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Damn'….. Nesmoht… that name rings a bell… but which bell? Thirty minutes and an extensive search in my database later I find the answer: the debut of Dimension F3H! Hmm, that holds a promise. I'm holding the cool demo 'Exile' of the Norwegian Eon. And in the accompanying letter I read “this has absolutely nothing to do with true cult underground black metal….” Nope, that much is clear to me after listening to the demo. For some more clarity we got in touch with founder and guitarist Paul Olsen.

By: Frank D. | Archive under speed / thrash metal

You guys are a new name on the firmament. Introduce yourself; how did Eon come to life?
I started EON after my old band, Guardians of Time, broke up. The guys in Guardians of Time wanted to focus on everything else than the band, so eventually all the energy was drained. After a couple of months without touching the guitar at all I couldn't stay away from music anymore. So I started writing songs again. This time I wanted to do something a bit more aggressive and dark. When I had some material ready I teamed up with drummer Willy Aaraas (who had previously played with Ingermanland, a band that later became Communic). Willy is a great drummer and he has added his own mark on our sound. After a couple of months Kim Arly Karlsen joined us on guitar. He is a very tight rhythm guitarist with the right attitude for EON. He also played in Rules of Engagement, who we decided to share rehearsal room with. Later Benjamin Berglund joined us on bass, and finally Nesmoht on vocals. Nesmoht has played with Dimension F3h and also Arch Nemesis. Getting the right line-up has been the biggest problem so far, good people are hard to find!

'New' is of course not entirely true, for some people might know bandmember Nesmoth from Dimension F3H. What's up with that band, and what is Nesmoth doing in Eon?
Nesmoht is screaming his lungs out in EON, hehe!!! He is also writing the lyrics based on my idea for a concept album. A story about a man's search for the meaning of life and the universe. He is also the perfect front figure for EON, on stage he is an authority! He is a great singer and a great personality.

We got your demo through a friend of ours who just wanted you to have some exposure. Is that the way to the top, that spontaneous buzz?
There is nothing spontaneous about the buzz! But yes, the buzz is very important. That is why a band always need to keep up the momentum, and never stop. That is why I say that there is nothing spontaneous about the buzz, only hard work over time.

In your bio it is stated that it is your mission to bring the famous Gothenburg metal sound to the next level. In your own words, why is that your quest?
Hehe, I don't think that is a completely accurate quotation, but I guess you could put it that way. Our quest is simply to sound as good as we possibly can, and then to refine that sound into something uniquely EON'ish. And I think we are well on our way to establish that sound.

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I described your music as somewhere in between Nevermore and In Flames. I probably won't be the first and certainly not the last, but how would you describe your sound?
It is really hard for me to be objective to my own music, but it has been described as a melting pot of all kinds of modern sounds of metal, but without sounding like any of them. I like that description. We have thrash, death, classic metal and even a hint of death in our sound. I have always been a little slow at discovering new bands so I have listened a lot to oldschool bands such as Maiden, Priest and Sabbath. But I don't think that is too obvious even though it is there somewhere deep in my backbone. More modern sounding bands such as Soilwork, In Flames, Opeth, Nevermore, Lamb of God, etc. certainly have a place in EON's sound too.

Some of the songs seem to put the world on trail. Is the state of the world in general a big influence while writing lyrics?
No, not for me. And I think not for Nesmoht either. For me, it is the grander things such as how the universe came to bee, why are we here, is there anyone else out there, larger than life things. And of course my fascination for sci-fi has had a big impact on EON's image. When Nesmoht joined us, I discovered that he too was a major sci-fi freak so it all came together nicely. When it come to his lyrics, I would say that he is a bit more personal, writing about emotional things in context to the “larger than life subject” that I originally laid out for our debut.

What can we expect from you in the future? Any signs of landing a big record deal?
We are in the process of shipping out a massive amount of demos worldwide, and we are doing great on “” and other similar sites, so hopefully it will open some doors for us so we can record a full-length album soon. We also did our first “real” gig this weekend, supporting Dimension F3h. And the show went really great! Considering it was our first show, better than any of us had dreamed of. So, we will definably play live as much as possible. We are playing two small Norwegian festivals the next few months, and we are trying to put together a 7-9 days tour in Denmark with Rules of Engagement in August/September.

Any famous last words?
If you want to check out some kick-ass Norwegian metal you can download our demo from our website ( And if anyone needs a support band we are ready to rock! I would also like to say hi to our Dutch friends from Scenario II and off course to Neithan and Kim for their great help and hospitality! Thank you for the interview Frank!

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