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Besides making music a lot bands certainly also enjoy talking about it. The results of a month´s worth of chatting can be found below.

A Forest Of Stars

You can't just put the muse on hold when she comes knocking. Who knows when she may return, or indeed if she decides she's had enough of your crappy taste and moved on?


I'm Russian, so Slavic pagan folklore and culture are something I incorporate a lot into my artwork and the witchy aspects of Aboleth. Aesthetically, our "version" of the Devil isn't necessarily the classic Baphomet archetype. We're more interested in the Devil from the Robert Johnson legend, the one you sell your soul to at a desert crossroads. I mean that's the whole vibe of our song 'The Devil'.


I think it’s definitely the album with the most social criticism on there because I got quite fed up with a lot of the things happening in the last couple of years. The over importance vanity gets in our lives the more we go on; everyone is looking for their five minutes of fame.

Above Us The Waves

We wanted to be sure that every single person that attended a show, bought a t-shirt or wrote a nice review could listen to the new album and say 'I knew these guys had it'!

Aeonian Sorrow

This isn’t an album of hope but totally the opposite and I really hope for the audience to feel that agony and pain as well.


Lyrics are always open to interpretation even if people are creating their own connection with them outside of the concept the writer wrote them in. I think that's amazing and I love that.

Alien Weaponry

The Maori warriors in the video are actually related to our drummer Henry.

All That Remains

It was pretty clear that what we had made with Oli, was the last thing that he did with us. And it was clearly sure that the people would have to hear what he did. So we continue playing. And this album will be our tribute to Oli.


My friends had naked chicks on their wall, I had basses.


You have to listen to the songs without analyzing it too much, listen to your heart. Does it move you or not? That’s what matters.


Egos were always an issue in Ancestors, as they are in most bands, and indeed most relationships. Everyone has a tendency to feel personally attached to certain aspects of the band and the music and when you tie your identity up in those things, you can lose sight of what might be best for the music itself.


It is not a conceptual album, but there is a thread that brings together the whole thematic, which is Water and its symbolism, fluctuation, healing and the rise of the spirit over the matter.


Realistically, there were never any real highpoints, but a constant struggle until now. The people talk about our glory days, well not much glory I tell you. We never were million sellers, just support band to Motörhead. That was the best we saw.

Architects Of Chaoz

I think football is losing its attraction and is a sinking ship.


The essence of the songs has to come from the heart.

Armored Dawn

It's a bit of a mix of everything. Just like making soup.


It is a terrible humanitarian crisis and it doesn't seem to end.


My advice would be to check us out in a live setting to get convinced!


I think that symphonic metal fans will love the album because of its symphonic elements, but also traditional heavy metal lovers will like it because of the heaviness. I think the album covers many tastes and that’s why it might be suited for a wide variety of music fans.


This new album is based upon the ties between life and death through the passage of time!


With our new EP ‘Masters of Darkness’ we deliver an epic brutal monster and this is the kick-start for the ‘Okkult II’ album which will be released in summer 2018!! Be prepared!


I personally like the fact that, besides all the extreme sound and raw power, we manage to write really cool songs, create a very dark atmosphere and transport this occult mood in the songs.

Barren Earth

We are in the fortunate position that we can make a mixture of metal and a little bit more ambitious music.


The term “warm destructive blanket” hits the nail right on the head, because that’s what it feels like: one develops a perverse attachment to this state of melancholy, finding a form of comfort in it as the one truth, when all else is subject to questioning and doubt. That’s pretty much the driving force for my creative process.


Why does Finland have so many rock and metal bands? Some say it is because of the geographical location and the long and cold dark months that fall upon the land after the short and intense summer season. It is undeniable that there is a presence of gloom and heaviness in Finnish music in general, especially in traditional music.

Beyond Creation

Creating music, jamming, recording in the studio is absolutely awesome but you never entirely realize the impact your music has on people until you start touring.

Beyond The Black

For me, it all has to be an artistic synthesis in the end and an album that you like to listen to from start to finish without thinking that you’re listening to the same songs over and over again.


You can probably tell that it's the same three guys and their new songs.


Maybe I haven’t been paying attention, but I don’t know any serious recording artist who have actually given up music because record sales have gone down. They adapt and find other ways. Sure, you hear Gene Simmons and Lars Ulrich whining, but who the hell cares about them?

