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Name: Neithan

Neithan This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

Hail to you: I write as Neithan, but my real first name is John. I started to use the nickname Neithan because of my former profession as a teacher: at one of my schools I got into trouble when students started googling with my name and found a lot of links to black metal. Too bizarre perhaps for people who think they are progressive, but in fact they are just as conservative as a lot of other professions, and many people in the metal scene. So, unfortunately no trve kvlt reasons to use a nick, yet more a practical reason, like with so many others in the scene.

I am into heavy metal for more than twenty-five (yeah I know, a lot of the readers are younger) years. I started in the eighties with heavy metal and thrash/ speed (and my first album was an omen, since it had the title �Highway To Hell�), yet eventually I ended up in the black metal scene (a similar genres like pagan/viking metal, as long as it doesn�t come down to the �happy sing-along stuff�). In the summer of 2008 I started out for Lords Of Metal, after having written for many years for the late Vampire Magazine, once an e-zine highly regarded in the black metal scene. So I do have some great personal contacts, especially in Norway and Sweden. My reviews are my personal opinion: I try to keep them as objective as possible, but I do realize that as a fan that doesn�t work, either conscious or subconscious. My goal is to write a review in such a way, that the reader (YOU) at least knows what to expect approximately. You can always check the MySpace first if you want to examine some more whether it does appeal to you.

The times to come will be easy on metal from my part. Due to personal circumstances, but also because � next to a busy job � I will also try to go for my international master in economy (after already having two bachelor degrees). I will do only few reviews and occasionally host a band on tour in my house, which is also a band hotel to several bands on the road. In this way bands can keep the costs low, have a good night sleep and other stuff that matters when being on the road, in a time of low turn-ups at the underground concerts (again; conservatism in the scene, why doesn�t anyone support the new bands?). It has brought a lot of joy, but also great contacts. Apart from that I take an interest in old European pagan cultures; in September 2009 I started - with in the meanwhile my ex-fiancee) a course Norwegian (vi g�r p� norskkurs!) and someday I hope to master that language enough, although on paper all goes pretty well already.

What annoys me is the conservative attitude in favour of the old bands and the dedain for new acts, often by people from my generation. Sure, there were some great classics back then, never surpassed and defining new genres, and sure, the scene (if there is a real scene today) was more dense, but even today there are great albums being released by new great bands. A stand still is in my eyes a step backwards, also for the metal music. So support the underground, and sk�l for faen!

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