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Far From Finished

Boston is a great matrix for punk. Now this time around it's Far From Finished which unleashes its second album 'Living In The Fallout' upon innocent bystanders. Lords Of Metal went out to investigate and came across singer Steven Neary.

By: Frank D. | Archive under punk / hardcore

In my review last month I called Far From Finished melodic, easy to digest punk. Do you recognize that?
Our sound might come off as somewhat polished, but we think that the musically element is often times lost when it comes to working-class punk rock. The music that follows the punk movement isn't very intricate or complicated (as it shouldn't have to be) but the spirit that exists between five people give everything they got into something even at the simplest level is sometimes lost with poor recordings. Another thing, a musical recording is a record of information, 25 years from now, when we're all fucking dead we want people to be able to listen to our records and understand exactly what were trying to get across. In that sense we might be easy to swallow, but I think that if you dig a bit deeper into what the songs are about, the issues are pretty fucked up. We try and stay as positive as much as possible, and sometimes we think that's overlooked in our songs. We write songs that represent how we feel…our songs are the voice of the kid on the street corner.

You're another fine example of Boston being a great matrix for punk in general. Why do you suppose that is?
Thanks very much! That's quite a statement and an honor. I'm not sure we can include ourselves in that GREAT matrix, though I will say I agree with it being a great city for music. The Boston music scene is a very supportive community, everyone's there to help the one another out. We've very blessed to be part of such a supportive scene. It just might be the support itself that encourages bands to produce what they do here.

If you had to name two bands or artists which were a big influence on you. Which would that be and why?
The Clash have always had a special place in the heart of the band. I think between the message and the music it makes for a perfect mix. Social Distortion is another band that have shown such a perfect natural progression - from starting off as fuck all, in your face, punk hardcore band, to nowadays almost defining a style. Both bands have played big parts. Myself personally, I'm always being influenced by everything around me, so it's hard to say, but The Cockney Rejects are rad.

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One of my personal favorites is '1849'. Can you tell me what the lyrics are about?
Thanks. The lyrics for the most part are figurative, we obviously have no idea what it was like live in the 1850's but the connection that we're trying to make is between the foolish ambitions that existed back then and the selfish ambitions that exist in today's society. People really thought they would gain the world by basically throwing their lives away for nothing more than a shiny sliver of stone - something that has little or no value to them personally. The song also speaks of desperation. What would we do when you feel like every other option in life has already passed you by? Desperate means calls for desperate measures.

The album is released. If you got the chance to go back into the studio and change just one thing about it, what would that be or do you feel it's the perfect album?
C'mon it's far from finished! Ha-ha I just like to go back and record the songs we never got to finish.

Reviewers all over the world will pass verdict on it in the couple of weeks and months. Does that affect you? Do you ever read reviews? Some musician once said to me "Problem with critics is that most of them don't have the roots or the knowledge they actually need to be able to critique someone's work." Do you agree?
That might be true in some cases. But I think sometimes it's just a matter of weather or not people understand it, if they get what the band is doing. They might not initially see the attraction and I don't think that means a record is bad or good. Someone might be like the way a record sounds, but it usually takes a few listens to understand the ideas behind it. Critiques and compliments get put on the same self.

What can we expect from you in the future?
The future for us is touring and recording, we like to stay busy. I will say that we'd like to release something special specifically just for Europe in the future.

To rap things up I have a couple of choices for you:

1. Boston or ?

2. Guinness or Heineken?

3. Underground cult status or mainstream MTV-like success?
World Wide Intervention.

Any famous last words?
No, but thank you for the opportunity. Hahahaha

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