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Name: Melanie Buitenhuis

Melanie This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

I have been asking myself for days when I started to like metal. Truth is, I simply could not tell you. I did not grew up with metal, on the contrary, Abba and The Beatles were king here. I discovered Nightwish around my first year of high school. They were probably related to Within Temptation somewhere, a band who I proudly imitated during the playback show in my last year of elementary school. I guess it was Nightwish, the band that changed me. I still love them, it is the only band who can make me shiver all over. My iPod knows many artists. If it comes to music, I�m very diverse.

I love long coats, high heels, winter, candles, incense sticks, mystique and moonlight. Things like photography, drawing and writing make me very happy. My dreams and ambitions are huge, and I will do anything to fulfill them. I dream to go on a world tour with a band, to join them as a photographer or journalist. I also want to fight for animal rights, and equal rights for woman and homosexuals. However, I am still a youngster and nothing properly can be done, so until then, I attend school. Currently I am studying social work (Intermediate Vocational Education), and I am a trainee at a high school for handicapped kids. It is the best internship one could ever want. When I am done with this school, I would like to study social work on a higher level (Higher Vocational Education). I would like to see what time brings me. I am still young, and I have always said age is just a number, and I still do. I do not like to explain and having to defeat myself vocally, nor I like to change for another. Short-sighted people annoy me immensely, just as dishonesty and misplaced arrogance. However, live and let live. I really don�t worry about that too much. Despite my ADD I can be pretty calm and controlled. I am full of conflicting character traits, but I secretly enjoy it.

A student of mine once said �please act normal, you are crazy enough as it is!� I could not have said it any better. My name is Melanie, pleasure.

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