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Heavy Heavy Low Low

Heavy Heavy Low Low, a.k.a. Heavyheavylowlow or HHLL do not play your average brand of accessible music. On average songs last less than a minute, slapping you from one end of the room to the other harder than you can imagine. Whether you call it math metal, hydracore, freak metal or simply different metal, the average metal head will not understand a single bit of what is going on, but that is exactly how HHLL like it. We ask singer Robert Smith (no, not that one) a couple of questions that seem to be relevant in the universe that HHLL occupy.

By: Richard G. | Archive under different metal

Congratulations on your new album 'Turtle Nipple And The Toxic Shock'. It has become quite an interesting yet at the same time disturbing album if I may say so. Is this something you get more often?
Thank you. Yeah, we get the whole 'disturbing' thing a lot. I think its because if you're a new listener you don't exactly know what to think, if you're an experienced heavyheavylowlow listener then it's because it's so much more different and spacey than past efforts. That's how we like it though, making people uncomfortable with music is a fun thing to do.

Was this the kind of reaction you were hoping for?
Yes, it was definitely one of the goals we wanted to accomplish with this record.

One thing that I really started to wonder about having heard your album was whether turtles even have nipples. Do they?
No, turtles do not have nipples actually. I believe only mammals have nipples? I could be terribly wrong though. Turtle Nipple is an incomprehendable being that died for our sins.

Most of the song titles will seem quite absurd to the average listener. Would you care to explain what, for instance, 'Eagle Mewnadria' is or what you mean by 'Gummy Octopi'?
Eagle Mewnadria is a strange story of man named Mewns that fucked another man Eagle style and became a soul-less shell that just takes up space on the earth. Gummi Octopi is what it is, a gummi candy shaped like a baby octopus. We love candy. Some of our song titles mean something, and some of them don't. It's fun to us.

Has your dad ever eaten himself?
Did he?

Which mental illnesses do you need to suffer from when you are writing the music that you guys write?
Not a mental illness, but cerebral palsy. Mental illness, split personality. disorder, ADD.

What are your personal best times in sitting still?
Best times sitting still involve a pipe and or blunt filled with very green and flavorful marijuana, maybe topped with hash and/or keif.

What gives you more inspiration: acid or other music?
I'm actually the only person in the band that has taken acid, so I guess that might have had some sort of inspiration. We are influenced by every possible type of music you can think of. Hank Williams to Cock and Ball Torture, Origin to American Nightmare, New Order to NoFX, Louis Armstrong to Bongzilla. Marijuana is a heavy influence, fun also.

How important have bright colours been for Heavy Heavy Low Low?
They've been extremely important, ever seen the new speed racer on shrooms? Horrible plot, amazing colors.

I saw you guys perform about a year ago in my hometown of Nijmegen in the Netherlands when you were touring together with The End and Fear Before The March Of Flames. Even though you guys played for about twenty minutes you still managed to break a few strings and the strap of the bass guitar. Does that kind of stuff happen often when you are playing live and can you get insurance for such work related accidents?
It doesn't always happen, but it certainly does happen sometimes. I'm not aware of an insurance that would cover that, so no. We love playing short sets, I fucking hate sitting there watching a band drag on a four minute fucking song repeating so much shit. Unless you're like, the boss. Fuck long sets.

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What are your best memories from that tour and do you still have the HHLL slippers for sale?
Yes, we still have HHLL slippers, and I think my favorite memories have to do with all the amazing architecture around there. The shows were really fun and all the kids were really nice also, I loved that

Did the presence of Heavy Heavy Low Low on that tour have anything to do with the ensuing personnel problems in The End?
Uhhh I don't think we did. We were definitely better friends with the dude who did quit, Andrew Hercules. He was a lot more chill and easy going. There were some funny times when some of The End seemed over us, but its chill, we're a hard pill to swallow. We are still awesome friends with Fear Before The March Of Flames though, love those dudes.

On the new album there seem to be a lot of weird, spacey sound effects, how did you collect these? Does this mean you will have an extra band member for reproducing those sounds live?
Dude, this gets so annoying. People calling them keyboards and shit. Every sound on the record is made with a guitar and/or bass along with multiple pedals. So no, no additional members needed.

Please react to this statement: “the only reason to include the last fifteen minute 'song' 'Please, That Bitch Will Outlive Us All' was to get the new album past the thirty minute mark.”
Yeah, all the sound after that song is to annoy the fuck out of people who make those sort of comments. Also, it was just to make it to 38 minutes. Like I said before, fuck bands who drag shit out. Bang it out, say what you wanna say, and get the fuck out of town.

How do you feel about Word judging the repetitions of the words 'heavy' and 'low' in your band name as spelling errors?
I say "that's a stupid question, why would you ask that."

What adaptations will you make to your sound in order to get picked up by a major label for your next record?
That is also a stupid question, we have no interest in signing to a major label. We don't even have a fuckin manager, the only thing our current label asks of us is to get shit done on time and that's how we like it.

When are you coming back to Europe, what other fancy merchandise item will you be bringing besides the slippers?
I don't know when we will be coming to Europe next, hopefully soon. Just so I can have sex with your women and do your drugs though. Nah, I love everything about Europe. Next time we'll have hhll guns that you point away from you and when you pull the trigger it shoots from the back and kills you.

Thank you for your time, get well soon.
Thanks. Smoke weed.

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