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Only last month being spoken about, the band takes over the microphone now. Kallaghan, the vocalist of Sikh tells us about a band that doesn't exactly consist of musical douchebags.

By: Bart D. | Archive under nu metal

First off, I would like to ask: how is it going? Are you all well? Are you on the road as we speak, touring for the newest record, or is that tour coming after the official release date?
Everybody is well! We are all on the road but not for Sikh. We are waiting for the official release before touring. Roz (bass) and me are on tour for Really Addictive Sound, our FunkPunk Project, and Galette (drums) is on tour with Demians. Nico is playing in Paris with a new mysterious band....

You have played as opening band for a lot of big names in the scene, do you feel it is helping you reaching for new fans?
Of course ! We had the chance to play with Hed(pe) two years ago on their European Tour and it was good to meet new people. We will play with Black Stone Cherry in Paris in two weeks and it's gonna be mad!

Speaking of scenes, do you feel you belong to a certain scene, and if so, do you feel that scene is still very much alive?
Yeah we play a kind of "new metal", we prefer saying "metals(S)", in France the scene is "close to the end" but we hope it's going to come back. We played in other countries in Europe and we feel the scene is not dead at all!

Over to the music itself. What do you as a band wish to express to your listeners? Is there a specific message within the aggression and frustration that lies close to the heart of Sikh? Or do you just wish for bigger moshpits?
First of all we wish for bigger mosh pits! We play Metal for fun, good riffs, beer and good time with friends. You can also find an ironic message in our surrealistic lyrics but we don't give a fuck if people don't give a fuck!

band imageI think within your music there is a lot of diversity, but when I compare your music to for instance Korn or Slipknot, I notice you seem to aim more for one direction. Within this direction of harsh vocals and changing overdriven grooves, you find your own way of creating individual songs. How do you manage? Because more often than not, when hearing a band operating within certain boundaries, it is hard to be keeping apart the distinct songs.
Good question! I must say, first, when we make a song, we don't think about what it's going to sound like. These last ten years, each one of us listened to many kinds of music and bands, and each one understood and "kept" parts of these. Then we mixed all of that and you've got our first album, in which there are many "big" influences that you can easily notice (Pantera, Meshuggah, Korn, Slipknot). In the second one we tried to keep only the "sikh style" that came out of the first album. So a direction was taking form. Then, the composing process was different: each one made full songs alone, instead of mixing all of our ideas in one song. That's probably why you can hear distinct songs with some global feeling.

You sound very inspired and willing on your latest record, what are your aims as a band? And as individuals? Is Sikh your all-together-let's-go-for-the-big-thing project? Have you been playing together for a long time, maybe starting out as friends beginning a band?
We began as friends. With Nico (guitar) we met at college. We changed the name of the band so much times haha. We met Galette playing in another band called Morg at that time, we were looking for an "Xtreme" drummer. We wanted to mix groove and extreme metal like Slipknot but years after years Sikh became more ambient and personal. We have been playing together in that formation for 5 years. Sikh is a big project for us but we have other bands and goals in life. We are all working in the sound, do arrangements in different styles of music. We are open to everything that makes you feel good! And we like to play with other people even if it's not just metal! We hope the European Release of One More Piece will help us to meet new people, discover new countries

Is there anything else you would like to tell your listeners? If so, don't hesitate to do so down below. Thank you for your time and keep those grooves coming!
Just wanted to say: Go Mad! Bounce Mother Fuckers!!!

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