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Name: Thijs Jacobs

Thijs This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

After years of walking around in Iron Maiden longsleeves, pogo�ng on Rage Against The Machine and sleeping under a Slayer flag, I read the reviews of Madball�s �Set It Off� and Biohazard�s �Urban Discipline� in Aardschok (a Dutch heavy metal magazine). These are the two cd�s that introduced me to hardcore. And the rest is history as they say� Ever since, a lot of bands were favourites for a short period of time, but hardcore always stayed. And to think that my mother told me that I wouldn�t listen to that noise for more than maybe two months. That was thirteen years ago, and obviously she was wrong. To give you an idea of what I listen to, here a list of some of my favourite hardcore/punk bands: Cro-Mags, Icepick, Hot Water Music, Carry On, Haymaker, Annihilation Time, Warzone, True Blue, One Life Crew, Leatherface, Judge, Have Heart and a whole lot more. Just so you know what style I�m into, and it shoul be obvious that hardcore/punk is my area of expertise here at Lords Of Metal. I�ve always visited a lot of shows and festivals and also suffer from permanent ear due to playing in some hardcore/metal bands myself. Because of this ear damage I don�t visit that much shows anymore. I also listen to music such as Tom Waits, Bonnie �Prince� Billy, Otis Redding, Sparklehorse, Motorpsycho, The Meters and Neutral Milk Hotel. I study arts in Nijmegen at the moment, focussing on music and film. Hopefully I can start looking for a job when this school year ends. Other than that I love to sport and play poker.

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