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All Boro Kings

All Boro Kings is the new and somehow predictable name for 4 friends who have found each other again in the musicbizz. Why predictable? Well, Dog Eat Dog-fans will get it, 'cause the most succesfull record of that band is now used as the new bandname for the 4 guys who know each other from Dog Eat Dog. But their freindship reaches even further than Dog Eat Dog: they already know each other from that other comic-band from the late eighties: Mucky Pup. Dan Nastasi (git/voc), Dave Neabore (bass/voc), Sean Kilkenny (git/voc) en John Milnes (drums) met again and inspired each other for making a new record together. An occasional project? Who knows, but the fact is: it sounds great! It's only a pity that the album arrives just too late to contract this band for all the big summerfestivals, cause if there's one motto on this album that stands erect, it must be "LET'S PARTY!"

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Congratulations with this energetic partypunkcore-album! Sounds really great! It's got the same vibe as Mucky Pup's 'A Boy In A Man's World', but especially the sparkling chemistry of Dog Eat Dog's 'All Boro Kings'.

I'm glad you liked it, and that's what we intentionally wanted it when we recorded this album. A lot of times over the years fans of Dog Eat Dog have been saying: "write another record that sounds like the old stuff". But Dog Eat Dog is a band we always valued as something to move forward with and not to move backwards. But in this case, we felt like: "Hey, we have the time, somebody gave us money to make this record. So we gonna make a record that sounds like the old days and the old parties." And I think we've accomplished that. So we're all very happy. And it was really a record made for the fans. We did it for you and we did it for fun. So that's why we titled it "Just For The Fun Of It".

But you made this album for yourself as well, I suppose.

We just love writing music and writing songs. I didn't know when I made this record that it will make us any money or anything, so it certainly wasn't for the money, you know. Just for fun.

I haven't heard about your other band Dog Eat Dog for a while. The last album 'Apmed' wasn't such a big success. And when Roadrunner released this compilation 'In The Dog House' I thought that was the beginning of the end. And when I received this album, it was for me another reason to doubt the existence of Dog Eat Dog. But the band still exists?

Absolutely! I'm heading out a plane right now to go to Europe. We have never stopped playing or touring. After we've made the 'Amped' album, we had many problems with Roadrunner Records. That caused us to split with them. Once we did split with them, they went ahead and put out this 'Best Of' record without our input or knowledge. They just did it. So a lot of people thought we broke up, but that wasn't the case. We also had some big problems with management. But now Dog Eat Dog had just recorded 2 brand new songs and we have 5 other songs to record. We are definitely on our way to make a new record and a come back. So I think that hopefully the All Boro Kings record will keep everybody satisfied till the new Dog Eat Dog record comes out.

Being in the spotlights now as some kind of a side-project from Dog Eat Dog, I can imagine tat a lot of press is interested in All Boro Kings.

I've done 5 interviews this day and every day there's another 5 or 6 to do. No, it's not the automatic pilot. It's okay though! There's nothing that makes me happier that when people appreciates the work that we do and we work really hard. So we're more than happy to do any type of promotion or press to get people to hear our music and enjoy it.

I have to think very hard, but I thought that 3 of you guys were once in Mucky Pup.

All four of us were one time in Mucky Pup. I joined Mucky Pup in 1988 and I toured with them 3 times in Europe. I quit Mucky Pup in 1990 and started Dog Eat Dog. It's just some kind of family tree now. All have gone back so far like that writing records and playing music with each other, it just comes so naturally now, because we've done it for so many years now. And we really just enjoyed each others company.

But how did this "reunion" started?

It happened kinda by accident. A friend of ours (Tim Gilles) was putting together a compilation record called 'New York Hardest Vol.3" and they wanted to have the old Dog Eat Dog-sound again. And when we went to do that, only these were the 4 members who showed up. And instead of calling it Dog Eat Dog, we decided to call it All Boro Kings. We thought that just these 2 recorded songs were it. Only, that wasn't the case. After we recorded those 2 we were offered a free demodeal. So we recorded 3 more songs and… then we got a record deal! So we said: "Hey, what the hell! We'll have another band!" So it wasn't something that we really planned on, it just kinda happened. And we're really happy that it did happen, because it was very smooth, very easy and like I said before, it was just a lot of fun.

All Boro Kings and/or Dog Eat Dog is one of the few bands with a positive attitude. Most heavy bands play their music very seriously and sing only about the negative or dark aspects of life.

I agree with you. I think we all go through troubling times, and we all have anger and depression, but that's not what I get of music personally and the rest of us. I don't want my audience, or the audience that comes to see us play, leaving, feeling depressed, angry and fighting. We like when people finish the show, crack a beer and have a good time and saying "that was a lot of fun!". That's what I love about music and that's why I started playing in bands like Mucky Pup and Dog Eat Dog. Those 2 bands took place after bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Murphy's Law and The Beastie Boys: bands I grew up loving, as well they had that same positive vibe.

So you're on your way to England and Luxembourg now for a show with Dog Eat Dog. But what about All Boro Kings? That must be a bigger problem, having Dan in the band that is a fulltime husband and father of 3 young children.

With All Boro Kings we just have a tour booked, started November the 15th until the first of December. And that's all over Europe and we're playing with Biohazard, Agnostic Front and Hatebreed. So it sounds that we're gonna be the funband of the tour.;-) And that's what they actually wanted with this tour: they wanted to recapture that old 1994-feeling of Biohazard and Dog Eat Dog. And up and till then, if we get offered any other tour then we'll maybe over to Europe sooner that that. No, we don't do the festivals this year. Maybe next year. Dog Eat Do is doing all the festivals this year.

But I'm gonna have to wrap it up, 'cause my limo-driver start to get a little nervous and I gotta get to JFK-airport, so…

All right, so I end then with my clichematic final question: what are the last 3 records you've bought?

Oh, you're gonna laugh at me! Now remember, I listen to very strange music, so be prepared:

Andrew W.K. – I Get Wet

Rednex – Farmout

And let's see, what more: Emil Bulls, a band from Germany.

So, those I like all types of music, so never judge me by one record, okay? I've got thousands and thousands of CD's and I love them all! (Did I laugh too loud when you summed up the titles Dave? EDS)

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