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All death metal / grindcore releases and interviews in issue 187


Aerith  -  Apophys  -  Ataraxy  -  Atrocity  -  Cynabare Urne  -  Deconstructing Sequence  -  Entheos  -  Gravestone  -  Rise Of Avernus  -  Theotoxin


Aerith - Aerith

Alkaloid - The Malkuth Grimoire

Ataraxy - Where All Hope Fades

Atomwinter - Catacombs

Blood Chalice - Sepulchral Chants of Self-Destruction

Chaos Echoes - Mouvement

Coffin Torture - Dismal Planet

Confession By Silence - Reach The Surface

Conjurer - Mire

Coprostasis - From Danube To Nile We Do It Coprostyle

Crescent - The Order Of Amenti

Cynabare Urne - In The Cremation Ground

Dead Alone - Serum

Death On Fire - Witch Hunter

Deconstructing Sequence - Cosmis Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities Of Space

Defenestration - Gutter Perdition

Galvanizer - Sanguine Vigil

Gravestone - Sickening

Hated - Breathless Art

Hautajaisy√∂ - Matkalla Kohti Hauta

Horizon Ablaze - The Weight Of A Thousand Suns

Kaoteon - Damnatio Memoriae

Khiral - Chained

Killing Capacity - Machines Of War

Killing Gandhi - Aspirations Of Failure

Klont! - I Really Screwed Up This Time!

Legion Of Wolves - Bringers Of The Dark Sleep

Moker - Home Invader

Morphcored - Beyond The Kings

Necrophobic - Mark Of The Necrogram

Night In Gales - The Last Sunsets

Penthos - Lifeless Haze

Pestilence - Hadeon

Purest Of Pain  - Solipsis

Shambles - Primitve Death Trance

Tortharry - Sinister Species

Usurpress - Interregnum

Void Ceremony - Foul Origins Of Humanity

Xenosis - Devour And Birth

Ziggurat - Ritual Miasma