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All death metal / grindcore releases and interviews in issue 188


Aerith  -  Ataraxy  -  Atrocity  -  Cynabare Urne  -  Gravestone  -  Kaoteon  -  Necrophobic  -  Night In Gales  -  Pestilent Reign  -  Usurpress


Abolishment Of Flesh - The Inhuman Condition

Abythic - Beneath Ancient Portals

Acheron - Rites of the Black Mass

Aepoch - Awakening Inception

Aerith - Aerith

Angerot - The Splendid Iniquity

At The Gates - Gardens Of Grief

Augury - Illusive Golden Age

Befouled - Refuse To Rot

Beyond The Styx - Stiigma

Blood Chalice - Sepulchral Chants of Self-Destruction

Blood Of The Wolf - II: Campaign Of Extermination

Burden Of Grief - Eye Of The Storm

Cadaver Putrefacto - La Maldicion Del Zombi Errante

Cardiac Arrest - A Parallel Dimension of Despair

Chalice - Ashes Of Hope

Chaos Echoes - Mouvement

Coffin Torture - Dismal Planet

Commander - Fatalis (The Unbroken Circle)

Conjurer - Mire

Critical Mess - Human Prey

Crocell - Relics

Cryptic Grave - Cryptic Grave

Dead Alone - Serum

Deep River Acolytes - The Hour Of Trial

Deiquisitor - Downfall of the Apostates

Demonical - Chaos Manifesto

Desdemonia - Anguish

Elephants In Paradise  - Wake Up

Expulser - The Unholy One

Formis - Chaozium

Forte Ruin - Rebuilding The Machinery

Galvanizer - Sanguine Vigil

Genocide Pact - Order Of Torment

Goregast - Covered In Skin

Goreworm - The Path To Oblivion

Grave Upheaval - Grave Upheaval

Gravehill - The Unchaste, The Profane & The Wicked

Graveyard - Back To The Mausoleum

Grim Fate - Emerging From The Crypt

Grind-O-Matic - Regular Singularity

Hardcore Anal Hydrogen - Hypercut

Hate Manifesto - To Those Who Glorified Death

Hated - Breathless Art

Hautajaisyö - Matkalla Kohti Hauta

Horizon Ablaze - The Weight Of A Thousand Suns

Ihsahn - Ámr

In Shadows And Dust - A Fleur De Peau

Infinitee - The Possibilities are Endless

Inisans - Transition

Iron Harvest - Iron Harvest

Izegrim - Beheaded By Trust

Johansson & Speckmann - From The Mouth Of Madness

Jungle Rot - What Horrors Await

Just Before Dawn - Tides Of Blood

Kalmah - Palo

Kaoteon - Damnatio Memoriae

Karma Violens - Serpent God

Killing Addiction - Omega Factor

Killing Capacity - Machines Of War

Killing Gandhi - Aspirations Of Failure

Lecherous Nocturne - Occultaclysmic

Malchus - Ur

Mammoth Grinder - Cosmic Crypt

Memoriam - The Silent Vigil

Monotheist - Scourge

Morbosidad - Corona De Epidemia

Mordor - Darkness…

Morphcored - Beyond The Kings

Mors Subita - Into The Pitch Black

Mortiferum - Altar Of Decay

Napalm Death - Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs

Necrophobic - Mark Of The Necrogram

Night In Gales - The Last Sunsets

Nightmarer - Cacophony Of Terror

Obtruncation - The Callous Concept

Obtruncation - Sanctum's Disruption, Sphere of the Rotting

Pestilence - Hadeon

Pestilent Reign - Pyres

Pleasure Of Mutilate - Premonition

Purest Of Pain  - Solipsis

Quantum Hierarchy - Neutron Breed

Reject The Sickness - The Weight Of Silence

Requiem - Global Resistance Rising

Revel In Flesh - Relics Of The Deathkult

Rivers Of Nihill - Where Owls Know My Name

Rotten Sound - Suffer To Abuse

Sentient Horror - The Crypts Below

Skeletal Remains - Devouring Mortality

Slavery Farm - Reborn

Slaves BC - Lo And I Am Burning

Society's Plague - Call To The Void

Sol De Sangre - Sol De Sangre

Spectral - Neural Correlates Of Hate

Storm Upon The Masses  - The Ones Who Came Back

Survival is Suicide  - Retrovolution

Temple - Design In Creation

The Crown - Cobra Speed Venom

The Grotesquery - The Lupine Anathema (And Other Bloodcurdling Tales Of Horror And The Macabre)

Theotoxin - Consilivm

Tortharry - Sinister Species

Unravel - Eras Of Forfeit

Unreal Overflows - Latent

Usurpress - Interregnum

Vahrzaw - Husk

Volition - Visions Of The Onslaught

Widow's Peak - Graceless

Ziggurat - Ritual Miasma

Škan - Death Crown