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Michiel B.

Name: Michiel Barten

Michiel B. My name is Michiel Barten, in my forties, living in Eindhoven Metalcity and webmaster for the Lords. After my active musical metal career unfortunately ended (I used to be the synthesizer player/vocalist in 2 melodic metal bands called Dark Rivers Flow and We, the Gods) my metal life exist of my (volunteers) job here with the Lords being mainly responsible for the working of this website and implementing new features on it. I used to write articles and take pictures at concerts but those days are over. At home I still love to make music (guitar, bass and keys).

At the age of 12 I got addicted to Guns 'n Roses and I was about 16 years of age when I permanently got infected with the metal flu (thank goodness bands such as Slipknot didn't exist at that time) and I hope not to get cured from that in a very long time. Before writing for the Lords I was with Vampire Magazine where I sort of learnt the job and to be honest I really like it a lot to keep up an e-zine. And thanks to my former LoM colleague Peter B. I spend quite some time at the metal temple of The Netherlands named Dynamo in my hometown Eindhoven after moving jere and also I spin some records at concerts at the Effenaar venue here every now and then.

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