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Nocturnal Fear

The new Kreator is a big disappointment, it sounds very rushed. Slayer has sucked for years and who is Megadeth? Are they a metal band? All posers and wanne be metal heads will sooner or later be punished for their sins. Only true denim and leather thrasher who listen to the real kings of thrash will survive the war. These are quote's from no-one less then Rev. Chris Slavehunter Ph.D, and all of this is said after some questions by Tormentor Erich about Nocturnal Fears latest effort 'Metal Of Honor'. Read 'm and wheep.....

By: Tormentor Erich | Archive under speed / thrash metal

First of all I would like to congratulate Nocturnal Fear with the release of 'Metal Of Honor', which is yet another fine old school thrash metal album. So for starters, please explain to all our younger readers why old school thrash metal is sacred and why everybody must check out this album?
It's sacred because anyone who has received the Power and the Glory of Metal into their soul and has made Metal their religion, has become a defender of the Faith. We take it a step further and consider ourselves as the Front Line Shock Troops in Hell's Infantry. If I meet a person who's not into Metal they can fuck off, I don't want them for a friend. This is my religion and I only associate with the faithful. This perspective that NF has is why it's essential that every TRUE DENIM AND LEATHER THRASHER hear our new album 'Metal Of Honor'! But make no mistake! There are many false metal scum who've decided it's cool to dabble in so-called "thrash metal". Our new album will set the record straight ONCE AGAIN who plays TRUE FUCKING THRASH METAL. Nocturnal Fear does not play "party" music, nor do we wear baseball hats, shorts or flip flops, we want to RIP YOUR FUCKING FACE OFF!!

'Metal of Honor' starts with some sound scapes in the song 'Cast From Heaven', and I think that I heard Rambo in it. Am I correct here? Why did you use these sound scapes? And why is it so important for you to point out that Nocturnal Fear is pro US military?
We created the intro with Rambo because the text of what is said is very powerful and speaks to the attitude with which NF approaches the way we create METAL. In other words what grade of steel are YOU cut from? Do you have what it takes? Or are you a poser? Let me make this clear. NF is pro war, because it represents action over talk, and separates those who will stand and fight over cowards who stand for NOTHING. I had no choice in being born in the US or being white or male it's what I am. I do however have the choice to devote my life to METAL and to support US troops. I know many vets from Vietnam and both Gulf Wars etc, and they are all honourable guys. But you know what? Many of them will be the first to tell you how fucked up our government is!

The band is operating from Detroit and you called it “the armpit of the world, Detroit Murder City USA, a crappy town.” Is it so bad to live there? And how do these surroundings have an impact on Nocturnal Fear?
Detroit is a swirling sesspool of crime, poverty and violence. There are close to 78,000 burnt out vacant houses and buildings. Want to see what Germany is going to look like twenty years from now? Come here! Not only that, the weather fucking sucks to. Yeah, living here has given us such a violent sound.

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With ten songs and more then fifty minutes of music you have written an album that is longer as average. How come? Did you have so much ideas and cool riffs to put in the songs or can't you stop while you're on the role writing new tracks?
Our fans expect more from us than a shitty half hour long album. We want to prove who the REAL KINGS OF THRASH are! We are not some crappy "retro" tribute band! All of our shit is original. These so-called "thrash" bands out now just recycle old Nuclear Assault and DRI riffs, and STRUGGLE to come up with a half hour long album! Look, we are not a "band" we are a fucking SPECIAL FORCES UNIT and our mission is to destroy false metal with our assault!

I haven't seen it yet for myself, but I heard that Nocturnal Fear is also featured on the 'Get Thrashed' DVD. What can you tell us about this?
They wanted a representation of newer bands playing TRUE THRASH FUCKING METAL and who did they come to? None other than NOCTURNAL FEAR! We're right in the beginning credits after Kreator! Our music is played throughout the feature.

'Metal Of Honor' is recorded with Rev. Chris Slavehunter and Aggressor, and Doomy G. Blackthrash did the session vocals. This line up is not the regular one I believe because you are still looking for some band members. So what do you need, and what must a person be capable of to survive in a band such as Nocturnal Fear?
We'll we already have a new permanent vocalist DEVASTATOR and this guy fucking kills all the false metal wimps! To survive in this band you gotta be a kick ass musician and accept the religion of METAL. You show any weakness and I'll kick your ass out and replace you, all members understand this coming in!

To close this interview I would like some opinions about old school thrash in 2009 by experts like you. So what do you think of the 2009 releases by Kreator ('Hordes Of Chaos'), Slayer ('World Painted Blood') and Megadeth ('Endgame')?
The new Kreator is a big disappointment, sounds very rushed. Slayer has sucked for years. Who is Megadeth? Are they a metal band?

And are there maybe also some new bands that we should check out?
You should get the new NOCTURNAL FEAR!!!

Okay guys, that's it for me. Thank you and good luck with 'Metal Of Honor', and do you have some famous last words for us?
Posers will be rounded up, forced to sign confessions, dig their own graves and be executed by a firing squad of TRUE DENIM AND LEATHER THRASHERS. We are coming, the knock on your door in the middle of the night may be us, you've been warned! DEATH TO FALSE METAL!

That which does not kill us makes us stronger - NIETZSCHE.
That which does kill us makes us immortal - SLAVEHUNTER.

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