Black Moth

He talks about the witch hunts of New Haven and these guys they called "Pig Men," which were farmhands or men who had been caught having sex with barnyard animals. The belief was that they were trying to spawn satanic offspring that would then bring Satan to Earth. Some were even executed for it. Obviously I had to write a song about this… who wouldn’t!?

Black Road

If we scrutinized everyone for what we have been told they did, or what we read, or what we heard, then we would have no great art. A lot of artists pull from a dark place, or a place where uncomfortable things dwell, to create seriously effective artwork.

Black Tusk

This album is about resetting, we have new members, we have a new label, we aren’t working with John on this project. Our good friend Brian Mercer did the illustrations for this record, while he is capable, and has produced for us, beautifully designed covers, we and him felt that this record is gritty and angry and the artwork should reflect it. It's stripped down and to the point.


The political fraudster that is our current president has hijacked our democracy in America and embarrasses us on so many levels. His continued hypocrisy and woeful underestimation of the basic good of our people forced us to attack him with our music.

Bleeding Through

We did enough in those fifteen years and decided that is was time to do something else. I guess you can say more of an adult life.

Blood Chalice

The demo made sure for everyone that this is nothing nice and beautiful.

Blood of Christ

Long term? Global Domination. With one of the big four retiring, there’s a pretty huge vacancy.

Burial Invocation

Contrary to popular opinion, it hasn’t become more difficult to be in a metal band in Turkey.

Burning Witches

Some people thought that we are just a bunch of females who are trying hard to fit in to this male dominated world of metal. But we are here to play good music and not only to look pretty on stage.

Casket Feeder

The violence of the image is a response to the suffering inflicted upon the most vulnerable in society by the ruling elite.


Tragedy, war and sorrow are mainstays of folklore. We wanted to show the darker, more realistic side of Irish folklore. We have always pushed ourselves as musicians to progress and I feel we are on the right track.


Metal remains an extreme genre and when you ask people what it evokes is evil, aggression and even devils.

Chapel Of Disease

It’s just what it is: a development that happens in a natural way and that isn’t forced by thoughts of being outstanding at any costs.

Chasing Ghosts

I think when we experience loss, regret, sadness and pain, it's easy to feel like we are all alone, but I hope the songs on this album can give the listeners some kind of comfort that this happens to many of us and it can be turned in to something positive and hopeful.

Chris Caffery

If something happened in my life, stuff like my accident three weeks ago, when a friend passed away or other bad stuff, I called Paul. He was like my dad in that way. So when Paul died, I could not call Paul.

Clockwork Revolution

We do not plan on being just a studio-only band.


The main thing is and always will be the riffs, the almost horror movie-esque atmosphere, and a crushing doom-laden sound of brutal death metal that defines the band to us.


In the nineties everything was fantastic and we could live for and from the music. But now it´s all different.


Albums I create are like pictures in my mind and they come in heavier waves than ever before. There’s something inside of me that won’t let me rest.


Hundreds of years have passed since the nine years war, we have not given up our fight for freedom and are still fighting.

Crying Steel

Whoops! You discovered our secret! We do want to dominate the metal world!


Very quickly we realized that there was no room in Cryptopsy for clean vocals.

Cynabare Urne

We will be quite selective with live shows. We’ve already played with other bands in so many small shitholes, that there really isn’t much urge to go through the same experiences again. However, touring is great and discovering new places in other countries is very inspiring, so we are open for more live shows in the future.


Danish Demolition tour is one the coolest tour packages of the fall! So guys go buy your ticket and hang out us – I promise an balls out evening covering all corners of metal and rock – a night to remember most def! See you in pit!

Dave Kerzner

If you could have told my younger self that I’d be working so much with one of my all-time musical heroes I’d probably explode!

Dawn Of Mankind

The most important part of the band is that everybody has the same mentality. Playing some songs, having a beer, doing some gigs…

Daze Of June

To be in a band is also to make a compromise on how to sound, as we all have different musical backgrounds and preferences.


It is a lot easier to publish music today than it has ever been, but that also comes with the market being flooded by bands in all genres. It’s hard to break through the noise and get noticed, but as long as the product is strong the audience will find you eventually.


Having the stamp of approval of the Cash family, that is probably the biggest thing what could have happened to this record.


I didn't have any back catalogue going into writing the record, so every day a new song was created on the spot.

