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William Kampen

Name: William Kampen

William Kampen This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

William Kampen is my name. I have been an editor for Lords Of Metal since early 2007. Chronic prophet of doom, with an aversion towards many things. I do like some stuff, though. Music for instance. I love music with a melancholic, gloomy and eerie edge. Whether this is Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Billie Holiday, or Arckanum, Ildjarn and Abigor; that does not matter. Music has to affect me and apparently, it is the music that hides in the shadows that is most likely to grasp me.

I am also an enjoyer of film. Some of my favorite directors are David Lynch, Thomas Vinterberg, John Carpenter, Gregg Araki, Stuart Gordon and George Romero. It is also very likely to find me reading a book. I think Edgar Allan Poe, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Mark Twain and George Orwell take up most of the space in my bookcase. Or are the cooking books the one that do so?

I make music myself. I take up the vocal duties in a black metal band. You will mostly see me covering black metal and affiliated genres on behalf of Lords Of Metal. I am strict, but fair. But mostly strict.

Some of my most favoured albums:
Ulver - Nattens Madrigal
Abigor - Orkblut: The Retaliation
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Boatman�s Call
Tom Waits � Orphans, Brawlers And Bastards
Arckanum - Fran Marder
Brighter Death Now � Innerwar
Joy Division � Unknown Pleasures

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