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All punk / hardcore releases and interviews in issue 188


Black Tusk  -  Blodig Alvor  -  Bring On The Bloodshed  -  Cockney Rejects  -  Deez Nuts  -  E-Town Concrete  -  Fleddy Melculy  -  Hatebreed  -  Hotel Books  -  Ignite  -  Imperial State Electric  -  Lionheart  -  Lokurah  -  Pro-Pain  -  Tech9  -  Terror  -  The Prestige  -  The Real McKenzies  -  This Or The Apocalypse  -  Walls of Jericho


Anna Sage - Downward Motion

Asbest - Driven

BillyBio - Feed The Fire

Black Tusk - TCBT

Blacklist Ltd. - Still Limited

Bokassa - Crimson Riders

Burn The Priest (Lamb Of God) - Legion XXX

Cancel - Dark Reveries

Clench Your Fist - Repulsive Indulgence

Coilguns - Millenials

Crowsview - Lost Resistance

Decatur - Badder Than Brooklyn

Discopowerboxxx - Deadlicious

Disturbance - Tox Populi

Dog Eat Dog - Brand New Breed

Drown My Day - The Ghost Tales

End Cycle - Stay Black

Feed The Rhino - The SIlence

Fiddlers Green - Heyday

Fleddy Melculy - Live @ Graspop Metal Meeting ’18!

For Blood And Vengeance - I Am Your Enemy

Future Corpse - Culture Ruins Everything

Green River - Dry As A Bone & Rehab Doll

GWAR - The Blood Of Gods

Harms Way - Posthuman

Hold The Crown - Hold The Crown

I Am The Law - Hymn Of The Vulture

Jonestown - Dyatlov

Lamirál - This EP Has No Name And It's Alright

Madball - For The Cause

Negative Self - Control The Fear

Paranoid - Heavy Mental Fuck-Up

Phil H. Anselmo & The Illegals - Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue

Piss River - Piss River

Remain Untamed - Remain Untamed

S.A.A.B. - Motor Militia

Septic Tank - Rotting Civilisation

Sick Of It All - Wake The Sleeping Dragon!

Siege Of Power - Warning Blast

Start A Revolution - Survivors

Suicidal Tendencies - Still Cyco Punk After All These Years

Superhorror - Hit Mania Death

Superseed - Superseed

Templeton Pek - Watching The World Come Undone

The Empty Bottles - No Sense For The Cause

Trumpets Of The Apocalypse - Stabbed To Death With A Flag Pin

Various Artists - Brutal Vision Vol. 3

Warwound - Burning The Blindfolds Of Bigots

White Boy Wasted - The Dirty South Special

Wolfpack - Loathe