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The world was introduced to the ferocious intensity of Morbid Angel in 1989 with their first album "Altars of Madness", this managed to go to #1 on the UK independent charts. In 1991 they came out with their second album "Blessed Are the Sick" and in 1993 were signed to a major label with their third album "Covenant", showing that not only could they break the major label barrier but also thrive in that world. They kept on proving that with "Domination" and their live album "Entangled in Chaos". After David Vincent left, Steve Tucker was taken into the band on their fifth album "Formulas Fatal to the Flesh". Now with their latest "Gateways to Annihilation" Morbid Angel prove that are as uncompromisingly brutal as ever. Our newest team member Kate had a brief chat with Steve Tucker, a man of very few words.

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As most know, Morbid Angel has a new album coming out in September called "Gateways to Annihilation". How does it compare to the previous Morbid albums?

It is totally different from FFF while still maintaining the Morbid Angel feel . As is always the case ,we have attacked some new types of writing that we hadn't done before, we did some very orchestrated material for this record....

Again a MA album which was recorded and released in the Morrisound studio, and produced by Morbid Angel and Jim Morris. You make quite a good team as it seems.

Yeah I Think so, Jim Morris is a total professional, and he did an excellent job in my eyes, he achieved what we were going for sound wise..

Will the lyrical concept be the same as usual on the new album (The Ancient Ones etc.)

The underlying Morbid Angel ideas are the same as always, individual spirituality, thinking for yourself, coming to your own ideas and beliefs, but the actual lyrics are different than what has been done in the past, the lyrics for Gateways are more of a fictional base, around real topics...

According to the bio, Erik Rutan also plays on the new album. He's also present on Morbid Angel tours but on the official Morbid Angel website he isn't mentioned in the members section. What's the story?

We will be updating the site totally to coincide with the new CD, and Erik will be on there, he is a member of Morbid Angel, and we are happy to have him!!

What are the reactions on the new album until now?

So far the reactions are great!!!!!!

Morbid Angel again succeeded in making another great Death Metal album, but how do you see Morbid Angel developing in the years to come.

That is something that I really cannot say, Morbid Angel will always write music from the soul ,and not depend on a trend or other peoples direction, but I am sure we will continue to break new ground.

Can you imagine playing totally different music in the future?

No, I'm a metalhead!

What was the thought behind your album titles being in alphabetical order, did you guys even realise you were doing it?

Of course , it is a tradition in Morbid Angel and it will remain as one..

How often do you guys get a chance to practice together?

Well usually we play constantly, but right now all we are doing is press!!!

You joined Morbid Angel on "Formulas Fatal to the Flesh" after the departure of David Vincent, how do you think the band has progressed or improved since then?

I think I have brought in my aggressiveness, and my desire!!! It think it is up to others as to how we have progressed, we are much more of a band than when I joined!!

How much are you involved in writing the material?

I was very involved!! I contributed both musically and lyrically!!

For those who don't know, how did you become a part of Morbid Angel?

I got in touch with Trey through mutual friends, came to Florida to try it out ,and it worked out, so the rest you know!!

What was the reaction by the fans after you joined?

I think a lot of people really did not know what to expect ,but through the live shows I think we gained their respect and confidence!!

How would you compare your vocal style to David Vincent's? Is there a difference?

There is a definite difference , though I feel we are both diverse!! David was a great singer!!!

You'll be touring as guest with Pantera through America after the release. Do you think the Pantera fans will appreciate Morbid Angel?

I think Pantera fans are in for a surprise, I think that most know nothing of us, and seeing us live will be the best way for them to get a taste... [/b]

You'll be playing large theatres and arenas on this tour, that must be an exciting thought after playing in small clubs (mostly) all these years.

It really doesn't matter to me what size place or where we play, we go out and we are Morbid Angel !!! We do not worry about details such as how many people are there....but it is nice to have room to move around!!!

After the Pantera tour you'll be visiting Europe as headliner with the X-Mass festival tour. Other bands on the bill are Hypocrisy, Children of Bodom, The Crown, Behemoth and Absu. What do you think of this package?

I think it will be a great tour, I like Hypocrisy and we have toured with The Crown and they are great guys, so it will be cool!!

Are you looking forward to come to Europe again?

Yes!! very much so!!! I love Europe, I love the vibe, the places, the people, and the tradition!!

Any last words for the fans?

We will see you on tour very soon my brothers!!!

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