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All different metal releases and interviews in issue 188


Anneke van Giersbergen  -  Avatar  -  Chasing Ghosts  -  Chelsea Wolfe  -  Communic  -  DANISH DEMOLITION TOUR!!!  -  Diablo Swing Orchestra  -  Disconnected  -  Glaukom Synod  -  Ihsahn  -  In The Woods  -  Ne Obliviscaris  -  Oceans Of Slumber  -  Our Survival Depends On Us  -  Rise Of The Northstar  -  Silver Dust  -  Smoke The Sky  -  Soulfly - Nailbomb  -  Void  -  Walkways


Allfather - And All Will Be Desolation

Astronoid - Astronoid

Athanasia - The Order Of The Silver Compass

Azusa - Heavy Yoke

Black Space Riders - Amoretum Vol. 2

Bodies On Everest - A National Day Of Mourning

Botanist - Hammer Of Botany + Oplopanax Horridus

Carcharodon - Bukkraken

Dark Millennium - Where Oceans Collide

Demetra Sine Die - Post Glacial Rebound

Der Blutharsch - Wish I Weren't Here

DRH - Thin Ice

Dronte - Quelque Part Entre La Guerre Et La Lachete

Enemy Of The Enemy - Vultures Enemy

Entropia - Vacuum

Esben And The Witch - Nowhere

Far Away - Viaje

Forming The Void - Rift

Four Stroke Baron - Planet Silver Screen

In The Woods... - Cease The Day

Inter Arma - Sulphur English

KEN Mode - Loved

Killbody Tuning - Pictorial

King Dude - Music To Make War To

Krakow - Minus

Left Eye Perspective - Defiance

Like A Storm - Catacombs

Lord - Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men

Mendel - The Blood The Sin And The Djinn

Minsk / Zatokrev - Bigod (Split)

Mycelia - Apex

Our Survival Depends On Us - Melting The Ice In The Hearts Of Men

Rise Of The Northstar - The Legacy Of Shi

Shallow Grave - Threshold Between Worlds

Sigh - Heir To Despair

Skies Turn Black - No Place Like Home

Smoke The Sky - The Human Maze

Sturp - Extensive Alpine Terrain

The Canyon Observer - Nøll

The Flesh - Dweller

The Lion's Daughter - Future Cult

Tim's Favourite - We, The Willing

Tronos - Celestial Mechanics

Void - The Unsearchable Riches Of Void

Voodoo Stan & The Satan Band - The Death And The Departed

Vor - Depradavor

Yurt - IV - The Obstacle Is Everything

Zapruder - Zapruder

Zaum - Divination

Ølten - Ambiance