Dimmu Borgir

We have too many similarities with nature to disregard the idea of us being eternal, we might be part of an ongoing cycle as well.


The way you work out with your elements makes the difference and could bring all your elements together. I really don’t like to stay in a box, that’s frustrating to me to put boundaries on writing, that’s so unnatural, I need to explore!


My first band at school when I was ten, everybody was too embarrassed to sing, so they all agreed the one who had the biggest instrument to hide behind should sing. That’s how it started.

Distorted Harmony

Music can’t exist if people out there are not listening and enjoying it.


We bloody got Mark Lanegan to do a part as well as Lea from the awesome Swedish band Besvärjelsen and Marty from Slomatics. Can’t wait to share that one with the world. And, speaking of Slomatics, we’re also already planning a split EP with them sometime in the not too distant future. We have a similar approach towards music and I think it could be a cool and interesting record.


I’ve always been highly motivated by our fans, which for me is still the most important part in my world.

Dreadful Fate

The feedback has been crazy. People have gone nuts and buy our stuff like maniacs haha...


As we didn’t have the pressure of a label, we wanted to go for quality over quantity.

Finnr’s Cane

The idea was never to create music that sounds like Band X, Band Y, and Band Z mixed together, but rather to create music that we would enjoy listening to, regardless of the genre tag that is used to categorize it.

Fire Down Below

People are always asking us if we are Steven Segal-fans, since there is an action movie of his with the same name. Honestly, when we chose the band name we had really no idea it was also a Steven Segal movie. We’ve been told there’s also a porn flick with that name, but we haven’t found it yet. A shame really, because that could lead to some interesting projections during our shows.


An endless ocean full of mysteries which is capable of tearing the whole humanity apart, while being the bringer of life is fascinating to me.

Fleddy Melculy

So everyone throws themself on stage, let everything go and then you have that pure energy that you hear. That is much more fun than those perfectly played songs as on our studio albums.

Follow The Cipher

We don’t want to use a female singer as a gimmick, that’s not our cup of tea! We just want to create the best music possible.

For I Am King

With predecessor ‘Daemons’ we went more with a mythical theme. We wanted to tell stories to distract people from their daily life. With ‘I’ we tried to write about things we see around us and things we have experienced. Things we have an opinion about and why people do some things.

Frozen Land

Well no, and the suicide rates have been also improving a lot lately! We are at the European average nowadays.


Being original is paramount.

Goat Of Mendes

Maybe it was because of this that we agreed to be labeled and sold as a black metal act in the early days, including silly make-up and all the other nonsense. This very much backfired on us and we deserved it.

Grand Design

Melodic rock/AOR is not very big in Sweden, but there is a hard-core community that supports the scene really good. Unfortunately, you don’t see our kind of music on TV or hear it on the radio, it’s only mainstream pop or fucking hip-hop.

Grave Decay

We are currently looking for musicians with at least the same experience as us to team up with because we want to have the lineup complete to be able to play live. But we’re also looking for the right personalities to connect with as well because that’s really important.


Play loud and hard and it will sound heavy! If it doesn't turn out perfect, good. Perfect is boring.


For my compositions I think I added some new sounds influenced by bands I discovered at the time, such as After The Burial, Tesseract, Leprous, Monuments, Uneven Structure or Architects.

Greta Van Fleet

When people now see a little (or a lot) of Jimmy Page in me, I take it as a big compliment.

Guardians Of Time

No special difficulties other than explaining in all interviews why we come from Norway and are NOT playing black metal.


In terms of a Bangladesh metal scene, is has been running pretty strong for some time now.

Hammer King

Of course, personal tastes may vary, but such is life, and such is music. For Hammer King, this is the perfect third album, so I feel we have accomplished our mission.


Anyway which way people want to listen pleases me.


I had been writing pop songs for a while but it got harder and harder to get them published, so I decided to just write some stuff that I really like myself, and put my heart into it rather than just wish for commercial success.


A lot of people think you have to be sad or depressed to make dark music or write melancholic songs, but this is far from the truth.

High Priestess

I was drawn to occult themes early in my teens but didn't have a lot of reference of where to dive deeper other than silly horror films and the likes. I remember even feeling nervous but excited the first time I listened to Metallica because of hearing so many people call it "devil music." Occult vibes from bands like Black Sabbath really drew me in.


