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Arsonists Get All The Girls

A great artist is not necessarily a great speaker. Freak metalcore collective Arsonists Get All The Girls blew me away last month with their sophomore effort 'Portals'. However, when we ask drummer Garin to tell us more about the birth of brilliance in his brainchild, the answers remain surprisingly flat and unenthusiastic. So when I say that below you will find the bare essentials concerning 'Portals', I really mean the bare essentials.

By: Richard G. | Archive under death metal / grindcore

How are Arsonists Get All The Girls doing at the moment? The new album has been out for a couple of weeks, how has it been received?
Things are great, never been better. People have been really stoked on all the new material, and we have had a lot of positive feedback on Portals.

One thing I just have to ask straight away is who is responsible for the song 'I Lost My Loss Of Ruin'? That one really is all over the place!
Arthur (guitarist) wanted a fast and thrashy song for the album with a splash of ska. We tried to keep this song short.

And the piano in ´ILMLOR´ and in 'To Playact In Static' are just brilliant. Who came up with that and did you drag an actual piano into the studio?
Sean (keys) wrote the piano part of 'ILMLOR early last year and we thought it fit really well in that song. In the end of to playact in static Arthur had wrote a more bluesy guitar riff and Sean threw in his little creative twist in it.

Even though the music AGATG play is still as crazy as fuck, I would also say that the sound has matured compared to your debut 'The Game Of Life'. How would you characterize the musical
progression that you have gone through since the last album?

We all are constantly growing and learning musically. Since the game of life there has been several line-up changes in the band and we have all fed off each other musically. We have had a lot more creative input since Jason, Sean, and Jared joined the band.

Inspiration/wise, which bands do you guys feel musically and/or spiritually connected with?
Definitely Dream Theatre, Between The Buried And Me, Horse The Band, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dredg, and a shit ton more…

One song that really stands out on the new album, if only by its length, is the title song 'Portals'. How did this particular song come into being? Why did you elect it as the title track?
We wanted to have a title track on the new record and Arthur had already wrote that song. We also felt like it had elements of the entire record. So that's why it is now 'Portals'.

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A big change since the last album is of course the replacement of Cameron by Jared on vocals. Judging by your MySpace blog, Cameron's departure was pretty untimely. Why did he leave exactly?
If you honestly feel like you don't know why, then go read the blog again. That's exactly what happened.

And how did you end up with Jared? According to you, what specific vocal qualities does he bring to the AGATG sound?
After what happened with Cameron we were scrambling for a new vocalist, Sean suggested an old bandmate he had in the past. We sent Jared 'Saturnine' to record a rough vocal track so we had a better feeling of how he would sound on the new record. We were blown away by the range he had on his voice, and we knew right away he was the right guy for the job.

Another line up change with a more tragic origin is the addition of bassist Jaeson replacing Patrick who unfortunately passed away. How has the loss of Patrick influenced the band and the creation of 'Portals'?
We dedicated the entire album to him and wrote the song in the empereans for him. He is a huge influence for us when we write, and still is the driving force of the band.

The new album is being released through Bastardized Recordings, but if I understand it correctly you are still signed to Century Media? How does this exactly work and why were things changed?
We are signed with Century Media, but Bastardized Recordings released 'Portals' in Europe.

You are participating in a pretty intensive tour at the moment in the US, how are the crowds taking the new stuff live? Which new songs do you enjoy playing live the most?
Kids are very stoked on the new material, and have been singing along to some of the new songs we play. We all love playing all the new songs.

For those who have not been so fortunate as to witness one themselves, what can be expected from a typical AGATG live show?
Lots of crowd participation and a good 'ol time. We believe that a live show should be fun, we all have great time on stage.

And when can we expect you guys to come play that crazy new stuff this side of the Atlantic?
We are looking to come back early next year.

Well, I really hope to see you guys soon! Thanks a lot for your time and enjoy the rest of the US tour. If you have anything to add, please go ahead
GO BUY PORTALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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