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Infernal War

As you could have read in the June edition of LoM, the last record of the Polish Infernal War 'Redesekration' was praised by me. Reason enough for my cherry beer addicted boss to let me do a interview about the recording of 'Redesekration' and the black metal scene in general. Vocalist Warcrimer gave us some insights about the band.

By: William Kampen | Archive under black metal

Hail Infernal War! In the June issue of Lords Of Metal I reviewed 'Regime Of Terror' which I very much enjoyed (see the review here). How do you feel about your latest album yourself? Still as satisfied as just after the recordings?
Hail Satan! Yes, we are still very satisfied with our new album. It's definitely the best stuff we've unleashed so far.

I would like to complement you also with the production of this album, it sounds very thick and powerful, where did you record 'Redesecration'?
“Redesekration…” was recorded in “Radioactive” studio placed near Stormblast's house. It is not well-known or popular within death/black metal scene. Some popular Polish pop artists recorded there. However, we knew what we want to achieve and simply did it.

A production does not have to be clean for me, but a lot of bands push their luck a bit, don't you agree?
I don't care about what other bands do. The sound for Infernal War must be raw, but powerful and massive. Such sound fits perfectly our music.

Also, you are one of the few black metal musicians that actually know how to handle their instruments, what is your opinion on that?
I know all in Infernal War can handle their instruments. I don't care about others and their technical skills.

On the track 'Regime Of Terror' Pete Helmkamp joins Infernal War on vocals, which sounded great in combination with Warcrimer. Why did you invite him to sing along? Maybe a plan to do it more often?
We invited him as we consider him a great vocalist and one of the most respectable personalities within the extreme metal scene. I don't know if we will do it more often. I guess, we will invite some gues musicians in the future

Which tracks did you like the most personally on 'Redesekration', and why?
I like them all, but my personal favourite is probably “Death's Evangelist”, because of its thrashy riffs and its lyrics.

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I hear quite a dose of Sodom and Kreator on the album, did 80`s thrash metal have a big influence on you guys?
Yes, old thrash/death/black metal is the basic influence of Infernal War. We love Sodom, Protector, Poison, Slayer, Torture, Morbid Saint etc. We are huge fans of such bands.

What do you think of the nowadays black metal scene, and which bands do you find worthy to mention as one of the best around?
I don't care about nowadays black metal scene in general, but still there are a lot of very good bands such as Shining, Ondskapt, Urgehal, Orcustus, Clandestine Blaze, Thunderbolt or Kriegsmaschine. Check out Polish band Perdition, their MCD “Antihuman Divinity” is fucking great.

A question about your past now, I read an interview with Infernal War on the Martwy Zmierzch page in which you stated that you are not a political band, but earlier in the interview you stated that there is no difference between Infernal War and your former name Infernal SS! I could not care less if your right winged, pagan, satanic or anything, but is this not quite awkward? Personally I think you guys want to take your music to a higher level, which is quite hard with your former name.
We changed the name because it better reflects our ideological background. There was no other reason. I laugh at all those “satanic death worshippers” that are so easily offended by everything that is not 100% politically correct. Pathetic wimps. Infernal War has always been a black metal band.

Is there any chance we will see you playing in the Netherlands?
If anyone is interested in organizing our gig, I don't see any problem…

To end this interview, I would like to thank you for your co-operation, and I want to wish you best of luck in the future with Infernal War. Any last words?
Thanks for your interest. Long live hatred & intolerance!

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