If you start a band right now you are bound to be in the underground. If you want to go mainstream, you are really fucked because as I said there is no money in metal.


All four of us tend to challenge ourselves and let our musical development draw us into new areas.

Howling Sycamore

My songs are born from the relationship I have with my instrument, a relationship that I nurture daily.

Howlin’ Sun

Our preferred hang out Apollon is a record shop that sells beer.

Icarus Witch

The minute I heard Andrew's voice singing "Through Your Eyes" I got goosebumps. I remember calling Quinn immediately and saying: “well, that search is over before it began, this is obviously our new singer”.


Sometimes words are so perfect, that it feels easy to do a passionate performance.


Of course Abbath was the face of Immortal, but just give us a break and a chance and we will show you what we have in common!


Our future and environment is something I’m worried about and I wanted to talk about this. But I am not the one who is going to change the world and I don’t want to give lessons to anyone, just wanted to express about it.

Internal Bleeding

Internal Bleeding was one of Bill’s biggest passions, and simply throwing our hands up and giving in would be the last thing he wanted. As a matter of fact, if we gave up, he’d come right from the afterlife and beat the shit out of all of us.

Jacobs Moor

‘Watching Atrocities’ is an observation of myself watching disgusting images and stuff in the net.

Judas Priest

We’re very excited about the record, we love the sound of it and the intensity and passion that’s in the material.


We were all on the same page for this one and I think that you can really hear that.


Sometimes I wonder what we could have done if we had the same dedication and tenacity in a world where you could grab opportunities by the pussy. Ha!


’My whole life I have always lived somewhat inside my own world, with my own rules and terms. Same goes for Kataklysm. We do not obey rules or follow trends.


We used a wide range of different influences on the new album, yet it is probably the most cohesive and Khemmis sounding album we have made, if you know us personally and what we personally like in music. It is the best reflection of us as a band.


It was about achieving that level of strength, attack, cohesiveness, confidence and hunger; transcending metal norms and making music for music's sake.


I ended up writing about three hours of music more or less, which is a lot of music, but once I found the sound for the record, it all went smooth.


I think every news outlet has its own corrupt agenda.


The wanderer theme can be seen as the situation of a touring band. When you are on the road you long for home, when you are home you count the days till the next tour.


Honestly I think this was the greatest prize we could ever score as a band.


French people are very shy to speak English.

Last Of Us

In truth, metal, rock, punk and those derivatives is honest music. Those musicians and fans don’t just play or listen that music, it’s a part of their lives.

Lee Aaron

Radio wouldn't play my music and the live shows dried up. It was a pretty dark time and I wondered if I should keep making music. Of course, in the end, I did.

Lesser Glow

Speaking for myself, the raw reality of that scene had a massive influence on me in my adolescence. It made me want to make REAL music. Trim all the fat and say exactly what you want to say how you want to say it.

Letters From The Colony

All I am going to say is that LFTC will be the thing to see in 2018, I am Sweden’s best looking man and I will probably save the earth someday.

Light The Torch

We will be there. We will play some old tunes and new tunes and have some chocolate.


We simply worship Dismember.

Lords Of The Trident

We decided to take a very short 750 year hiatus, and resurfaced in 2008 once the bad news had blown over. Unfortunately most of our die-hard fans from back then are now just dead fans, so we've had to start from square one.

Mad Hatter

In Europe we have only good to really good reviews. 7-10’s all the way. Really uplifting! The only bad reviews we’ve gotten are from the US. But they have never liked EU-Power Metal either so those reviews are not so valuable to us.


And yes- we are spare time musicians, and yes- this album almost killed the band (twice, actually), and no- we do not know how to limit ourselves. That’s the thing, we are having so much fun that we lose track of time and ourselves. Fortunately, we don’t have a label pushing us with deadlines, haha…


These are moments when you're out of the world, you're facing your very own truth. I can't describe, but it inspired in me the feelings and the words of a new state I express in music. Your ego dies, your personality dies, who you were before dies and you become someone else. This is someone else but it's you more than ever.

Melted Space

I remember that we played in the 013 in Tilburg and some people already knew the lyrics and were singing while we were playing!

Metal Church

We captured the old sound again and made it a little more like Metal Church again.


If everyone does a little bit for a better world and changes their attitude, then we can make a huge difference I believe.

