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I do not have to tell anyone anymore that black 'n roll and punk influenced black metal is very upcoming nowadays. Nikos Spanakis - also known as Wrath - however gained quite some attention with his nihilistic black metal album 'Fucking Your Creation'. Time for an interrogation of the man behind Dodsferd.

By: William Kampen | Archive under black metal

band imageTo start off easy, could you tell me something about the start of Dodsferd? Why did you want to make music, instead of (for example) do something else in the music bizz?
The year of 2001 was the one that I started spreading my propaganda through Dodsferd. Dodsferd started firstly as an ideal, as a philosophy that only Wrath could stand for and then as a band. That's why Dodsferd will always be only Wrath, a one-man band, away from all human parasites and their poor, shitty ideas! In 2003 I released the first Dodsferd demo, "Kruzifixxion of Human Disgust", limited in 200 hand numbered copies. Soon there were no other copies left from this demo, so it was re-released in tape format, plus two live bonus tracks (with session musicians, the first Dodsferd live in 2004), limited in 150 hand numbered copies. Now, you are asking me the reason I wanted to make music, instead of doing something else? I have my own reasons and I don't think it's necessary to notify them to others.

What bands inspired you in making black metal? The combination of groove and power reminds me a lot of bands like Craft and Nargaroth.
Total respect to Bathory, Burzum, Darkthrone, Akhenaten and Judas Iscariot, Kanwulf and Nargaroth, Craft…

You are from Greek origin, why did you choose for a Scandinavian name?
It was the only appropriate name that could represent my vision, ideal for this drained world. My music and my philosophy don't follow any kind of rules, trends or things that the masses chose to dominate to others. It's Wrath's music.

What are the ideologies behind Dodsferd? Judging by 'Fucking Your Creation', they must be quite nihilistic, right?
Through Dodsferd I am expressing my own view of nihilism. This world only pain and disgust can offer you. Nothing else. It has become a desecrated tomb, filled with leeches and maggots, struggling to live in the expense of the others.

And what about the musical part of the album? What did you want to achieve with 'Fucking Your Creation' when it comes down to music?
Nothing at all! My music is addressed only to the ones who are capable to understand it. It is definitely not for the masses and those who are following trends and hypocritical losers. I expect nothing at all from the others.

You wrote quite long songs for the album, ranging from six up to twelve minutes. Did you write them so long intentionally, or do they end up so extended when you are actually recording them?
That's how these songs should be, long and difficult to hear! Of course I wrote them so long intentionally!

Overall I enjoyed 'Fucking Your Creation' pretty much, except for the closing track 'Wrath', which basically is nothing more than seven minutes of nonsense talk, combined with the worst guitar play full of over the top distortion and feedback. Whatever made you decide to put this on the album? As some kind of statement maybe?
For you this song, my song, "Wrath", is nothing more than seven minutes of nonsense talk, combined with the worst guitar play full of over the top distortion and feedback! It's your opinion, which truly I am not interested in changing it. You don't know the lyrics of this song and yet you are judging it. You know nothing at all about the circumstances I have been, when I was writing and recording this song and yet you are judging it with absolute certainty. I don't care about changing this opinion, or anyone else's opinion. As I told you before my music doesn't address to the ones who are not able to understand it! My music is not for the masses!

band imageAnother thing is that the music you play can hardly be called original. What do you think your music adds to black metal? In other words, why should people buy your record?
Dronckaerdt, black metal is not a company that expects from bands like Dodsferd or other black metal bands to gain money from them and make video clips for MTV! I believe that you have understood this difference between black metal and pop rock bands. I don't give a damn about others opinion and if they think that my music can hardly be called original. Black metal needs nothing from anyone. Pure and raw feeling, nothing else. I don't care if they buy my records or not. I am not making money from black metal. Dodsferd's music doesn't refer to anyone who is not loyal to black metal believes and purity. Dodsferd's music refers only to the ones who were capable to get away from the masses and the new trends of this hypocritical era.

You are quite hostile towards the so-called "bedroom black metal bands". I share your opinion totally! Could you tell the people something about your hatred towards them?
I have nothing to say. I am not the one who is going to judge their work. It's their music and philosophy.

Even though Dodsferd is a one-man band, I consider Dodsferd not to be a "bedroom black metal band" at all. Could you tell the people the difference between a one-man band and a bedroom black metal band?
I am not the expert who is going to tell you the difference between a bedroom black metal band and a one-man band. I am Wrath from Dodsferd and the only thing I know is about my music.

Even though you obviously do not care about the Greek black metal scene, are there any bands worth while mentioning?
What can I tell you about that when you know that Greek black metal scene is out of my concern?

I know of your other band 'Kampf' which, of which also Pyrron from the right-wing band 'The Shadow Order' is a member. What can you do in this band what you cannot in Dodsferd, and when can we expect something released from 'Kampf'?
In both bands, Dodsferd and Kampf, all music and lyrics is written only by me. Kampf is just more violent than Dodsferd. Hatred and pure violence. Soon the debut album of Kampf will be released.

Now for something totally different, what styles of metal do you listen besides black metal? I do not believe the so-called "black metal purists" who claim that the only thing they listen to is black metal and nothing else.
I listen to a lot of different things! Especially sludge, doom, death, pure rock n' roll, noise, classic music…

Bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth stepped off the black metal path a long time ago, they started to take elements of both death metal and heavy and symphonic metal. A quite large group of black metal fans claim that bands like Dark Funeral and Marduk are not black metal anymore either because they choose for a big label and a clean production. I think they are still one of the best black metal bands around and that they could be taken as an example, don't you agree?
I respect a lot of these two bands. There are two great bands with great history so far. As also, there are a lot of other great bands with great history too that could be taken as an example.

That is about it really, I would like to thank you for your co-operation and I wish you best of luck with Dodsferd. Any final words?
No final words!

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