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Name: Patrick Verhoeven

Patrick A description of who I am? Everyone who knows me can guarantee you that I am way too complex to put it down in just a couple of simple lines on paper. But okay … I will concede you a look into the world known as Patrick:

I have been listening to metal for over twenty-five years and fear the stigma of being a metal veteran is inevitable for me. During the years the long hair has been exchanged for an almost smooth head but the metal is too much rushing through my veins so I persist in listening to the ‘musical noise’. Despite my busy agenda and hectic life I frequently try to catch a concert.

I am open to all sorts of metal and related similarities, but have a distinctive preference for thrash, speed, death, heavy metal and/or metal core. I feel that there is nothing wrong with a great but standard release every now and then, but I definitely do like an uncompromising crossover between different styles and I am always yearningly looking forward to releases which are unyielding and everything else but standard! The double bass pedal has not been invented for nothing and drummers who use the kick drum a lot are highly appreciated. Songs without emotion, speed, intensity and/or aggression are most likely not appreciated by me. Furthermore I have a thorough reluctance to monotonous vocalists (m/f), to lousy productions and to bands that can not write decent lyrics, but only come up with bland, faint lines. A lot of diverse bands come along and perhaps that understanding names might give an image of the required decibels that frequently reverberate through my surroundings: All That Remains, Arch Enemy, As I Lay Dying, Becoming The Archetype, Daath, Dark Tranquillity, Divine Heresy, Into Eternity, In This Moment, Lamb Of God, Machine Head, Megadeth, Nevermore, Quo Vadis, Scar Symmetry, The Arcane Order and The Human Abstract.

It is said that I am known for my critical notion of music and it will undoubtedly be no surprise to you that I, with my determined, unconventional scribbles, will try to leave you wondering, dazed, disgruntled, full of questions, in total upheaval or supreme exaltation.

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