Midnite City

When this album drops, people are going to know that Midnite City is the real deal. We're here to make a statement and here to kick this music scene square in the ass!

Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins

I discovered that stories about history, mythology and literature in general were so epic and they work perfect with heavy metal music.


We have had our share of experiences playing live and unfortunately some of them have also been not so pleasant. I would not wish it upon anyone to experience the sexist and distasteful remarks we sometimes hear at our gigs. The bigger issue is actually responding to these comments since anything you say back reflects on the band and can trigger rumors that we are rude or conceited when we are just trying to stand up for ourselves. 99,9% of the time however we have a blast!


We actually haven't been away. We've been working the entire time it’s just behind the scenes so you don't really see it.


I didn’t sit the band down and say “I have a great idea lads, let’s copy the cover of Brave New World!”


Believe it or not but in the nature surrounding our hometown Mouflon live freely.

Musikmesse presents: Bruce Gaitsch

The music business requires you to reinvent yourself constantly.

Musikmesse presents: Guthrie Govan

The essence of my invitation this year was simply to come and play.

Musikmesse presents: Jen Majura (Evanescence)

To find the right compensation between a public and a private life is the art of being a successful healthy human being in the music industry.

Musikmesse presents: Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen)

There are no shortcuts.

Musikmesse presents: Patrick Metzger

A YouTube channel is your demotape on the Internet.

Musikmesse presents: Will Hunt (Evanescence)

I constantly play different styles and play to some music that doesn’t necessarily fit into what people might think I do.


There are less fights and we focus on bringing this battleship forward instead of firing at each other.


We come from a very sexist country and it was hard. We heard and read comments that we only got shows because we fucked with promoters and things like that. But after a while we earned respect because we were metalheads only try to live our dreams.

Night In Gales

We felt that there was still a need for the pure melodic death metal style we started with.


It’s a trip down memory lane for everybody that listens to this material.


Purchasing 'Feral' has a guaranteed 99.9% chance of improving your life. We have conducted research with the country's leading doctors and they didn't wish to speak with us because they were busy. However, we are certain they would recomend buying this album for any ailment you may have.


I would never call us progressive.

Oceans Of Slumber

It has been incredibly therapeutic to translate these experiences into our music. Without that outlet I don’t know how healthy our hearts would be.

Off The Cross

Who needs a big house and a pool if you can see the world and play music every day.

Omnium Gatherum

In despite of the fact that it is melodic brutal death metal, I think people are really there to enjoy and have fun. It is not only the music, it is the whole thing.


What remained intact since the nineties is my affection with music. I love music and I love this band and I am still excited about music and about writing music.

Opus Of A Machine

It’s about making your own choices with your own life experience, not just reliving someone else’s ideas.

Order ov Riven Cathedrals

Certainly you will not find the pasta or beer of the Order ov Riven Cathedrals: we are not a grocery store.


We wanted to create a message with this album that was a little more meaningful than just the “party rock” vibe we’re known for, however that’s still prevalent in our music of course.


With the debut album, I really wanted to exaggerate things and make it extreme. That was kind of poetic, romantic and dreamy for me.

Pestilent Reign

‘The Zealot’ is about the bigotry of religion and political extremism. Steve Anderson did exactly what the lyrics of the Zealot are about: He is preaching hate and has a point of view that everybody with a different confession of faith or opinion does not deserve to live.

Pink Cream 69

We basically just wanted to put the band back on the map, get out there again and we knew that a record like this would help us find our way.


What I know is that it is an album that seeks to find an honest way of expressing and communicating the band’s collective thoughts.


I’m hoping that maybe someday I might be asked by Ayreon or Avantasia for a guest appearance, that would be really cool.


Of course it is typical Powerwolf. There is no need in telling your readers that it is an experimental album (chuckles), but we have small new elements to refresh that.

Psychedelic Witchcraft

That's why I talk about feminine principle and masculine principle, and since my soul for example decided to incarnate in a female body I need to honour that and honour my femininity and also honour what the masculine means. Not in a fight between genders or feminine energy versus masculine, but rather as a dance of balance between the duality that we experience in this world.


We’ve had a lot of good times in The Netherlands - we have lots of good friends there. We know Tilburg quite well, as that’s where the label was based. It was always a great time hanging out with Ruud from Neurotic Records, and spending time in The Little Devil pub.


