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Besides making music a lot bands certainly also enjoy talking about it. The results of a month´s worth of chatting can be found below.


As in life, it’s not all about joy and it’s not all about sadness. Balance in the key on this album.


This ancient Icelandic poem is an endless theme for having philosophic thoughts about.

Amberian Dawn

This was due to the fact that I was more critical towards the material and there were a lot of songs that just didn’t qualify for this new record.

Beast In Black

The main reasons which lead to my departure from Battle Beast were the fight for the ownership of the band's name and logo, and the fact that they tried to change myself into who I am not.

Bleeding Gods

It’s one big story to tell, in music and also in the lyrics. And we like fire.

Chelsea Wolfe

In my twenties I found Townes Van Zandt and was hooked, and my love for Ozzy Osbourne grew.

Come Back From The Dead

That the music sounds real is essential and old school death metal in all its harshness is very real.


Yes, considering the fact that we come from Scandinavia and we have grown among the second wave of Black Metal, it can’t be denied that it has that certain influence on our music, of course.

Fateful Finality

Now More Than Ever!


I am convinced that ‘Judas’ holds at least eight potential hit singles. Just like Def Leppard’s ‘Hysteria’ or Metallica’s ‘Black Album’. From those albums the singles and hits kept coming and coming.


I want our fans to bang their heads or start a fucking mosh pit, not admire my skills or my fancy outfit. Fuck that shit!

Ice Age

The Dutch fans really knew how to stage dive – they were complete lunatics in a good way. I recall a guy once got his foot all tangled up in my guitar while he was stagediving. All six strings broke!

Jag Panzer

Honestly I don’t know how other bands do it.


I think you evolve in making and performing music.

Lucid Dreaming

Unless somebody pays me the same amount they pay Tobias Sammet, Lucid Dreaming will remain heavy metal for your living room, haha.

Maiden United

Of course it was kind of scary to do this at an Iron Maiden convention, because people either love it or hate it.


Our bassist is also a big black metal fan. Our singer likes Katy Perry. Nobody is perfect.


The guitar solo is from Flo, I'm just like you, always surprised by how good his solos are!!


Hardcore elements, death metal melodies, thrash metal, drum parts and then the versatile vocals. You'll even find alternative metal pieces on 'Omissa'. Everything is allowed in Powerstoke. It just has to sound good.


Bigger isn’t always better…

Spirit Adrift

I've been listening to a lot of Judas Priest and Metallica, so that's definitely inspiring.


We are not really trying to become the new Iron Maiden, and we aren´t trying to over shine anything they´ve done.