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Name: Menno Roymans

Menno This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

I must have been around twelve years old when a friend of a friend passed me a copy of Pantera's 'Cowboys From Hell'. I used to listen to the Beatles, Elvis Presley and the Blues Brothers soundtrack, but this band changed my life. From then on I loved everything that had distortion, from Anal Cunt tot Sepultura, from Down to Testament, from Stratovarius to Suicidal Tendencies. My love for music from the '60/'70, together with a great affinity for old jazz 'n blues grew parallel to my love for metal. Untill both combined when I was about 20, and I discovered bands like Clutch, Spiritual Beggars, Kamchatka, Eyehategod, Kyuss, Crowbar and many more. At the start of my work for Lords of Metal I wrote a lot about death metal, but lately I'm more involved in southern rock, stoner and quality rock in general. Besides working for Lords of Metal I teach guitar, play drums in a stonerband and play guitar in an awesome Pantera-tribute, which makes the circle round!

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