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Pim B.

Name: Pim Blankenstein

Pim B. Pim Blankenstein is active on various fronts within the ‘metal realm’. The main reason is his passion for music in general and the heavier styles in particular. This resulted in an enormous urge to start collecting as a teenager and this is still happening to this day. Next to that being in a band became part of the lifestyle and to this day Pim still is the vocalist of the doom/death formation Officium Triste.

Also writing about metal is an important way to express this passion for music. Next to his additions to LiveXS Magazine and the English written Quintessence e-zine, Lords of Metal has been added as well. Pim listens to every form of metal as well as some punk and hardcore too; old-school death metal, doom and obscure heavy metal are his preference though and of course the all-time favourites Thin Lizzy, Kiss and Mötley Crüe.

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