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Michiel B.

Name: Michiel Barten

Michiel B. My name is Michiel Barten, a freelance web application developer in his thirties, living in Eindhoven Metalcity and webmaster for the Lords. After my active musical career unfortunately ended (I used to be the synthesizer player/vocalist in 2 melodic metal bands called Dark Rivers Flow and We, the Gods) my metal live only exists of my volounteers) job here with the Lords. At Lords of Metal I am mainly responsible for the working of this website and implementing new features on it. Besides that every now and then I write some articles about mainly death metal as well as thrash, heavy, power, doom and progressive metal. At home I still love to make music (guitar, bass and keys) and since mid 2009 I really got into photography.

At age 12 I got addicted to Guns 'n Roses and I was about 16 years of age when I permanently got infected with the metal flew (thank goodness bands such as Slipknot didn't exist at that time) and I hope not to get cured from that in a very long time. Before writing for the Lords I was with Vampire Magazine where I sort of learnt the job and to be honest I really like it a lot to keep up an e-zine. Besides that I am a dedicated follower of the Dutch metal underground so can find my demo reviews of all genres pretty often here.. And since I have moved to Eindhoven thanks to my former LoM colleague Peter B. I spend quite some time at the metal temple of The Netherlands named Dynamo in my hometown Eindhoven and also I spin some records at concerts at the Effenaar venue here every now and then.

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