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Besides making music a lot bands certainly also enjoy talking about it. The results of a month´s worth of chatting can be found below.

Adrenaline Mob

All art is done, a little bit for self-gratification, but mostly for a love of it and for the people who love what you are doing.


We didn’t really sing about another person. We sang about our own lives, as we always did. But it was quite easy to make our songs about us with another person as main character and that is what we did.

Artificial Language

It comes and it goes. Sometime the main melody will just come to me. Other times I have to really work for it.


Being original is paramount, and we believe we are, and also we think the most important about playing music is “feeling”…not being a robot, or a stereotype of any music style.


Music is not like learning from a book, music is about writing a book.


Speaking about growth I think that we are still developing in songwriting.

Backwood Spirit

He has just good memories from your country, so the Dynamo Metal Fest would be something!

Balkun Brothers

There's so many good sounds out there to be heard, we try to find as much of the good music as we can.

Beyond Our Ruins

Pain is, in my opinion, the purest of all emotions and in goodness always the starting point of beauty and equality.

Bjorn Riis

I was five years old when I first heard Kiss and they’ve been with me ever since.

Black Hawk

We are on fire and are highly motivated!


‘Archon’ en ‘Bound to Annihilate’ zijn geboren uit mijn nihilistische wereldbeeld en mijn persoonlijke strijd om met dat nihilisme om te gaan. Ik kan soms erg in de knoop raken van het idee dat eigenlijk niets er echt toe doet en die ellende probeer ik in teksten om te zetten.

Heavens Decay

Back in the day we had to wait for hours and hours in line for concert tickets, and when we wanted a demo or a t-shirt from a band far away, it took months doing back and forth with hand-written letters and wait for it for months to arrive.


In 1999, I was the guitarist of David Bowie´s ‘Hours’ tour. That was fucking amazing!

Henry Kane

If everyone could tell themselves each morning “Don’t be a cunt today!”, the world would be a better place.

Iced Earth

The government is the number one killer of humanity on the face of the earth.


I Don’t Even Kare, in a twisted, bizarre way!

Imperial State Electric

Never give up to rock and roll because rock and roll will never let you down.

Infernäl Mäjesty

There is no future for humankind until all religion is abolished or reduced to small pockets of insignificance.

Life’s December

Pain and suffering are and have always been a motivator to change for mankind. People prove every day that there is no such thing as fairness in life, too many crooked beings wander through the day and cause nothing but misery.


Birmingham is right in the middle of the country and is fiercely independent; we don’t follow trends and are not led by what is fashionable.


I'm a perfectionist with pretty poor self-esteem/self-image, if I'm being brutally honest. I don't really know how to properly take compliments, and at the end of the day it rarely silences the self-critiquing voice in my head.


In terms of Canadian thrash standing out, I'd say that Canadian metal in general tends to have its own vibe. It's cold as hell up here, so I tend to find that Canadian musicians spend a lot more time practicing (not much else to do when it's -30 outside!).

Mountains Crave

It may all be pseudoscientific hogwash, but fascinating nonetheless to speculate about what our ancestors saw of old.

Neo Noire

People don't buy music anymore. Young people grow up in the thinking that music is for free.


It’s a lot to ask anyone to take an hour of their lives to listen to an album you made.


I don’t specifically set out to fulfill a set of qualities for each song. I allow the ideas to morph and twist into what they become without restrictions.


This triggers a side discussion during which we elaborate on views of the Universe or maybe the Multiverse.

Red Harvest

More or les all unwritten rules were broken. We implemented very unfamiliar sounds when it comes to traditional metal.

Soul Demise

We don’t sound like At The Gates, the only thing we have in common is that we both play melodic death metal.

Spitting Nails

At this point we are the only Spitting Nails with a release on Spotify.

The Wizards

The Gods of Metal got us in touch.


We talked about a dystopian future, and right now it seems we have arrived to it.

Wind Rose

Stonehymn’ is an epic album with great melodies, massive riffs and powerful choirs.