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Name: Wilmar Taal

Wilmar This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

When the first man set foot on the moon, I was crapping my diaper in a cradle set in a small appartment in Zaandam, Netherlands. I lived there with my parents, an older brother and older sister. That older brother would become quite important for my musical taste: he loved Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple very much.

On my seventh birthday I got a mono turntable with an LP by Vader Abraham en de Smurfen (Father Abraham and the Smurfs, a Dutch folk singer who made an album about the Smurfs). From my brother I got a Greatest Hits album by Alice Cooper. So people passing by my bedroom window were able to hear the strange combination of �Waar komen jullie toch vandaan� (Where are you smurfs coming from) with �I love the dead before they�re cold, their bluing flesh for me to hold, cadaver eyes upon me see� Nothing!� Metal appeared to be an important part of my life. From about 1987 I started on a whole new metallic journey: bands who dared to risk everything and started to make a whole new idiom of music. Mekong Delta pulled such a thing off. Celtic Frost with �Into the Pandemonium�. And more recently Diablo Swing Orchestra and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. And I discovered Zimmers Hole, a band that mixes different styles of metal in one song.

My wish to be an active music-critic came from my studies in cultural sciences, for which I got my masters degree in 2004. A reasonable portion of those studies are writing papers and reviews about the work of others. My carreer as a reviewer started with the fairly unknown website Rockportaal. Rockportaal has been discovered by KINK FM, and soon the whole content goes to KINK. Because I have my reservations about SBS (the TRUST company KINK belongs to), I decided to quit my activities for rockportaal. About a month later I saw the job offer for reviewer �different metal� at Lords of Metal. A piece of cake, so to say!

With a surname like �Taal� (translated Language), it�s funny that one of my hobbies is writing. I like to make some music myself, I present the radioshow Zaans Metaal at Zaanradio. I am married, got two daughters and I work at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

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