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Thy Disease

Thy Disease is a band worthy of some attention. Even though their latest offering “Cold Skin Obession” may not have been 2002's most unique or original release, this album emanated a lot of attitude. I asked the band some questions to enlighten the rest of the world on this promising act from Poland.

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Congratulations on the killer album “Cold Steel Obsession”. How come a relatively young band like your self managed to come up with such a mature and divers album?

Actually, as you probably know, we didn't have a very long break after releasing our debut 'Devilish Act of Creation'. The whole second album was composed within 3 months preceding its release, and that's not a very long period of time, but we managed. We are flexible musicians and we are always full of some new ideas, that's probably why 'CSO' is so diverse.

Could you tell us something about the recording and writing process?

Actually only me and Yannuary are responsible for Thy Disease compositions. We share some mutual understanding of music, but have different musical personalities and styles. This mixture gives great results and that's why, in my opinion, our music is not boring. All the lyrics are written by Psycho and the recording session took place in 'Jaro Home Studio' in which we recorded our debut.

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The album has a very mature sound, is that due to your experience as musicians or the producer?

I think it's due to both. We were conscious of what sound we wanted to give our second album, and Jaro (our producer) knew exactly how to achieve it. We are good friends with Jaro, I'm the keybordist in his band –Delight, so there is a certain level of understanding between us, which many bands recording in great studios lack.

What is your work method in the studio?

... I don't know how to answer your question. We compose all stuff, then go to studio, record it, and give it a certain sound. Nothing unusual about it. Maybe only the surrounding may seem a bit odd. It's a home studio and it's in a block of flats, so sometimes the work itself may be a bit hard due to certain circumstances (often phonecalls, neighbours' interruption), but it also has a very light and friendly atmosphere.

I hear a lot of different influences in your music, from Old School Death Metal to Black Metal. How would you describe your style?

Aggressive Death- Black Metal with lots of electronics. That's what it is.

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Could you tell us something about the origins of Thy Disease?

The band was formed by Yannuary in the ending of 1999. In the year 2000 the first demo was recorded with Psycho on vocals. Me and Marco'tic joined the band about half a year before we signet our debut album contract (the beginning of 2001). Yannuary used to play in Sceptic and Crionics before. Psycho used to play in Sceptic also (he recorded the vocals for 'Pathetic Being').

There are more and more bands stepping in the limelight that hail from eastern Europe, Poland seems to be a forerunner of the eastern European scene, how would you describe the polish scene?

I think that the strongest of polish cities (regarding the metal scene of course) is Cracow. It's the hometown of: TD, Sceptic, Delight, Crionics, Decapitated, Lux Occulta and many others still in underground. The most important fact, is that our bands have come out of the shadow of Vader and play very varied and complex music.

Are there any plans for touring?

Unfortunately there are none. We were to tour with Dies Irae in Poland but no such tour ever appeared. We've never had any serious tour, which we pity, because we have a lot to show on stage. I don't know about any plans of organising some, but we're open for any suggestions and proposals.

You have done a few outstanding covers, what gave you the inspiration to do the Madonna song “Frozen”?

It was Yannuary's idea and he had it a long time before I joined Thy Disease, even before he founded it. The stupid thing is that here in Poland many people know our cover song, but among them very few heard the whole “Devilish...”. It was like a fucking “power play” here and we definitely didn't like it. We do covers just for fun and to show that we can... nothing else. I don't think we'll record any covers for our third album.

And what about the theme from “Last Of The Mohicans”?

The idea of it was again Yannuary's, but this time most of the arrangements were done by me. I had a nice time combining classical music with black metal guitars, and I think the final effect is quite OK. We like film music a lot

Anything you'd like to add?

Greetings for those reading this interview and for the interviewer himself. I hope we'll be able to see you on tour some day, and show you that our music can be even more aggressive live.

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