The first thing we did was to record and release a video with our hard rock style version of Aviciis mega hit ‘Wake Me Up’ which gained a lot of attention when it was released.


We’re all very happy with the final product, I think this album stands out as our heaviest and boldest statement to date.

Rhapsody reunion: Luca Turilli & Fabio Lione

I do not like the idea to be dependent on one thing I did in my life. Life is so short, you cannot grasp one thing and live your life of it.

Riot V

Let’s convey to the people that we not only trying to live on the legacy of the old Riot, but that we are a band for the future.

Rise Of The Northstar

We would have taken one more year if it was necessary, quality prevails upon quantity with Rise Of The Northstar!


This is what we wanted to do on this album: concentrate on the most important thing in our music. Emotions.

Robby Valentine

…And I like to work alone, no involvement. I hated it when I got a new keyboard and it took me ages to get the right sounds. I just want to play and write songs.


We have never quit, we have seen it like a long break.

Sacred Leather

Our heavy metal forefathers created a formula that is not to be fucked with.


Spin any metal record from the last ten years then put on Raven’s first album - there is no contest.


Controversy for controversy’s sake and public drama isn’t really our style.


I think it’s quite sad that all three original Motörheads have died in such a short period of time. And with Eddie it was definitely a shock, because he seemed alright. But you know, when your name’s on the bullet, there’s not much you can do about it really.

Schubert In Rock

One more reason why I’m a vinyl fan… Bigger artwork!

Scumbag Millionaire

We wanted it to get dirty and sweaty again, like rock ought to be.

Secret Society

We gave all the singers total freedom to do their thing and that worked out great. That´s the exciting thing about working like we do during the writing of the EP.


The sky is the limit, so it was a constant battle to find a balance between perfectionism and progress – and the emotional struggles that come with that. But today's frustration is tomorrow's experience!

Siege Of Power

If you like state of the art death metal just stay away from it!

Skeletal Remains

If hundreds of kids are out there trying to sound like Incantation instead of some commercial overhyped garbage then I'm all for it and give them nothing but my total undying support.


There are always (at least) two versions of each story. What you hear on the news is never going to be the whole truth.

Sleeping Romance

We decided to do this tour as main act to improve ourselves.


I see this as a constant journey towards finding new ways to express ourselves or new ways to amuse or entertain ourselves.

Smoke The Sky

So we said: Fuck it. We did it the first time on our own so let’s do it the second time again.


I must say Solfernus is not a typical or let´s say true black metal band. We infiltrate some other metal genres and you can feel the inspiration from various artists.


My aim, when it comes to the words, is to be able to say something beautiful using very simple language. I think that is remarkable if someone can manage it.

Soulfly - Nailbomb

and his boys in Soulfly recently hit the road to perform 'Point Blank' for those of us who never got to see Nailbomb's lone performance at Dynamo way back in '95.


Thanks to our music I cleansed my soul.

Spock's Beard

I think we are striving to avoid formulas and I think that comes across more so on this album than on previous efforts.

Steven Wilson

When Rock music has become a kind of parody of itself, no one is going to take it seriously.

Stevie McLaughlin

I've already mentioned my affinity for prog, thrash and shredder music, however I also have a profound love for all things Irish, particularly Irish folk music. Few things in life can give me the moving, hair raising emotion of a well sung Irish ballad.


Our new guitarist is almost seven foot tall, so really if he'd have stated, “I want to make changes!” then we smaller guys would have answered, “how many would you like sir?”


Finnish people can be a bit rough on the edges, to put it politely. I mean, it’s not like we came up with the pyramids, philosophy or the Taj Mahal. So we put out, umm, sauna and metal instead. Awesome things, both.


It should never be about doing something just for the sake of doing it.


Space is something limitless, with no boundaries and something so immense that even our imagination cannot completely understand it and figure it out completely


I don't have the urge to play live myself.


In order to be an internationally touring band, we need some recompense. Otherwise we would all end up very single and very lonely very quickly.

The Amorettes

It’s a bit cliché, but that’s just the kind of thing that we love.

The Blacktones

Music is passion, but also entertainment. If you just want to listen to the songs, skip the Tarot cards, no problem, you'll be able to still enjoy the album. That's why this time there is not lyrics on the booklet. But if you want to scratch the surface and go deeper, you can do it. Artwork, music and lyrics mix together giving visuals, sounds and personal introspection as a full experience.

