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Wim S.

Name: Wim Strijbosch

Wim S. My artist name is Wim Strijbosch. In everyday life I am also known as Wim Strijbosch. Being 51 years old makes me an oldtimer. I have been into music ever since I was 12 years old. Two albums in particular changed my life: Van Halen's "Van Halen 2" and "Go For What You Know" by Pat Travers. I played music in several bands (vocals / guitar), I visit concerts and festivals and I still buy vinyl (and CD’s of course). I try to read as much as possible about the music I listen to. And it is only fair to say that I do not only listen to metal. I certainly have favourite bands in other (non-obvious) genres. I organise pop quizzes, I create compilation CDs for friends and my children are named after people from the music business (my son Sylvian and two daughters named Enya and Stevie). In short, I am a freak. I am very excited to be part of the Lords team and thus share my passion for music with others.

My favourite bands are: Journey, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Savatage, The Ladder, Anathema, Rush, Vader, Thin Lizzy, Mastodon, Led Zeppelin, Triumph, Behemoth, Fates Warning, Tool and Rob Lamothe. And in the non-metal genre: David Sylvian, Sigur Ros, Mogwai, The Blue Nile, Pink Floyd, Camel, It Bites, Fields Of The Nephilim and Tristeza. My slogan is: music is emotion, and there is the right music for every emotion.

Contributions this month


Björn Riis-Coming Home
Hyborian-Hyborian Vol.1
Greta Van Fleet-From The Fires
Red Mourning-Under Punishment's Tree
Black Wizard-Livin’ Oblivion
23 Acez-Embracing The Madness
Birth Of Joy-Hyper Focus
Crippled Black Phoenix-Horrific Honorifics
Dizzy Reed-Rock And Roll Ain’t Easy
Tax The Heat-Change Your Position
Jari Tiura-King Of Lions
Nale-Death Skull Satan
The Octopus-Supernatural Alliance
Blackberry Smoke-Find A Light
Palace Of The King-Get Right With Your Maker
Road To Jerusalem-Road To Jerusalem
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Collected
Black Stone Cherry-Family Tree
Fields Of Troy-The Great Perseverance
Amanda White-Kittens Give Zero Fucks
QFT-Live In Space
Hartmann-Hands On The Wheel
Come The Spring-Echoes
The Mission-Live At Rockpalast
Chapter7-Frozen Fields
Darkest Color-Deal With Pain
Mother Bass-Mother Bass
Skinned-Shadow Syndicate
Michael Kratz-Live Your Life
Annominus-The Architect
Supercharger-Real Machine
The Exploding Boy-Alarms!
Chaos Before Gea-Chronos
Urban Steam-Under Concrete
The Soul Exchange-Edge Of Sanity
Unity-Promised Land
Motorjesus-Race To Ressurection
Hidden Intent-Fear Prey Demise
Trauma-As The World Dies
Elevation Falls-What Will Be
Glanville-First Blood
Grand Massive-Gdansk – A Tribute To Danzig
Theia-The Ghost Light
Shallow Side-Origins
Dead Man's Boogie-Devil Nation
Taste-Moral Decay
Building Chaos-Bourbon Times
The Vintage Caravan-Gateways
Devil's Bargain-Deal With The Devil
Psykopath-Primal Instinct
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Live In Atlantic City
Crippled Black Phoenix-Great Escape
Joe Bonamassa-Redemption
Angry Nation-Embracing The Collapse
The Clouds Will Clear-Recollection Of What Never Was
Lioncage-Turn Back Time
Mystery-Lies And Butterflies
SixEleven-The Aftermath
Hank Erix-Nothing But Trouble
Green Death-Hallowmass
August Life-New Eternity
Steve Perry-Traces
Sunflower Dead-Comay
The Filth Hounds-Hair Of The Hound
Ten Times A Million-Ten Times A Million
Riot Horse-Cold Hearted Woman
My Own Army-A Medicine Show
Deathtale-The Origin Of Hate
Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly-Friendship
Anima Mundi-Insomnia