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Name: Winston Arntz

Winston This journalist is no longer part of the Lords of Metal team.

5 October 1980 was the day when KISS (with support act Iron Maiden incl. Paul diAnno) performed in Leiden and when I got hooked on rock and metal. By ways of Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Mot�rhead, Metallica and Venom metal soon popped around the corner. In the eighties and nineties bands like Manowar, W.A.S.P., Mercyful Fate (later King Diamond) and Celtic Frost also were found more regularly on my stereo and a lot of bands more. A certain Ozzy Osbourne was one of them and I became a old fashioned fan of him and this I still am.

To my own surprise in 1989 I came home with an album of music made by former Yes members. That event turned out to be a milestone and a slow start of a virus that never was cured. I founded the new Yes fanclub with a few others in 2000 and I still am very much involved with that. Halfway through the nineties I met a couple of people who wanted to start a new magazine. That eventually evolved to the founding of Rock-E-Zine which still exists, I left them in 2001 for creative differences.

My current genres of musical interests are prog, symfo, hard rock and metal. A bit of a musical omnivore although nu metal and hardcore aren't my cup of tea.

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