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Besides making music a lot bands certainly also enjoy talking about it. The results of a month´s worth of chatting can be found below.


Lyrics are always open to interpretation even if people are creating their own connection with them outside of the concept the writer wrote them in. I think that's amazing and I love that.

Air Raid

He was already in another band but those things never stopped me, I’m used to stealing members.


Realistically, there were never any real highpoints, but a constant struggle until now. The people talk about our glory days, well not much glory I tell you. We never were million sellers, just support band to Motörhead. That was the best we saw.


Call me traditional but I need a song to have some structure to it. It doesn’t have to be classic arrangement and composition but it definitely needs: “A head and a tail”.


I don't like the word "concert". For me it's like a ritual that covers the entire small world, in which only we and our listeners exist.


Black metal is not supposed to be a Muppet-show.


This new album is based upon the ties between life and death through the passage of time!


With our new EP ‘Masters of Darkness’ we deliver an epic brutal monster and this is the kick-start for the ‘Okkult II’ album which will be released in summer 2018!! Be prepared!

August Burns Red

I think that we all know how to push each other’s buttons and we choose to not do that.

Blood Chalice

The demo made sure for everyone that this is nothing nice and beautiful.

Buried In A Womb

My whole life I´m dealing with social phobia, depression, drug abuse and suicidality. Ironically, I´m working as an addiction therapist in a rehab clinic.

Clockwork Revolution

We do not plan on being just a studio-only band.

Cynabare Urne

We will be quite selective with live shows. We’ve already played with other bands in so many small shitholes, that there really isn’t much urge to go through the same experiences again. However, touring is great and discovering new places in other countries is very inspiring, so we are open for more live shows in the future.

Deconstructing Sequence

The English metal scene is disappearing.


This was one of my favorite tours for our band at this point in our career.


We like to make beautiful and heavy music while also arguing about the bands we like and dislike.


Doom is definitely a difficult genre compared to death metal or thrash metal.

Fleddy Melculy

Wij lachen niet met metal anders zouden we dit niet doen. Maar we nemen metal wel op de korrel.

Frozen Crown

Behind ‘The Fallen King’ there is no arrogance, no pretentiousness, neither any claim to invent something new. Just pure love for music, simple as that.

Goat Of Mendes

Maybe it was because of this that we agreed to be labeled and sold as a black metal act in the early days, including silly make-up and all the other nonsense. This very much backfired on us and we deserved it.


Play loud and hard and it will sound heavy! If it doesn't turn out perfect, good. Perfect is boring.


All the songs are linked and should be considered parts of a greater whole, much like movements in a classical symphony. In fact, classical music and progressive concept albums have been our main influence in structuring the album

Harakiri For The Sky

Every song is autobiographic, but written in metaphors. Writing these lyrics were like a clearance, a therapy I really needed.

Howlin’ Sun

Our preferred hang out Apollon is a record shop that sells beer.

Judas Priest

We’re very excited about the record, we love the sound of it and the intensity and passion that’s in the material.

Letters From The Colony

All I am going to say is that LFTC will be the thing to see in 2018, I am Sweden’s best looking man and I will probably save the earth someday.

Light The Torch

We will be there. We will play some old tunes and new tunes and have some chocolate.

Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins

I discovered that stories about history, mythology and literature in general were so epic and they work perfect with heavy metal music.

Moonshine Oversight

Or 'Vultures' featuring Bataclan tragedy in the terrorist attacks in Paris, November 2015. We have been really affected by these events, as musician but also as French people.

Musikmesse presents: Alen Brentini

Nowadays, it's really hard to be a professional musician, so you need to play sometimes that you don't like every now and then, but that's the only way to survive and it should not be a shame for any musician.


What I know is that it is an album that seeks to find an honest way of expressing and communicating the band’s collective thoughts.

Rise Of Avernus

'Write what you feel' is the philosophy. Music has a tendency to reflect life. Life changes. Perspective changes. The music will always evolve because of new experiences and interactions.


‘Running Out Of Time’ is a more mature piece of work. The various songs are much more straight forward and to the point. This is very essential classic rock stuff. No compromise.

Savage Machine

As long as people listen to metal I believe there will be a market for it. And I think people will listen to metal for a long time to come.


I think it’s quite sad that all three original Motörheads have died in such a short period of time. And with Eddie it was definitely a shock, because he seemed alright. But you know, when your name’s on the bullet, there’s not much you can do about it really.


This is probably why my art differs from most others who merely pretend to absorb the void. I live in the midst of it and always have.


And people don't treat you like you're a devil worshipper when you tell them you're in a metal band. They actually appreciate the artistic act, even if maybe they don't fully understand it.


I must say Solfernus is not a typical or let´s say true black metal band. We infiltrate some other metal genres and you can feel the inspiration from various artists.


You can see the music of Summoning as musical paintings that shall build up inner eye pictures of the listener, all connected to the works of Tolkien. It is very important that our songs transport this special kind of wanderlust feeling, as well as this remembrance of older times or times long lost. Both feelings are the essence.


We don’t want to look like these prog bands who pose, arms crossed, with such a serious face that they often look ridiculous.


I enjoy writing music more than going drunken nuts to some shitty Metallica song in a bar.


The challenge was to chose a subject that suits us, but something that will appeal to many other people as well.