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Marcel H.

Name: Marcel Hubregtse

Marcel H. Born in April 1968, on a sweltering day, in Dordrecht and reborn in September 1979, on an even hotter and more humid day in Singapore, as a metalhead. Daily life entails being a barman at a specialty beer bar in Utrecht.

September 1979 will always remain engraved in my memory as the month in which by means of Kiss' ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ and cassettes by Scorpions and Motörhead I was infected by hard music. A virus which, until the day of today, still has me in a firm stranglehold.

Classics such as Kiss, Scorpions, Motörhead were quickly expended upon with all sorts of stuff out of the NWOBHM and swiftly developed into Speed, Thrash, Doom, Death Metal, more or less all metal. However, all sorts? Play me Symphonic, European Power, Gothic or Nu-metal there is a major chance I will run away screaming and crying my eyes out.

Besides metal I have a more than average interest in cricket (yes, that quaint English sport), microbrews, single malt whiskies, good food books by John Irving, Ben Elton, Nick Hornby, Douglas Adams, Stephen Fry, Kazuo Ishiguro, Charles Bukowski, Bret Easton Ellis and television series such as Six Feet Under, Dexter, Twin Peaks, Southpark, The New Statesman, My Name Is Earl, Malcolm In The Middle, That '70s Show, The Young Ones, Bottom, Men Behaving Badly, Blackadder, 3rd Rock From The Sun. I won't even start to mention my favourite films cause those are way too many.

Metal jewels hailing from the first decade of the 21st century:
1. Warning - Watching From A Distance
2. Esoteric - The Maniacal Vale
3. Primordial - To The Nameless Dead
4. Process Of Guilt - Erosion
5. Negura Bunget - OM
6. Deathspell Omega - Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice
7. Neurosis - Given To The Rising
8. Burst - Origo
9. Gojira - From Mars To Sirius
10. Alchemist - Austral Alian

Contributions this month


Chaos Echoes-Mouvement
Apostle Of Solitude-From Gold To Ash
Cruthu-The Angle Of Eternity
Cabal-Mark Of Rot
Horizon Of The Mute-Chiliad Rite
Towards Atlantis Lights-Dust Of Aeons
Burning Saviours-Death
Mindkult-Lucifer's Dream
Vile Creature-Cast Of Static And Smoke
Forming The Void / Pyreship-Forming The Void / Pyreship
Gateway -Boundless Torture
Black Royal-Lightbringer
Phantom Winter-Into Dark Science
Blacksnake-Blood Of The Snake
Nightmarer-Cacophony Of Terror
Dark Buddha Rising-Mahathgata II
Leechfeast-Neon Crosses
Convocation-Scars Across
Ascension-Under Ether
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard / Slomatics-Totems
Messa-Feast For Water
Black Salvation-Uncertainty Is Bliss
Grave Upheaval-Grave Upheaval
Encircling Sea-Hearken
King Goat-Debt Of Aeons
Soldat Hans-Es Taut
Grind-O-Matic-Regular Singularity
Fister-No Spirit Within
Ommadon-End Times
Septic Tank-Rotting Civilisation
Shrine Of The Serpent-Entropic Disillusion
Varathron-Patriarchs Of Evil
Witchcvlt 71-Blessings In Black
Lusca-Broken Colossus
Body Void-I Live Inside A Burning House
Pseudogod-Sepulchral Chants
Age Of Taurus-The Colony Slain
Deathbell-With The Beyond
Destroyer Of Light-Hopeless
Pryapisme-Epic Loon OST
Rongeur-An Asphyxiating Embrace
Slomatics / Conan-Split
Verberis-Vorant Gnosis
Witch Mountain-Witch Mountain
Abstracter-Cinereous Incarnate
Iron Void-Excalibur
Barst-The Endeavour
CHRCH-Light Will Consume Us All
Graveyard / Kuafor Cengiz-Kuaför Cengiz / Graveyard
Rusty Bonez-Wrath
Six Months Of Sun-Below The Eternal Sky
Witchskull-Coven's Will
Incorporea-To Exorcize The Sun
Muon-Gobi Domog
Aseethe / Snow Burial-Split
Witchkiss-The Austere Curtains Of Our Eyes
The Lion's Daughter-Future Cult
Obseqvies-The Hours Of My Wake
Dygora-Chambers Of Reflections
Atavisma-The Chthonic Rituals
Black Space Riders-Amoretum Vol. 2
Bodies On Everest-A National Day Of Mourning
Bodyfarm-Into battle
Flood Peak-Plagued By Sufferers
Formalist-No One Will Shine Anymore
Zombiefication-Below The Grief
The Flesh-Dweller
Night Demon-Live Darkness
Rebel Wizard-Voluptuous Worship Of Rapture And Response
Forming The Void-Rift
Mantar-The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze
Void Ritual-Death Is Peace
Void Rot-Consumed By Oblivion
Lord-Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men
Allfather-And All Will Be Desolation
Ennui-End Of The Circle
Infera Bruo-Cerement
Tomb Of Finland-Frozen Beneath
Conan-Existential Void Guardian
Druglord-New Way Dying
Immolate moTh-Pain
Komatsu-A New Horizon
Kommandant-Blood Eel
Le Mur-Exorta
Pig Destroyer-Head Cage
Praise The Plague-Antagonist
Pillars-Onward To Nothingness
Vanhelgd-Deimos Sanktuarium
Azaghal-Valo Pohjoisesta
Nick Oliveri-No Hits At All Vol. 5
Ruin-Human Annihilation
ALMS-Act One
Daily Thompson-Thirsty
Night Gaunt-The Room
Shallow Grave-Threshold Between Worlds



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