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SauroN is a pretty constant factor in the Dutch black metal scene for some time now. 'For A Dead Race' (2004) set itself already apart with its very dirty yet enjoyable sound. The new record 'The Channeling Void' is even dirtier and the material has simply become much better. This time round Lords Of Metal does not want to know all the ins and outs of the new album but was especially interested in Ludas (drums) and HerrAIDS their experiences with their genre and scene.

By: Richard G. | Archive under black metal

band imageYou have just released a new record, 'The Channeling Void', which again turns out to surpass its predecessor ('For A Dead Race', 2004). In my view you guys have made a lot of progression especially production-wise and in the variation in the songs. In what areas has SauroN improved according to you?
Ludas: The songs are indeed more mature. I think the samples really add a lot and we have simply grown to be even better musicians again. The production is certainly better, because we now know better what we want and do not want. We also possess the know how for creating a better end result. This is also a consequence of us being (or having been) involved in all kinds of different projects. Next to that, we took some more time, we dubbed the guitars and we were not contented too quickly. I also used a different snare drum, because wood (maple) sounds better than my previous steel snare drum.

It seems you guys hired a new bassist, HerrAIDS, to replace Demster. What happened?
HerrAIDS: Ten years ago I assumed the name Demster because back then it fit the band name well. In the mean time I have become older and wiser, of course, and for some time now I was not happy anymore with that name. In Planet AIDS and various other projects I was already known as Herr AIDS, because that name fits my ideas about the world better.

You chose a name inspired by the works of Tolkien. Why did you choose this name back then?
Ludas: When we started there were no other bands that operated under the name of SauroN, and since it is the most dark figure in the book it seemed cool to use this name. Nowadays we are actually not so happy with the name anymore because there are journalists out there who think we chose this name because the book was made into a film. And worse: at some point there were four or five other SauroN's on this earth. I believe that including us there are four left now.

What does the concept 'true black metal' mean for your band and how important is it for SauroN?
HerrAIDS: For me, true black metal is music which is made by serious people who are motivated by a true passion; they are not into it for the money or just to be part of something. On top of that I feel that there should always be a nihilistic, occult or Satanist edge to it. So called Christian black metal and nazi black metal bands misuse a notion and a scene which they do not understand and which does not have a place for them. The ideology of real black metal should be present in the music and in the lyrics and that is very important to us. If we do not see this in a band then we will not perform live together with them or listen to them.

band imageWhat kind of role does Satan play in your music? Who or what is Satan for SauroN?
Ludas: For me Satan means 'to do what you want without being led by religious law'. Satan is a symbolic experience, not an existing entity. Just like God. It is all in your head, not in heaven or hell.

HerrAIDS: All members of SauroN have different ideas of Satan. For me it is a reality and an entity. It is the universal unification of the powers of darkness, the driving force behind destruction and creation. It is the forbidden wisdom made flesh.

The most important ingredient for good black metal is probably a misanthropic view of the band members. What is the best reason to hate humans anno 2007?
HerrAIDS: Just look around you, read a newspaper or watch the news. Humankind is a mutation that turned out bad. The need for self destruction is the only good thing in our genes.

Seeing the smaller role that God plays nowadays, especially in Western society, how important is it to still oppose religion and the Christendom?
Ludas: Hmm, we do not just oppose religion and their hypocrisy anymore. A lot of the lyrics are about hatred of the self, hatred of humanity, religious misunderstanding, the dark side of mankind and all kinds of interesting occult or apocalyptic topics, but….

HerrAIDS: Our entire society and justice system is based on the morals of the Christendom. So there still remains a lot of work to do in exterminating religions. In general, religion forbids its followers to think for themselves, to question rules and to acquire knowledge outside of the religion itself. Religion inhibits awareness of the self in the majority of the population of the world.

Which other genres of music and bands do you enjoy outside of black metal?
Ludas/Herr AIDS: We listen to everything, really everything. Except for Dutch folk music, schlager, R&B and club house…

What is the best black metal band ever and what is the best black metal album ever and why?
HerrAIDS: Difficult question… Mayhem because they started it all, Burzum for their unique music and emotion, Darkthrone for its purity and rawness… There are too many factors to be able to choose. Personally I do not have a favourite record, but speaking for myself, I think 'Satanic Blood' by VON is the best black metal release ever. The incredible simplicity, purity, aggression and evil-ness surpasses everything. VON managed to capture the mystery and the essence of black metal in one terribly good demo.

Ludas: Mayhem, 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas'. That record has it all, The sound is great, the vocals are briljant and the songs are timeless. Darkthrone, 'Under A Funeral Moon'. This record is so sick I still get goose bumps when I put it on. But also Emperor ('In The Nightside Eclipse'), Burzum (everything up until 'Filosofem'), Mysticum ('In The Streams Of Inferno) and VON are in my top ten. From the new generation of bands I think Funeral Mist and Deathspell Omega are brilliant.

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