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Name: Sicktus

Sicktus Messing about on stage with a few local acts, co-creating the Enschede HeadBangers Organization and the accompanying national Metal Battle, membership of the board and DJ-ing at the Rotterdam Baroeg venue, co-organizing Baroeg Open Air, visiting concerts and festivals a lot, collecting music and writing for Quintessence Ezine, metal always played an important role in Sicktus's life. Now, there's Lords of Metal to add to that.

A wise man once described Sicktus's musical taste as a walkman with a Obituary tape that fell in a cask of Grolsch. Blunt oldschool deathmetal is therefore preferred. Besides that, various types of grindcore, thrash and doom records get their mileage on the turntable. And of course, there's a lot on offer outside the metal world as well.

All time favorites are Carcass, Jungle Rot and David Allan Coe!

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