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The Swedish outfit Gemini Five recently release their third album and with that they returned to their glam rock roots big style! Fans of Kiss, Motley Crue or Ratt? Than this is a mandatory purchase! This is just the finest hour of Gemini Five. Right from the start, the instrumental 'Thunder And Lightning', the band keeps on bombarding the beholder with their compelling riffs. It's like a shock and owh glamrock assault on the hearing system. Bassplayer Hot Rod gladky accepted our compliments and explained that all was just the result of anger and lust…

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You just released a new album 'Sex, Drugs, Anarchy' and I for one was pretty raving about it, but it's kind of a U turn from the last one. What brought on the change?
Anger and lust! The lust of doing what we love and to be able to play the music we want to play when we want to. Anger from all the disappointments over the last couple of years. We ended the collaboration with the supposed producer of the album, Kory Clarke since him and the band weren't on the same page music-wise. We fired our guitarist Snoopy since we felt his heart wasn't in it no more and with that we threw out the whole production we did with Kory. Also we got fired from the supposed mixer guy since he felt he couldn't bring what we wanted. Also the album was mastered four times before we had it. All this for YOU, THE FANS!!! Anyhow, I don't see it as such a big "U-turn" from what we'd done on the two previous records. Its still Gemini Five and you hear it from thousands of miles distance. What others may call a "U-turn" or whatever we call progress. Even if it's about digging deep into your favourite record collection and it may be something fresh still. And for us it is a progress with bringing in a lot more shredding guitar leads and guitar and vocal harmonies to our songwriting.

In your bio you state that this album brings out your true colours. Why wait until the third album?
Well, this is the first time absolutely no compromises been considered regarding nagging bandmembers, producers of a different approach and opinion. Tin, Peter and myself have recorded everything as it was meant to be like when we started the band. Me personally wanted our first album 'Babylon Rockets' to be sounding like S.D.A. Can you imagine, how raw and metal it would have sounded? This time no time was to be spent by arguing or compromising of how we like our music to be presented! No "ifs" or "hows" from someone not a member of the band.

As said I was content with your latest effort, but I read somewhere that a reviewer trashed it as being a Mötley Crüe rip off. What would you like to say to him?
That's a compliment to Mötley Crüe. It's always like that! As a listener or critic you'll get offended when someone else is doing the kind of music better that what your favourite band is doing at the very same moment. We have gotten some reviews stating - why bother buying the new Mötley album when the younger new bands is doing this much better nowadays... Some people just cant take it. Also we have fans statements about how much better our new album is comparing to what M.C. been up to since "Primal Scream". It's just your opinion and I don't care, really. One thing, I love Mötley Crüe but I prefer SIXX:AM rather than the new M.C. Mötley is the greatest band to me ever.

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I categorized the album as being a salute to the glam rock era in which Kiss, Mötley Crüe en Ratt where at their finest. Do you recognize that?
That the whole point, but with a touch of 2008. The 80's where cool then its some if it is still cool today! Not everything though. The great riffs and the cool looks. Absolutely not everything was cool about the 80's band. I hated the fancy way of dressing. I've always been about tight leather. Its gay but its tough. I mean is there a comparison to be considered between Rob Halford and Rikki Rocket?

Now about the songs on the album. Can you describe what triggered the song 'Here 2Day Gone 2Morrow'?
I did the riff one day playing around with Tin's guitar at the rehearsal studio. We have tried some different arrangements to the song over two years, and then Tin changed the chorus lyrics and the chorus riff just before we went in the studio last October 2007. We also brought in a simple riff for Marcus Jidell to be able to schredd away on to his leads.

One of my personal favourites is 'I Am Hollow'. Can you tell me what the lyrics and song are about?
Also one of my riffs :) I bring the metal and Tin brings the melody. That's Gemini Five in a nutshell. I heard the words "I am Hollow" on a certain film and I started to but the words to a riff I had. To me the line "I AM HOLLOW" refers to all the shallow people chasing their tails to get recognised or famous, just for the cause of it. People with no talent like casts on TV reality shows. Tin wrote the verses and the lyrics that are just about the matter.

If you could go back into the studio, what is the one thing you would do differently if you could?
NOTHING!!! This is the first time ever I'm satisfied with any recordings I've been involved with. If this album fails to sell, I don't care. It least we managed to please ourselves. And that's s something that's very hard. Ask any musician. But if it will sell and if it will get spread to more people cause of the honesty and the quality of the songs. And that's what its all about. The songwriting and not of how many tattoos we wear or how cool me look.

Now, to rap things up. Just say you guys got stranded on a deserted island and you could bring only one thing with you being one woman, one record or one drink, what would it be and what woman, record or drink would that be?
Eh... How am I supposed to be listening to my record? I'll bring my dry Martini and then get a headache the day after, so then I'll get both to be drinking and the headache. If I'd bring a woman I would only be left dry n dry with a headache...

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