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Besides making music a lot bands certainly also enjoy talking about it. The results of a month´s worth of chatting can be found below.

Beyond Forgiveness

I think we have the potential to grow beyond anything that any of us have ever imagined.

Brieg Guerveno

I do not want to be Mr. Rock in Breton from Brittany, that is not my purpose at all. Above all, I am a musician and I want to be acknowledged as such. I don’t want people to say: “Hey, this lad sings in Breton, how unusual!

Cirith Gorgor

Friends and foes will see that we are able to grow further and to publish works with more focus, venom and efficiency, without losing our heritage out of sight.

Cnoc An Tursa

We used old Scottish poems and songs for the lyrics and we always try to incorporate the folk melodies in the music. I think it gives the band its Scottish feel and this is what Cnoc An Tursa is all about.


There is not one truth, as well as there is not one genre on the album.


The core of the music is inescapably rooted in the musical language of the classical masters of the vile US sound.

Jimi Anderson Group

I’m happy to play anywhere and try to open some doors and see what happens. Positive thoughts.

Junkyard Drive

The tough part was the day after; since Bieber delayed everything, we had to work for fourteen hours in a row to finish the record.


I strongly feel the olden spirit that’s in Finnish death metal and Finnish music in general could just be that everlasting fire that feeds the unique sound and the primordial yet strangely sophisticated mentality.

Les Discrets

This new album is all about taking time, taking time to think about life, taking time to get familiar with the new sounds, slowly…

Lunar Shadow

I want my band members to shed their blood for this cause.

Marche Funèbre

For mankind, the songs are new, but we tried them out for the first time live in October 2015.

Musikmesse Presents: Alex Landenburg

The moment you leave your whole promotion up to YouTube videos and the net in general, the question who produces better videos or takes nicer pics suddenly becomes more important than the actual quality of the instrument. If you're serious about your product, you have to show it to people in real life.

Musikmesse presents: Veronika Lukešová

It’s kind of a matter of taste, it’s music not sport, you can’t measure it.

My Dynamite

Our new album has healing powers – get your hands on it.


Don't be surprised when you'd feel like “Soon I'll Be Home”, while enjoying a whopper in one of 430 Burger King's in the near future.


I like the saying: if you don’t know the past, you cannot understand the present and you cannot form or build the future.


The difficult part of being in a band is keeping it together especially if you don't make shit loads of money and you also need a day job to survive.


It's been really rewarding to read all the great feedback on our debut album, and we can't wait to take it out on the road.


On the other hand our fanbase, not just the crowdfunders but also those who bought our merchandise through our own webshop, and a large dosis of patience, made it possible for us to make a new album and I do think that a next album is possible through this way of working.

The Wounded

Toch hebben we als groep veel stormen overleefd. Dat gooien we niet zomaar aan de kant.


We want to have the brutality but also the memorable songwriting in place.


Everyone knows that death is the end rather than a new beginning. The end of suffering, misery, insecurity, jealousy… In a way it’s the ultimate freedom to face this emptiness and accept it.


In Finland the colder it gets, the more beautiful it is outside.