which makes for getting around a lot more time consuming, as with more money to travel unto different metal communities and towns. See out here the acknowledgment of this style of metal is very much in an infant stage. When dealing with club owners and promoters, who are basically from another generation of music and business ethics. The ideal place for Satan's Host and the group to relocate too, would be on the Pacific coast, or the Atlantic coast. Where we would be much more closer, to the main touring hubs of metal in this country known as America. “The Great Scapegoat…666”

What would be the best thing that could happen to The States?
A complete systematic overhaul from the inside out. A Liberation from the old ways, into a new manifesto of the future. A betterment of humanity, as with spiritual consciousness and awareness towards a unity and growth. To be able to see metal more and more appreciated in the music industry.

I think there is a great sense of balance between the songs and it really takes you on a darkened journey. Is that how you like to listen to your own, or maybe someone else's music?
Thank you brother. Yes, I feel that it is a group's responsibility to take their listeners, on a musical metal journey through their primal soul within their albums. It is a true expression, of how we as humans work in everyday life and everyday situations, that stimulate human emotions. We have a variety of emotions within our human soul, and we need to feel or express these experience. So we can get a better understanding of ourselves and grow as humans. Not to mention it is nice to listen to a band or a CD, that has the ability of enlighten the listeners by displaying their musical talents and abilities, instead of being hit with a wall of sound, where every song sounds the same from beginning unto the end. You know the whole wall of sound type of approach, which gets very boring, very quickly.

If you feel the urge to skip this question because you don't feel inclined to say anything about another evil brother, I can totally live with that, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Glen Benton (Deicide) shook the world by burning an inverted crucifix into the flesh of his forehead. A sign of total dedication and to him an act of freedom, as no one could stop him from doing so. What do you think of an act like that?
A troubled individual who seeks attention. We have gigged with these guys in the past here in the States, and I can tell you first hand. He is not one who studies the true Satanic, Luciferian Ideologies, as with the philosophies, theories and practices. He is more of a bitter bible basher, in his lyrics and mannerisms. There are very rarely any, to practically no Satanic theorems of the Left hand Path Philosophies, let alone incantations and rituals of evoking. He basically just pontificates his hatred for Christianity and its idiocy to those who follow it. There's nothing wrong with that, it has seemed to work for him as with his ranting ways. Satan's Host, is more about the true Satanic Magick, as with ideologies and Practices in the Black Magick Arts. We have nothing to do with Christianity, nor do we give them any attention in our lyrics and beliefs.

Another thing he provoked with, was the announcements he made that he would commit suicide at the age of thirty three. He is now almost ten years older. Is that a promise he should have kept, or can we file it under advancing insights?
Lol!! Funny Brother!!! Well, he should have kept his word and conviction. Perhaps then, he would have gained immortality, instead of losing more and more respect with those in the industry as the years go by. Not only from those who have to be around him, but to the whole metal community. It has been witnessed, he disrespects his fans live while performing, he seeks attention through his outbursts and rantings, like a little kid who has been neglected by his parents.

That leaves little to imagination, thank you for your open hearted answer. Back to you guys. Since it is you that have a new album out. Are you still as proud to play in the band as you were when you started it?
Yes, defiantly, all the more nowadays with a new album and new rhythm section. See, we always have new members about every three to five years, so there is always this new energy and vibe within this grotto. Which makes for a refreshing attitude in the metal and commitment to excellence. As with the live performances and the writing and recording process of the new material. Though there are times when some of the older individuals, do need a swift kick in the ass spiritually and physically. So as to dedicate more time and energy, as with commitment and consistency in this execution within this group. See time is not what Satan's Host likes to waste, and when certain individuals routinely have to cancel sessions of don't show up due to whatever reasons, they need to get a gut check by Satan. Ave. Lucifer…999

Ouch, I am perverted and visualizing. So you will sort of get the picture in my head, now. I think you did well in forging some modest masterpieces and you have all the reasons you need to be proud of your albums I have heard hitherto. How many do you think are left to be written?
Thank you metal brother. That is what we are after in every new album we record. We are out to create memorable metal songs of quality and substance. Well, pending on the health of individuals in this present line-up. Only time and patience will tell how many more albums are left in this grotto.? Our goal is very simple in Satan's Host: to keep on writing and recording as with performing till we die. SHEMHEMFORASH…In Nomine Satanas…666.

Have you got any big plans coming, maybe initiated by your label Moribund?
Perhaps a small two week American tour? Though we aren't going to hold our breath on this. We are just going to keep on writing and composing new material, for the next album and the Satan's Host legacy. Basically get ourselves prepared, for the recording studio in fall of 2010 with this newest line-up. Perhaps renew our contract with Moribund Cult.? Only time will tell, and this is what our future is looking like for this group.

I understand they are quite proud of having you, so on their part it seems settled. What dreams have you got left?
We would love to get over and perform at the European festivals and Brazil, as with Japan. Perhaps hit up some of the bigger American festivals, and get the live sound and energy out to our legions worldwide. Make some money, so as to create a bigger stage presence, with more elaborate theatrics and props as with pay the rent. Hail Belial…333

You could consider becoming a theatrical band, which would definitely draw greater attention and get you to big festivals worldwide. Look at bands like Rammstein, GWAR and loads of others. It works. You could work with strippers, or search a Cirque du Soleil kind of ambiance, maybe the ancient Alice Cooper horror show, it all proved to be effective. But doesn't that kill the integrity of your own live performance? P.S. if you should take any of this ideas and you suddenly break through with it, where can I send the cheque for the idea, hahaha?
That's the plan! Utilizing more theatrics in our live sets. To enhance the Satanic metal experience from this Satan's Host grotto. Don't think there will be strippers, perhaps naked nuns, or high priestesses on alters with candles and blood, to enhance the ritualistic ceremony unto the metal. We wouldn't let it kill the integrity of our metal at all! It would enhance the energy, with more of a visual which reverberates, with the metal music and the lyrics as with our adrenaline filled stage presence. We have utilized props in the past and most recently. Alters, inverted crosses, black and red candles, bloodletting, fog, as with Satanic symbolisms on the amp and pulpit. All done on a smaller budget / level in our live shows out here in the four corners of the USA. It does work, in creating all the more to the music and the show for the legions / fans. It is defiantly something that the fans do talk about, during and after the shows, as with days, weeks and perhaps years later when experiencing a live Satan's Host Ceremony…666. SITR-AHRA. PS. You can send your money directly to my account metal brother. No checks! Lol!!!

Hahaha, I am sure the will be little discontent about me failing to do so. I thank you once again for your time. I hope I gave you enough opportunity to tell some stuff about yourself that our readers might find interesting in order to get to know you a little better. Goodbye for this time, until the next, who knows. Is there anything you would like to say to close this down?
Thank you for this interview, Ramon. We would like to send out our Infernal thanks, unto the Satan's Host legions World Wide 9, for their undying support and loyalty unto this metal. We will continue to be the most productive Satanic metal band. Working our asses off in creating, more and more of the greatest Satanic metal in the world. As with giving a Satanic thanks out to Dave Otero of 'Flateline Audio' for the production of this newest album. An evil praise unto J. Petagno who did the cover art, with some of the evilest paintings in the world we live in. A shout out unto Odin and Moribund Cult Records for stepping up in these times of financial uncertainty. For any and all information, and history of the Satan's Host Legacy go to our web page. And to get a hold of merchandise and some of our older CD's under our own record label, 'Black Magick, Inc.' Check out some of our videos and MP3. of tracks from past albums, as with the present now.

Hail Satan…666.
Magick Elixir…418.
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