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Besides making music a lot bands certainly also enjoy talking about it. The results of a month´s worth of chatting can be found below.


The longer we worked on this album, the more positive and enthusiastic we both felt. By the end, making music was genuinely fun and I felt the same way I did as an adolescent, making music for the pure love of playing and creating.


I'm not a fan of artistical compromises.


I get nauseous at the thought that I will have to get on stage.

Black Map

There are many places we’d love to play all over the world.

Burstin' Out

The 'scene' is totally supersaturated. We have a lot of bands that all sound the same, especially within the black/thrash' genre. while trying to look badass without any serious background.

Celestial Bodies

We had some riffs and ideas but entered the studio with blank state and let physical improvisation takeover of things.


We don't want to condemn modern life in general but we also want to encourage people to use their brains.


There are far too many fearful souls on this planet. I choose to not be one of them.

Craven Idol

We are not reinventing the steel.

Dimmu Borgir

I think it is important that we actually took this long break, because you get to spend time to reflect back on what you do and why you do it.

Dread Sovereign

I come up with maybe 80% or more of the music and we work on the structure. I don’t tell anyone really what to play, but the guys come up with the meat on the bones.


Of course we are fully aware that there will be a lot of people who won’t like this ballad and think songs like this don’t belong on a real heavy metal album.


After we had a few songs sorted we asked our friends Marissa and Erika to fill out the band, as they are both phenomenal musicians who share our love of old Death Metal.


That’s also why ‘Silver’ has such a wide range of colors style-wise, but it’s still pure Gotthard all the way.


We are fans of postrock acts like Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky or ISIS.


It’s a tough world when you have to life by your music these days. We are not Mötley Crüe and living in the eighties so we make tons of money and spend it on girls, cars and houses.


To be a female metal band is not easy. Prejudices follow us on every step.


We agree on the fact that Djent coud be overdone, now we didn’t expect to make such a difference.

King Of Asgard

I guess that grammar wasn't that important when carving a rune stone. The actual tribute and monument was crucial.

Last Leaf Down

In my younger days, I was also a fan of Michael Jackson.

Life Of Agony

“How the fuck did this band put this album out of their ass”. That is the reaction we wanted to hear.

Musikmesse Presents: Herman Li (DragonForce)

Everything was broken because of the rain. And they said they would cancel it, but I just said “find me an amp, find me a table to stand on and I will playing standing on top of the table”.

Musikmesse presents: Jen Majura (Evanescence)

In Frankfurt I am going to use the exact same settings as I use on stage as with Evanescence.

Musikmesse presents: Will Hunt (Evanescence)

The vibe within Evanescence is that of a family and a band.

My Sleeping Karma

If you want to describe our music with one word, that word should be ‘hypnotic’. That is what our music is about.


Because 'Fault Lines' is much closer to the band's own beliefs and written from a personal perspective, we don’t think it’s a concept album.

Nova Collective

We learned early on that you need to take time to get away, decompress. Because you will reach a point in the tour where you get sick of the material.


It’s not about record sales, it’s about enjoying people with your music!

Off The Cross

We still are convinced that each individual is able to make their own choices in life if they really want to.


My fuckin’ pleasure, I’m going to bury you, Gary Holt.


Curse all those who said that we were done: you were wrong!


Recorded and released in honor of late Swedish drummer Oskar Karlsson (Sarcasm, Scheitan, The Everdawn, The Duskfall, Gates of Ishtar, Helltrain and Defleshed).


I have always wanted to try playing Death metal and Sigil gave me my outlet thankfully!

Six Feet Under

We have such a great country, it sucks that someone is fucking it up so bad.


One of the things that give me hope is that there seems to be a movement where people like to have vinyl records now.

Steel Panther

We are never going to be able to have the same effect as we did with ‘Feel The Steel’. We are never going to shock people as much as we did with that album. I mean, ‘Fuck All Night And Party All Do’, how can you ever outdo that?

The Charm The Fury

Give our album a spin – the album covers the entire spectrum of metal, so there’s something for everyone.

The Doomsday Kingdom

Being creative was a musical therapy.

The Lucifer Principle

We even did a private party gig where we were booked by a Dutch playboy model to play at the surprise birthday party of her dad (who is big TLP fan), and were welcomed by a sharp dressed crowd in a discotheque.

The Raven Age

You obviously get the odd guy in the crowd with his fingers up the whole time but there's always one dickhead. Never understood why people do that.


There is no string quartet on this new record. But you might be referring to the instruments we usually use, like bouzouki, acoustic guitar, accordion and saxophone?


A mixture of elegant riffs and super primitive childish riffs.

White Light Cemetery

Just drink a few beers and let it happen.

Without Waves

For lack of a better term, you can call us post-prog.