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A remarkable band in the Dutch metalscene is Conteched from Noord Holland. They are spawned from the also industrial formation Reel, Conteched kind of plays more metal than industrial. They released a demo in 2008 called 'Criminal Industry' which got a follow up in 2009 called 'In Poor Company'. The men in white shirts and black ties already have recorded their first album called 'The I Experience' and are waiting for the right time to release it. Lords Of Metal contacted their Lyrics Executive Joram Bronwasser, who also handles the vocals, who doesn't take any responsibility for damage caused by listening to their music and who is quite to the point in his answers. Probably the shortest interview of 2009…

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Could you tell us something more about the band before I am going to grill you guys in the third degree? We want to know everything: from line up changes, negotiations with record companies and the hordes of groupies that gather around the backstage with every gig you play…
First I'd like to say that all the answers given during this interview reflect the view of Conteched as a whole. Conteched cannot be held responsible for any damage done by reading this interview. Driving, swimming, drinking or operating heavy machinery while reading this interview can result in serious injury or death. Conteched is corporate metal. Conteched has become operational in 2007. Since then we released two EP's ('Criminal Industry' and the recent 'In Poor Company'). At some point we had to cut cost and we had to let Mr. Verhoeven (skin manager) go. We hired Mr. Tijn Scholtze who does a terrific job in metric engineering. Conteched has taken over a couple of venues this year. Foreign and domestic. There were negotiations with three record companies. I don't want to go into details. All I can say is that no one has heard from them since. Beware of Conteched.

First attempt to a serious question: why release a demo when you are already working on a full length album?
We strongly deny that this has anything to do with the current economic situation. The full length is already finished and will be released as soon as we think the time is right.

'In Poor Company' is your second demo and a fine addition to the Dutch scene if I might add that. What is to you the biggest difference between this one and 'Criminal Industry' which you released last year?
The songs are different, the sleeve is different. We'd like to give the people what they want. We value taste and quality. And so do you.

Conteched is spawned forth from the band Reel, who released six albums and did gigs with renowned names like Rammstein, Einstürzende Neubauten and The Young Gods. What caused Reel to take a sabbatical, and wasn't it hard to start from scratch again?
We didn't start from scratch. My colleagues and I are all very experienced. Reel has a very impressive resume. Conteched values its customers and has different approach, because everything is based on the listener. If you put something on the market, you want to sell it.

On your promotion pictures you are all wearing white shirts with black ties, you call the music Corporate metal and you even wear those ugly things on stage. Actually it's kind of the same outfit Rammstein wore during their 'Reise Reise' release. Aren't you concerned that people see that as a kind of rip off, or do you simply don't give a fuck and have fun with the image to begin with?
Readers who do have a job know that wearing a tie is quite common when you work at an office. And if you don't: enjoy it while you can, because the tie forces you to be a different person. It strips you from your personality.

Could you define what 'corporate metal' means to you?
Corporate metal is the music we produce. It is harsh, cold, gripping with killer riffs, harsh vocals, heavy double bass drumming and chilling electronics. The whole package. Check us out on

The reviews concerning your first demo were full of praise. You sent me the demo for airplay in my show 'Zaans Metaal' and I was also very surprised by your sound, there isn't actually a band in The Netherlands that has this 'Rammstein meets Fear Factory and a lot more other'-influences that you have. Do you see a niche for Conteched in Europe in general and The Netherlands in particular? Or do you guys think largely outside of the box and dream of world domination?
Our corporate philosophy is not based on assumptions. We know the market. So it was not surprising that the reviews were full of praise. We know what people want to hear.

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The Full Length. It should see the light of day around the half of 2010, are you currently in the pre-production mode or are you seriously recording right now? If yes, how many songs will you put on the debut?
The full length is named 'The I Experience' and is already done. There will be eleven songs on 'The I Experience'. Two of those tracks are previously released on 'Criminal Industry'. The tracks are completely done and are stored on hard disks kept in an undisclosed location.

You have contributed to three international samplers. Could you tell us something more about these collaborations, and did you contribute material from the demo or were those songs especially recorded for the purpose of including on sampler cd's?
Those songs are 'Standstill' and 'Hate The Day'. The other sampler features 'Mr. Conman', also released on 'Criminal Industry'. 'Hate The Day' ended up on the tour edition version of 'Criminal Industry'. 'Standstill' will be on the full-length cd.

How do you know 3rd Machine? I saw that you have a 'takeover' (Conteched's way of saying they have a gig. Ed. Wilmar) with them on November 6th in Drachten…
That takeover has been cancelled, because 3rd Machine is experiencing a shortage of proper personnel. We have been trying to take over venues together with 3rd Machine for quite some time now. No results so far.

On your website you have a special Frequently Asked Questions part in which you deny any dealings with the website Industrial Metal. The thing that struck me is that the entrance to the site looks awfully a lot like the Reel website (with whom you also claim to have no affiliation with) and you got a rave review on Industrialized Metal… Do I sense some nepotism here? Who of you is Gerardo?
As we say: there is no affiliation with this person whatsoever. Although we heard he does a terrific job with his site and label. He is someone who is very valuable to the corporate metal scene.

In the profit prospects you state that by increasing the use of child labour, your profit prospects are sky high for the next year. Should I interpret that in a way that your children are putting the booklets in the CD's after dinner?
We'd like to stress that no children should touch our CD's. Playing with or listening to 'In Poor Company' without an adult present can result in injury or feelings of angst and depression. On our website we are referring to the children from third world countries who play our instruments when we have other obligations.

Is there something you want to achieve with Conteched that could not be achieved with Reel?
Yes, but we don't know what.

Final question: Philip Anselmo calls you guys and starts with this low voice thing about 'Fuck man, heard your cd, I was totally awed out and I want to be on the next one with you…' Is it goodbye to you then? Or are your corporate loyalties stronger than the wish to make considerable profit?
Now you are assuming that being in Conteched is fun. Which it isn't. So I am actually wondering why Phil hasn't called us. I can't wait to be released from this job.

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