The Eternal

I like that we build complex music without being really ‘showy’ with our playing, I always think the playing should complete the song and not be a vehicle to show off our technical abilities.

The Ever Living

My counter-question would be, why should it not sound professional and developed? This should not be a surprise and if it is, then that is a damning indication of the music industry right now. We are not "trying something out" here and we are not "finding our sound". We know what that is and we know how to get it. The entire existence of the band is grounded in our shared vision of the music and if it hadn't worked right off the bat then I don't think we would have even made it to the EP.

The Golden Grass

99% of modern stuff sounds like shit, especially modern equipment and most modern production.

The Heretic Order

Isn’t life just a big massive joke which lasts a blink of an eye?

The Night Flight Orchestra

During our first EU tour It felt like we united people that normally do not come to the same show, which is really cool.

The Rare Breed

We’re a live band through and through, besides the actual song structure and signatures we don’t play anything the same way.

The Sea Within

The tension did bring some interesting mixes of styles.

The Skull

I wake up, have some coffee, and play my acoustic guitar for my cats. If they don’t like it then it’s not heavy enough, Ha! Cats are evil and have a good sense for things like that.

The Spirit

We are eager to unleash cosmic terror every night on the upcoming European tour with giants like Hypocrisy and Kataklysm!

The Vintage Caravan

I think you would understand how we play music a lot better if you just got to know the people here rather than go on touristy sightseeing tours.


Take a look outside, watch the news and watch them apes burn themselves in the name of god or money.


I’m made of METAL, my circuits GLEAM! I grew up in a very exciting time for ‘metal’ music so I heard a lot of the good stuff first time round.


I’m still proud of the ‘Last Tribe Standing’ album. We wish them all the luck in the future.

Tomorrow’s Eve

For the first time we could do whatever we wanted to. We didn’t need to report anything to anyone.

Twilight's Embrace

As a younger metal fan in the 90s there were only a handful of bands I really cared about and so for them to decide that they wanted to do something different meant that part of my culture felt like it was being taken away. It validated the wider idea that heavy metal was just a phase that everyone would grow out of, including my favorite musicians.

Twitching Tongues

We just want to love the music we make, so we make music we love. We don't think about anything or anybody else.


It was an amazing discovery for me to realize that you can work with variations in heavy music. It is so diverse and it offers so many feelings to add to your stories, sounds and messages that when it happens, it is okay. Just let it happen.


The story of Odalheim is about the Midgard Warriors and their fight against the main enemy ‘White Christ’.


For some people, a certain music was the essential growing substance, like a certain type of soil for a certain type of plant. The plant grows bigger, even in to a tree, but it always remembers the soil, where it grew. However, old-school-only thrashers and more open-minded global music addicts who explore unknown territories – we all are needed in order to make the world of music more colorful and richer.


If you keep writing the same kind of songs/music album after album, sooner or later you’re bound to run out of ideas and make worse albums. We can’t let that happen.


We talked a lot about it and for us we call it post-hardcore because it is such a wide word and you can put a lot of styles in it.


That said, there’s no need to worry about us becoming a Yes clone or anything!


We are the people whose minds have been fucked with.


The peaks are more powerful if the valleys are deeper.


I´m pretty sure that you can hear that in many Scandinavian bands that there is some special kind of atmosphere that you just can’t fake or find anywhere else in the world.


Reading bad reviews is constructive, and I learn a lot from it. BUT, if you’re going to talk shit about my shorts instead of actually hearing the music, fuck you!


Art is never about comfort, every now and then it’s good to take the safety net away and fight.


I have been “visited” into my dreams by a very high being, absolutely magical and very beautiful!

When Plagues Collide

The reason why everything has to remain civilized is simple: the message is to remain positive, no matter what. And that’s why I always finish with a positive note.


We knew that we were stepping out of our comfort zones as writers and performers, but we genuinely believed that we could make something great in this style.

Wishing Well

Wishing Well is about honest music and spirit that comes from the heart, we try to do things our own way and avoid the worst clichés.


I think it is safe to say that the record is a respected goodbye to our friend Adam and ‘Vintage’ is the summit of it. It is all about Adam and how we try to come to terms with losing him.


I really like that kind of ‘end of the world’ sceneries from Iceland. That’s what you see in the video for ‘Breakwater’.