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Name: Martin Perescis

Martin Martin Perescis was born in Brunssum, Zuid-Limburg, but since '99 he has been living in pitoresque Nijmegen, a small city with substantial aspirations with respect to shawarma and döner. After graduating from Nijmegen University, in the field of Biological Psychology, Martin has been facing the daunting task of balancing teaching, research, and music, trying to find some time for a private life between all of that.

Anyway, after being exposed to metal through fairly conventional ways (Metallica, Sepultura and The Gathering), Martin has found his way to a black whole of, often extreme, music. Black metal is a good starting point, but escapades into the moody, the psychedelic or the downright deranged are much appreciated. Intensity is the key word here. Most of all, let's not forget that Nick Cave and Killing Joke, to drop a few names, are quite a bit more intense than a bunch of corpse painted upper middle class kids being driven to the rehearsal room by their mothers...

Martin's addition to the ranks of Lords of Metal follows a period during which he wrote for several smaller webmags that have ceased to exist since then. Additionally, he has been active in his band Serotonin since 2001, starting as a vocalist but expanding his activities to programmer/engineer at a later stage.

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