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I can honestly say that during the first listening session of the new Limbogott album I was like: "What the hell is this? Nu metal is back in business? H-E-L-L-O??". So this new album 'Spit Or Swallow' didn't make a really good first impression, but after a second listening session I discovered I was totally wrong. Limbogott indeed has their own sound and is much more than another Limp Bizkit or Korn clone. Nope, far from that, this album is a small masterpiece I must say. Reason enough therefore to fire some question in the direction of singer and programmer Lard Mason.

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Welcome to Lords Of Metal!
Welcome, Lord....!

Can you tell me something about the history of Limbogott?
Limbogott started to play music about twelve years ago as a school project. Our singer/screamer and programmer Lard Mason originated the band. I think we really got together and got serious in 2004 before we did the first album in 2005 ('One Minute Violence'). After that we did another album in 2006 called 'Pharmaboy'. Right to that time we met Pharmaboy, who became our drummer since then. And since now we are one happy family! :) Lard Mason (vocals/programming), Limbosonic (vocals), Tim Machine (guitar/programming), TbLemper (keys/programming), Agent John Spooler (guitar) and Pharmaboy (drums).

What is your biggest achievement so far?
I think the biggest achievements so far were once a #1 video on Viva+ together with our friends in Mad Doggin that was called 'Haunted', our European tour with Déspairs Ray and definitely our new album 'Spit Or Swallow'. And of course the pleasure to work with such great artists like Jay Gordon, who is the lead singer of Orgy and who did a track with us which is called 'Reside'. Another great success and something we are proud of, is our growing 'Limbogott Kartell Streetteam' all over the world.

What is your best memory from life on the road? And your worst?
That was definitely the European tour and a lot of nice caring and screaming people that liked Limbogott and got real friends and fans by now.

On May 5th you performed at Logo (Hamburg, Germany). First show with new songs? How did the show go?
We did one of our best concerts ever, we think. It was so relieving and we broke free again after all that work. Another thing was that we could introduce our new guitar player 'Agent John Spooler', who really did an so amazing job and kicks some asses. The audience was great and I think we all together had a lot of fun. Even though it was our first live stream what made the day even more exciting and what made us really proud, because we have to take care of our friends in the whole wide world now who love to see the performances too. They trust in us and like to celebrate with us together, so we need to stream that shit from now on every time.

band imageThere was a live stream during the concert for visitors who couldn't make it to the concert. Is it the first time Limbogott has done this and how is the response of the fans?
Yeah, it was the first time we did it. Our plan is to do it every time from now on - at least record the gig and post it afterwards at night and give at as a download. The family all over the world was more than happy. Everyone liked it! We've got a bunch of good mails so far....

The new album is called 'Spit Or Swallow'. What is the album about?
The album is about everything that can happen in life, even though it's not easy to say. There are much things, I think the lyrics are pretty personal and deep. Themes are about finding your girlfriend dead in the shower or send some greetings to a friend in trouble. Some songs are about getting older, our travelling around and not being at home for a long time...

In what way is it different from previous albums?
The difference between 'Spit Or Swallow' and the other Limbogott albums is that this time we tried to be more straight and more focused on structures and lines – like you can find in a good pop song! You can sing along though. Another difference is the outsource of the whole production as we did it with producers from all over the world like Sylvia Massy and John Fryer.

For the new album there were a couple collaborations with well known producers (a.o. Sylvia Massy). How did you get in contact with them?
That's a good question though. The contact got along over our label 'Tiefdruck-Musik' and the collaborations of the label and the producers. Both of them, Sylvia and John, listened to our songs and just wanted to work with us!

I have e-mailed you a couple of times for a festival show in the Netherlands. No response unfortunately. Are you not willing to perform in the Netherlands?
We love to perform in the Netherlands. It's far from not wanting that. We already did some shows in the Netherlands and we will be back there playing on 25th of July 2009 in Eidhoven together with 'KMFDM'. So I hope we can meet up there. We played there with Déspairs Ray and In Extremo before as well. It was pretty much fun. And we'll love to come again. So your requests didn't reach us somehow. We would like to apologize from our hearts - we would love to play anytime.

Are there any touring plans for 2009/2010 to promote the new album? Festivals?
We have a lot of plans for touring and concerts this year. It's gonna be about September, October... but first we'll go on a mini tour with 'KMFDM' in July...

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