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Infestus is a German black metal band that recently released quite a nice album through Debemur Morti. 'Chroniken Des Ablebens' as it's called, is a record full of raw black following the Watain-school of things. So there's also room for dark melodies. In the end it's a fine album for the connoisseur. Mastermind Andras is here to explain more about his work.

By: Roel de Haan | Archive under black metal

For starters, how are you doing?
Greetings, everything is as always.

Could you introduce Infestus to the public through a rundown of your history?
In 2003 Infestus evolved out of a band that was called Dunkelfront. After the departure of the old guitarist Azhag we started over again and created Infestus. At the beginning we consisted of three members. We released a demo, a full album and a split CD which was released by Fullmoon Funeral Productions. But in 2006 the Infestus guitarist Harbarth left the band owing to a lack of compassion. Since then I finally took over all instruments which made it much more efficient to express myself in the music since I did not have to respond to another guitarist anymore. Dagon is responsible for the horrid voice that constantly creeps into your minds. Since the end of 2007 Infestus collaborates with Debemur Morti Productions which turned out to be the perfect label.

'Chroniken des Ablebens' has just been released, what are your hopes and expectations for the album?
The major reason for releasing this album was my basic need to express things inside of me that demand materialisation. So you can imagine that I really do not have any expectations that are of higher priority than to express my states of mind through music. But I also expect from the listener to be infected by this concept album; to share the pain and rage that lies within the music; to meet my very personal demons as far as it is possible for them to empathize with these expressions.

It's your second album I noticed. But I haven't heard your first one, 'Worshiping Times Of Old'. What are the main similarities and differences between the two albums?
In fact there are practically no similarities between these two albums. 'Worshiping Times Of Old' was released after we just have played together for one year. So we were still in the situation to find our own way. It was also difficult since Harbarth (former guitarist) and I wrote the music and thus had to interact which had the effect that our two moods, that are very different, were mixed together. This drawback got better on the split CD with Lost Life where I took over the main part of composing. With the leaving of Harbarth I was now able to fully concentrate on myself and the creation of this music without compromising with him later on. So be sure that what you hear on 'Chroniken Des Ablebens' is a hundred percent delivered inner pain and rage directly transcribed from my mind. And Dagon's vocals are just the right ones to be put on it. His moods changing from apathetic to ravaging and insane vocals are great. Even a superficial view/ear is aware of the difference. 'Chroniken Des Ablebens' is much more dark and negative and in a certain way also more aggressive and independent. Another difference is the fact that the new album is based on a concept. The songs are divided by chapters and represent a period of time that is meant to be the last seconds in a worthless life of a human being that only knew chaos, discord and hatred. In these last moments it lives through very deep emotional experiences made in life. He becomes aware of what role he played in life and finally is torn between the relentless will to leave this place and the fear to die. The chapter of dying is closed with the total surrender to death. So generally we expand the last seconds of a life to the length of this CD.

You play a raw style of black metal but still there is melody and emotions to be found in your music. How do you keep the rawness and melodic parts balanced?
A new song is determined by my mental condition. I am the valve and tool of my subconsciousness. So the structure and the balance between raw and melodic parts are defined by what I need on the certain point of a song. Everything is dependent on my feelings as it always should be in music.
A certain amount of melody is very important in my opinion, because it is the way to creep into deeper regions of the mind. It gives you the ability to “infect” the listener with the illness that lives within the song. On the opposite it is also important to avoid putting too much melody into the songs because this will oversaturate it and as a consequence of that decreasing the worth of every single melody.

You also incorporate a lot of acoustic parts into your music, making it very diverse in style. How important are dynamics for you, especially during the writing-process?
Dynamics are very important. The human ear gets tired with the time when the sound is always on the same level/speed. I don't like that either. Acoustic parts for instance change the sound and built up the atmosphere that I sometimes need in order to let the song evolve its attraction. So due to these facts I like using the acoustic guitar. Although I sometimes have to reduce writing acoustic riffs in order to avoid changing into an acoustic act, hehe. Of course there should also be certain diversity in the drums. It is not my style to always coming up with a blast beat and playing it for five minutes. It is important to carry the special feelings that are expressed throughout various riffs and melodies with the right rhythm.

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The album was recorded in the famous Necromorbus Studios and sounds great to me. How did the recording go? Is the sound the way you wanted it to be?
Thanks for the compliment. In fact we recorded it all ourselves. The mixing was also done by me. I did that already several times. So I have some experience in recording and mixing. But still in case of 'Chroniken Des Ablebens' it was different. There has been a great variety of reasons that forced us to postpone the advancement of the album; things which usually do not go wrong; things, where you start thinking whether everything is alright or if there is something that does not want you to achieve your catharsis through finishing this album. All in all, the album could have been published a year ago. It was literally elfstruck. Although the mix was already satisfying it still needed a good finish. So Void of DMP recommended Tore of Necromorbus Studios. He really gave the sound the finish that it needed. So he really did a great job!

What is your main inspiration, both lyrically and musically?
As already mentioned I write the music all alone. It is a basic need of my mind to express unbearable states; materializing raging demons in my head metaphorically spoken. Every song is connected to a certain inner drawback that demands its own genesis. These expressions are melt together and brought to life in a ravaging songwriting that chants the hymn to your very personal revelation. Dagon and I share the creation of lyrics. Infestus lyrically represents every negative aspect in your life. So everything that makes your life miserable and drives you mad, every little “stab” that hits your mind, every sociopathic pattern that hunts you down is a possible context for the lyrics. Since 'Chroniken Des Ablebens' is a concept album everything, the music, the artwork and of course the lyrics interact very strong with each other. So in case of this release the lyrical content is limited to the subject. In general the composure of Infestus' music and lyrics need definitely more time than usual since the act of changing these states of mind into music/lyrics is dependent on this very special condition that we need to reach in order to transport it throughout our abilities.

What is it that you want to express through the music of Infestus? Some kind of message or feeling perhaps?
Infestus became the personification of our thoughts since we share many opinions considering various issues. Thus Infestus represents the separatists of the separatists. We see ourselves far away from what one would call “the scene”. We do not accept all those alliances and fraternities that spread like a disease. Black metal should remain what it is: Music for individualists. The individual that empathizes with our music is requested to separate and begin thinking of its own. This music is meant to open doors for your consciousness and let you drown in every negative and eventually suppressed aspect/memory of your life. It represents the path to your other side; because only in the state of loneliness you will discover your true complete self with all its facilities. Become aware of the fact that the most devastating battles are being fought in your mind! But we certainly will not be able to evoke the same feelings in everyone who will listen to this music. So in the end it depends on you what is going to happen…

Can we expect some live shows anytime soon in support of the album?
In the past we did several live gigs. But somewhere along the way we recognized that, due to our interpretation of black metal, this music is not really meant to be played live. So we quitted playing live since already three years now I think. I also cannot say if there will ever be another live gig. It is possible, but who knows... time will tell.

What are your plans and ambitions for both the distant and nearby future?
Right now I am working out the concept for the new album. Some songs are already composed. And they will definitely wipe you off this earth! Nothing more you have to expect! Due to the writing mode I cannot say how long it will take. So the nearby and the distant plans unite in one issue: The next Infestus album.

I thank you for your time and wish you well. Is there anything you wish to say as a final statement?
Alles Leben nichtig!

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